Passions Update Monday 3/15/04

Passions Update Monday 3/15/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita   

Theresa and Fox return to her house after the party. She had almost forgotten that Rebecca was evicting her family, until she saw the boxes again. They sit down and talk about her past with Ethan and how she seemed into him again at the party. She talks about their history and how he never quite forgave her for what he called the "ultimate betrayal"--sending the info to the tabloids about his paternity. She didn't do it, and she suspect Rebecca or Gwen might have done it, but he never trusted her. They hug. She tells Fox about wanting to get Little Ethan back. They kiss. Fox suggests that he leave, but she stops him. She knows that there's a reason he hasn't pushed her, because she wasn't ready, but she's ready now to make love with him. She's ready to move on. They kiss. Fox asks if her family will be home, and she doesn't think they will come back tonight. He says he does have reservations because of Ethan and feels like he is her rebound guy, even if she didn't intend that. He offers to help her set up the alarm if she's scared of being alone. She confesses that ever since she lost Little Ethan, she sleeps with the lights on and has nightmares where she wakes up in a cold sweat. Fox says he will stay but as a friend, not a lover. They go into the bedroom and both undress. She is wearing a little nightie and he just has pants. They kiss good night and she asks him to leave the light on. Neither one can sleep and she suggests he give her another good night kiss. He does, and they end up having sex. They are both glad, afterwards, that it happened. He is dozing when she gets up and knocks a book off the nightstand. It has a picture of Ethan in it. She stares at it and then talks to it, saying that they weren't meant to be and she has to move on. She kisses Fox again and then turns off the light, saying she feels safe.

At home, Rebecca catches Julian going out and asks him where he's going. He says that he is getting some air but she knows that's a lie. He is going to see Eve, who is tending to Sheridan at the cottage. She tells him that he needs to be more discrete and that he should thank her for saving his life. He isn't sure why he did that. She wants him to know that she's the one in control of this relationship. He'd better not annoy her or she just might tell T.C. about his affair with Eve anyway. Julian talks to himself after she walks away, wondering what it would be like if he and Eve were not married to other people.

Eve and Pilar tend to Sheridan, who is in her bed. Her fever has broken.

Outside the cottage, T.C., Hank, Sam, Antonio and Luis are standing around. Sam warns Antonio and Luis that they'd better not fight any more. Pilar comes out and yells at them for making noise, saying Sheridan is not awake yet. They all support Luis's feelings, comforting him, which makes Antonio feel very left out. He blasts them for supporting Luis over him. Pilar explains that they were all there for the history of Luis and Sheridan falling in love, so that's why. Antonio tells them about how he and Sheridan fell in love, and their history, so they can know it was even better than Luis and Sheridan's romance. He compares their relationships and points out that he loved her from the first moment he saw her, whereas Sheridan and Luis argued when they first met. He say they have a deep connection and mentions that they had a past life together and were on the Titanic together. They are all shocked and disbelieving, except for Luis. He says that he was in that past life with Sheridan, too, and in fact in many past lives with her. He saw a picture of the two of them on the Titanic. Antonio says that he and Sheridan got married then and they found their ancestors in the history books. Luis says the only reason she went with him is because he, Luis, died. They all look at Luis like he's crazy to talk about it, but he insists that it happened. T.C. decides to go inside and see how things are coming.

Sheridan awakens. She tells Eve what happened, how she was running all over town and these memories came flooding back to her. She tells her how she was feeling and Eve is sympathetic. Sheridan says she has decided and wants to go tell them who she has chosen. Eve wonders if she's strong enough. Sheridan decides to take a shower first, and Eve says that's a good idea, and then they'll have tea (but they never have tea). Eve remarks about how Sheridan is torn between two good men, then Julian comes rushing in. He says he knows he promised to give her up to T.C., but he can't. He wants her now. He grabs her roughly and kisses her. She is worried that T.C. might come in and also mentions Rebecca and her threats. They kiss some more. Eve protests, saying she's married. She is in the same position as Sheridan. He tells her to choose him. T.C. knocks on the door. Julian says he won't leave, but he hides in the closet. T.C. comes in and wonders where Sheridan is, so Eve tells him that she's in the shower.

Sheridan takes a shower; she has flashbacks to being on the Titanic with her two men. She muses that most people have one great love, but she's always had two. Sheridan wishes she didn't have to cause one man great pain. She comes out, ready to talk, so T.C. leaves, and Eve follows Sheridan out the door (with one last look by at Sheridan, who tells her that he loves her).

Hank and Sam suggest they all go inside to await Sheridan's decision. Sam comforts Pilar, who is troubled. Inside, T.C. comes out of the bedroom. Pilar tells Antonio and Luis that no matter what happens, they are still brothers who love each other. They look doubtful. Sheridan comes out and says she's ready, but she wants them to promise not to interrupt her until she's done.

Ethan plays with Little Ethan at the Crane mansion. The nanny takes Little Ethan to get some milk. Rebecca and Gwen are there, too. Ethan takes the time to go on the computer to search adoption agencies for answers about the little boy they want to adopt. Gwen and Rebecca confer once again about their plan to steal Little Ethan from Theresa. Ethan tells them they have big trouble. The social worker told him (online, apparently) that their choice was too descriptive to find exactly the kind of child they wanted. They might have to broaden their choices, maybe have a little girl instead of a little boy...Gwen cuts him off, saying it must be a boy because a little girl will remind her too much of Sarah. He agrees to try harder to find a little boy. Rebecca takes Gwen aside and suggests she act more heartbroken, to give Ethan the idea to adopt little Ethan. They mention Theresa. Rebecca thinks she still hasn't given up on Ethan, in part because she knows that Theresa has not yet slept with Fox (she doesn't reveal how she knows this). Ethan goes back to playing the game with Little Ethan. Gwen hopes they can find a child soon and pushes Ethan to find one, hoping he will come up with the idea of adopting Little Ethan.

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