Passions Update Friday 3/12/04

Passions Update Friday  3/12/04

By Suzanne
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At the Blue Note, Gwen and Rebecca keep plotting about how they're going to get their revenge on Theresa by taking away her child. Rebecca leaves to find Julian. Ethan comes back. Then Fox and Theresa come up; Fox says she has something to say. Gwen tells her to stop because she doesn't want to hear anything she has to say. Gwen yells at Theresa for all she's done to her. Ethan tries to get Gwen, who is drinking, to calm down. Fox says that Theresa is not trying to make things worse, so Gwen lets her speak. Theresa just wishes her the best in her adoption and she hopes it makes all her dreams come true. Gwen is surprised. Theresa says she feels awful for everything that's happened, and her part in it. Ethan and Fox thank Theresa for her good wishes. Theresa goes on to say that she admired and respected Gwen, and she wishes they could have been friends, had things been different. She blames herself but says she knows that Gwen will be a loving and caring mother. Gwen thanks her. Theresa says it's been tough being away from her son but she appreciates how nice Gwen has been to Little Ethan. Gwen tells her not to worry because she treats Little Ethan like he is her very own son. Something in what she says bothers Theresa, takes her aback. They all agree they have found common ground. Fox gets champagne so they can toast the adoption. Ethan thanks Theresa again for the nice things she said to Gwen, and they part company. Fox tells Theresa that he thinks that went well, but Theresa doesn't look so sure.

T.C. demands to know what the drunk visitor means. The guy says Eve is the beautiful singer that he saw in Boston 25 years ago, who was involved with Julian. T.C. yells at the man that this is his wife. Eve says he must have gotten her mixed up with someone else. Julian comes up so the man points out Eve and says this is old whore from Boston. Julian says he's mistaken them both for someone else. Julian says he's a well-respected doctor. The man says that Julian must still be high to think that about this woman. He yells that she's a hooker. T.C. gets angrier, saying no one talks about his wife that way, and he punches the man in the stomach. Eve watches, cringing as he lands blows. T.C. beats the guy up. Two men pull T.C. off the guy, who tells T.C. again about Eve's history with Julian. T.C. is so angry he can't see straight and keeps going after the guy. Liz recaps what the guy said, pretending to be outraged. T.C. says again that his wife is a doctor and the most respected woman in Harmony, not the floozy he is talking about. The man, George, goes on and on about Eve and Julian. He says he can prove that they were lovers. The man is about to tell them when Rebecca comes up and punches the guy, and he falls right over, unconscious. Eve takes the man's pulse. She wonders to Julian why Rebecca did that. They all ask Rebecca why she did that. Rebecca says she didn't want any of her society friends to hear any more terrible rumors about her husband. T.C. doesn't quite buy that excuse. Rebecca says that there's no way that Eve and Julian had such a terrible past because Eve is such a prude. Liz still wonders what proof the man thought he had. She goes through his coat pockets to see if there's any proof, while they watch. All they find are car keys. Rebecca lies that George accused her earlier of being a hootchie dancer in Pearl Harbor, too. So they all figure he is just a drunk or a liar. T.C. tells Eve he's sorry she had to do that.

Sheridan hugs Luis in the gazebo as Sam, Hank, and Antonio watch. Sheridan has fainted or something and so he has to help her up. Hank and Sam wonder how Antonio will handle this. Pilar arrives so Luis tells her that Sheridan has remember everything, that she loves him. Antonio and Luis start arguing again. Pilar sits with Sheridan. Sheridan says, "I can't lose him again", but they keep yelling at each other until Pilar tells them to shut up, saying to think of what it's doing to Sheridan. Sheridan finally yells at them to stop it, saying she remembers so much. The memories of Luis keep flooding back at her in a dizzying way that she is having a hard time with. Great clips! Sheridan rocks back and forth, holding herself, whimpering. Luis tells her to tell Antonio that she loves him and she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. She is stuck in the past, saying they had all these dreams, as he tells her they can still have those dreams. They ask her who she wants to be with. The gazebo spins for her and she collapses. The others tell Luis and Antonio to quit arguing and think about Sheridan. Luis picks up Sheridan and they leave, Antonio lagging behind because he's angry that Luis is taking her. He wonders if he'll lose Sheridan again.

They take Sheridan home and lie her on her bed. Pilar takes her pulse and says it's steady. Antonio and Luis start arguing again. Pilar tells them again to stop fighting. Pilar can tell Sheridan has a terrible fever. They wonder if the fever caused her to faint. Pilar wants them to leave because they are causing Sheridan stress. She promises to call Eve after she gets her fever down. They all go out into the other room. Pilar goes to get a cold compress, wishing she knew which of them Sheridan wanted to be with. Sheridan mumbles Luis' name a few times after Pilar leaves. Pilar phones Eve to ask her to come over. T.C. doesn't want Eve to go anywhere near the Crane estate, but she insists. He says he will go with her so she won't be alone.

Rebecca asks Liz to have the man thrown out. Liz follows Rebecca out and asks her why she saved Eve's neck and what she's up to. She tells Liz that he wants to control Julian and Eve by using that information. She says she will probably expose them eventually, but she wants to do it in her own time and her own way. Liz agrees to wait because she knows the truth will out. She wonders where Whitney went.

Julian helps George up and searches his pockets. He fines a picture of the three of them-Eve, Julian, and George, a long time ago. Julian warns him that if he ever tries anything like that again, he will kill him. George is scared when Julian threatens him in a very low voice. The man stumbles out.

Eve arrives at the cottage and goes inside to check on Sheridan. Antonio tells Luis to stay out of the cottage because it's their home. T.C. tells Sam about what happened with the guy in the bar. Sam then goes to break up another fight between Antonio and Luis, saying they are acting like 7th graders (that's so true!). Insider, Sheridan keeps saying Luis' name over and over.

Ethan and Gwen go home and find Little Ethan waiting up to greet them. Ethan tells Gwen that what Theresa said to her was very nice and thinks they should get a letter of reference from her, for the adoption. Gwen thinks that's a great idea. He ksises her and goe sinto the other room. Gwen talks to herself about how great that idea is.

Outside, Whitney is kicking herself for thinking about Fox so much, saying he's with Theresa now. Chad brings out some champagne to celebrate her singing debut, and a rose. He wonders what's wrong. She says she feels awful. He knows that she is upset about her mother and Julian, so they talk about that. He points out that she should be happy about finally giving up tennis for singing. She agrees that she should be. She goes on again about her mother and Julian, and how T.C. almost killed Julian. The bicker about her mother. Chad suggests that Whitney start thinking about herself and the changes she has made. She doesn't know how she can do that when her family is falling apart. He talks about she's such a good person and she always tries to fix things. He tells her that she can't change the way people behave. He points out that it will only hurt her. He doesn't want to see her soured on love because of what's going on with her mother. She apologizes for letting their problems come between them. He swears again that he will never cheat on her. They tell each other "I love you". Fox and Theresa come out and tell Whitney how wonderful she was. Whitney says she was okay but Theresa tells her she was way better than that. Whitney says she was too worried about her mom and Julian. But, she says, Chad made her feel much better. They hug. Theresa says it won't be long before they knew her before she was a star. Liz comes out and agrees with Theresa.

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