Passions Update Thursday 3/11/04

Passions Update Thursday 3/11/04

By Suzanne
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Whitney, Fox, Ethan, and Theresa are singing and dancing on the stage at the Blue Note. Chad gets jealous about the way Fox is singing to Whitney. Rebecca and Gwen is annoyed about Theresa and Ethan singing to each other and how they look. Gwen still plans to take Little Ethan away from Theresa. The four keep singing (it's like a 45 minute song, apparently, and it is very annoying as well). Chad and Gwen are still jealous. The song finally finishes (yay!) and they take their bows. Chad asks Whitney about how she was singing the song to Fox. He says he's never heard her sing with such passion before. She says she was feeling it. He asks her if Fox is the one she had feelings for in California. She says she was just feeling the song and says that Fox is madly in love with Theresa (she doesn't technically lie). They hug. He apologizes for being jealous of Fox. He's glad they are good friends.

Theresa apologizes to Fox for how she got caught up in her feelings with Ethan. He tells her it's okay but says Gwen might have picked up on it. She explains that her heart got the better of her mind, saying that Ethan let Rebecca take away her child so he is not the right man for her. They hug, too. He looks over at Chad and Whitney with pain in his eyes. They sit and have a drink. She is grateful to be with him because he's not like other guys. He asks her if it's gotten any easier for him, to be without his lost love, if the memories have faded. He looks over at Whitney and says he's learned to live with the loss.

Gwen asks Ethan about how he sang to Theresa on the stage. He denies being in love with Theresa, saying Gwen is the only woman in his life He plans to get champagne to celebrate their adoption of their new song. Rebecca joins them and accidentally lets slip that their new child will be a "him", but she covers it up. Ethan goes to get another drink, so Rebecca and Gwen plot some more about Theresa.

Liz tries to get the new man who's visiting to remember the name of the singer he saw years ago in Chicago. He says he would know her anywhere if he saw her and talks more about how Julian ruined the woman's life with drugs, booze and alcohol. T.C. says while he wouldn't defend Julian, that woman was responsible for her own actions. He says if the woman was stupid enough to get mixed up with Julian, she deserves what she got. The man says he will remember the woman's name soon. Liz watches Eve talk to some woman on her way back to her table. She remarks that it's funny that you see or hear something that reminds you of something or someone years before. The man says the woman was good enough to win lots of Grammies before she was ruined by Julian. He goes on and on about the woman, describing her. He says she looked a lot like Whitney. He says the woman used to sing in church but he doesn't think she ever set foot in a church after getting hooked up with Julian. T.C has no sympathy for the woman. They talk again about the woman, and about how Whitney didn't get her singing talent from anyone in her family. The man pictures Eve singing long ago. They wonder where Julian went to, so Liz says he's probably off with one of his girlfriends, mentioning that his wife is over there. He is shocked that he would philander in front of his wife. T.C. says he has no scruples. T.C. explains that he almost killed Julian earlier today. The man is surprised that Julian was hassling T.C.'s wife. T.C. says that someone will take Julian out sooner or later. T.C. says he has to find his wife and go home. Liz tries to stop him but he insists. The man wants to leave and starts to stand up. He sees Eve, saying that's the woman he was talking about. He goes over to Eve, so Liz chuckles at what she thinks will be a big shock for Eve. The man goes up to Eve; she recognizes him as George, but then says he has her confused with someone else. He tries to think of her name and then gets it right. She looks shocked and uncomfortable. He thinks that Julian is still her boyfriend. She assures him that she's not there with Julian. He talks loudly about all of the nasty stuff he got her into. He invites her to sit down and have a drink with her. She turns him down and he tells her to lighten up. Liz goes up to T.C. and asks if he's found Eve. He sees her talking to that guy and asks what the hell he is doing with his wife. He goes over to them as Liz happily watches. T.C. grabs the guy and asks him what he's doing. The guy asks why T.C.'s so upset and asks if he's after a piece of the action himself. He's surprised because he thought T.C. was happily married. T.C. says he is. The guy tells him that this is the singer that he knew back in Boston, the one he was talking about who hooked up with Julian Crane.

Eve talks to Julian, who asks her if she's allright. He apologizes if he scared her earlier when he was trying to force her to run away with him. She says he shouldn't risk T.C.'s wrath, but he reminds her that he'll do anything to protect her. They talk about her relationship with T.C. She doesn't think her marriage could withstand T.C. finding out about her past with Julian. He wants her to follow her heart, even if it means she's with another man. He owes her for what he did years ago. She tells him not to blame himself, but he does. He asks her for a few minutes more of her time. It's hard for him to think about letting go of her forever. He says she's her one true thing, and she says she feels the same way. She agrees that she loves him as much as he loves her. He apologizes again for all fo the pain he's caused her and she tells him it's past.

Sam and Antonio keep arguing about Sheridan, whom they are searching for.

Luis and Hank are on the docks searching for Sheridan because Luis knows she was just there. Hank looks worried that Luis is deluding herself. He keeps trying to reason with Luis, suggesting that maybe Sheridan is avoiding him. Luis doesn't agree with him. Antonio and Sam come up, so Antonio starts giving him a hard time again. They start arguing again and shoving each other. Antonio punches Luis, and Luis taunts that she loves him and will always love him. He says she ran out of the club because she was remembering her love for him. They keep arguing. Luis points out that Sheridan has been running to the spots that were special to the two of them. Sam tries to get Antonio to leave but he throws another punch at Luis. Sam and Hank break them up but they keep arguing. Sam reads them the riot act, but they don't listen. Luis' phone rings.

Sheridan is at the marina and remembers that she loves Luis and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. She rushes off, just being missed by Luis and Hank. She goes calling for Luis and remembers more times with him. She makes a phone call.

Luis gets a phone call but it's all staticky. He tells her not to worry and they'll be together. Sam traces the call and says it came from the Crane estate. They all rush over there. They find Sheridan on the ground at the gazebo. Luis hugs and kisses her, saying he loves her.

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