Passions Update Wednesday 3/10/04

Passions Update Wednesday 3/10/04

By Suzanne
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Whitney sings her song at the Blue Note while Luis watches Sheridan. Jessica sits with Kay and Miguel. She's not having a good time because Reese is there with Charity. Grace is sad, watching Sam with Ivy. Sam looks sad, too, when he looks back at her. T.C. tells Eve that she has to admit that their daughter has an incredible voice. That's what scares Eve. Eve and T.C. look back at Julian and Rebecca, who are chatting with her friends. Theresa and Fox admire Whitney's voice, too. Pilar stops Luis from going over to talk to Sheridan. Sheridan says Luis's name as she touches her temple. Antonio asks her what's wrong. Sheridan gets up and runs off. Antonio stops Luis and tells him not to bother her again. They both rush out after her. Pilar asks Sam to stop them from killing each other.

After some discussion, Sam agrees to go after them. Sheridan runs off before Luis can catch up to her. Outside, Luis runs into Hank. Luis tells him what happened. Hank suggests to him that he let Sheridan alone. Luis argues with him. Hank stops Luis by grabbing his arm, but Luis chases after her anyway. Antonio comes out of the club, so Hank tries to dissuade him from following. Sam comes out and yells at him for fighting with Luis. He threatens to arrest Antonio. Pilar comes out and begs Antonio to leave Luis and Sheridan be. Antonio is annoyed that she supports Luis instead of him.

T.C. tells Eve they can leave if she wants, that Whitney will understand. They argue about Julian. T.C. thinks he doesn't have a decent bone in his body. T.C. gets all riled up and wants to go over to tell Rebecca that she deserves better, but Eve stops him. She reminds him that this is Whitney's big night. They agree to stay, but T.C. says Julian better not look at her funny or he'll wish he was never born. Liz talks to herself, saying that someone will get hurt tonight. She wishes she didn't have to use Whitney this way.

Kay wants to make a toast, but Miguel and Jessica are down in the dumps about Reese and Charity. Kay expresses sympathy to Miguel. Jessica starts insulting Charity and also mentions Grace and David. She says that whoever wrote this song Whitney is singing knew that true love is a fantasy. David asks Grace if she's thought any more about Europe. She still doesn't want to leave the girls. Ivy grouses to herself that David is not pushing hard enough to get Grace to go. Gwen asks Ethan what he's thinking about, so he lies that he's thinking about her. Theresa worries about her brothers, which Fox observes.

Antonio, Pilar, and Sam keep arguing outside of the Blue Note. Sam tells Pilar to go back inside, so she does. Sam tries to talk some sense into Antonio. He brings up what happened with Grace, so Antonio says he's not going to lose Sheridan to Luis the same way that he lost Grace to David. They keep arguing and Antonio says threats about Luis.

Sheridan goes to the gazebo and remembers good times there with Luis. She hears Luis calling for her. Theresa tries to console Pilar, who is upset about Antonio and Luis. She feels guilty for supporting Luis against Antonio. Ivy confers with David; he tells her that Grace still hasn't decided about the trip to Italy. She puts more pressure on him, saying it's hard for her to get Sam in her bed when Grace is still around. David loves Grace so he wants to get Grace to move on, too.

Reese is confused by Charity acting so wild. He asks if she isn't a virgin. She plans to remedy that situation soon, but not with him. He is disappointed. She asks if he wants to dance or should she find someone else, so he agrees. Miguel suggests giving Jessica a ride home, but Kay wants to stay and have a nice night out. Rebecca teases Julian about T.C. being jealous of Julian and wanting to kill him. T.C. offers again to take Eve home, but she says she wants to stay. She gets paged and goes to use the phone.

A man tells Liz that he's just stopped in town and came here for the club opening. It reminds him of a similar club in Chicago. He talks about how he used to listen to some great young singers by then, during many late nights of drinking. He hears Whitney and says she reminds him of one particular singer he heard back then who was really great. Liz welcomes him and tells him that the show is just beginning. She gives the man a good seat at the bar. T.C. is nearby. The man remarks how uncanny it is that this singer sounds and looks so much like a singer he used to see in Boston. T.C. informs the man that this is his daughter on stage, and it is her singing debut. When the man says the woman he used to see would be old enough to be her mother, T.C. says that her mother is a doctor and doesn't frequent clubs like this.

Luis goes to the gazebo but just misses Sheridan. He is disappointed. Hank follows and arrives minutes later. Luis finds something that Sheridan was wearing, so he knows she was there. He and Hank run off to keep following her. Sheridan goes to the pier. A fisherman tells her that it's too cold and dark for her to be out there. She thanks him and says she's fine. She remembers Luis carving their names into the wood. She wonders why she keeps thinking about Luis. She says she is committed to Antonio and Luis is in the past. She hears Luis calling her again.

Sam struggles outside with Antonio as he arrests him, putting the cuffs on him. Antonio asks Sam to let him just go make sure that Sheridan is okay. Sam says he would, if that's what Antonio really wanted, but he doesn't want him to get into another fight with Luis. Antonio accuses him of being biased because he's a good friend of Luis. Sam claims he would have done the same thing, had he caught Luis before he ran off. Sam swears he wouldn't betray Antonio. They keep arguing. Sam agrees to let him go but only if Sam can go with him. He says that Antonio has to agree with whatever Sheridan says, even if she wants to be with Luis.

Once again Luis and Hank are too late to find Sheridan. Luis thinks she's scared and confused, so that's why she keeps running off. Hank thinks maybe she just wants to be left alone. Luis talks to the old fisherman and asks if he saw Sheridan. He says he did, and what he said. He tells Luis he just missed her by a few minutes. Luis realizes that Sheridan is going to places that were important to them. He is sure she is remembering. Sheridan is nearby and still having flashes of being with Luis. She suddenly says she remembers she loves Luis. She looks up with an incredulous smile on her face.

The crowd at the Blue Note claps after Whitney's song. Chad asks for three volunteers. No one does, so he picks names from a hat. Fox is the first name he picks. Fox protests but not for long. Ethan is also chosen and goes up. Theresa is also chosen. Gwen and Rebecca roll their eyes, annoyed that Theresa will be next to Ethan. The four start singing and dancing, looking far too professional and rehearsed than people who were just called up to the stage LOL! Whitney or Fox has a flashback to dancing together in California. Theresa and Ethan have a good time, too, as Gwen and Rebecca watch jealously. Chad looks a little uneasy as Fox and Whitney sing to each other, too.

Reese tells Charity that although he doesn't mind her hanging all over him, Jessica and Miguel are watching. Charity says she doesn't care, but when they leave, along with Kay, she looks upset. They go dance; Miguel, Kay, and Jessica watch them before they go out the door. Kay suggests they go home and spend time with Maria. Miguel looks one last time and then leaves.

David asks Grace to dance, claiming it is one of her favorite songs. At first she says no but then she relents. Grace tries to talk to Jessica but is shut down once again. Grace tells David that she will go with him to Italy after all. He kisses her.

The man at the bar says he wishes he could remember that singer's name. Liz asks him if he's sure he can't remember. He pictures Eve singing, and Julian watching her. He sees Julian now and says that it's amazing but the guy sitting over there used to sit at that same bar in Chicago. He tells them that the woman got involved in bad things: drugs, booze, and men, and that man is the one who got her involved in all that. T.C. is not surprised because Julian ruins everything he touches. He is glad that his little girl would never get involved in that sort of thing because she has great morals, just like her mother. The man says the singer had beautiful brown eyes. Eve walks back in, skirting around Julian (she looks like she wants to talk to him but she can't).

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