Passions Update Tuesday 3/9/04

Passions Update Tuesday 3/9/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Luis and Antonio fight about Sheridan once the Blue Note, she is silent while they argue about whether listening to Whitney's song has given her the memory of Luis' love once again. They all move into another room and still she says nothing, and the arguing gets more heated. Pilar comes in and wants to know what's going on. They argue more until finally they take off their jackets and are ready to fight each other.

Rebecca wonders where Julian is, figuring he's with Eve. She notices the other Russells are missing, too. She is about to go outside when she sees that Luis and Antonio are fighting, so she decides to go watch the two hunks fight instead.

Whitney has a flashback to arguing with Eve. She is in her dressing room. She tells Chad that she thinks Eve left to be with Julian, while her father was watching her sing. Chad wonders if that's true. Whitney kicks herself for having hope that her family could be together and happy for one night, like they used to be. She rages on and on about Eve and asks him to swear that he will never cheat on her because she doesn't think she could take that sort of betrayal. He swears that he never will. Whitney says that, knowing T.C.'s temper, Eve must be fooling around with Julian because she must be hiding him from T.C's temper. She knows that if T.C. ever found out about them, he would kill Julian and their lives would be ruined.

Sam chats with Liz, wondering why T.C. is still gone. He goes out to get him but sees the trouble brewing with Luis and Antonio, so he goes there instead. Liz follows.

Luis and Antonio start punching each other out, despite everyone's please not to. Rebecca keeps making remarks about how Liz should use them as entertainment for her clu, or oil them up. Whenever one of them falls near her, Rebecca grabs their shirts so they show more of their bodies. Gotta love Rebecca, LOL! After awhile, Sam breaks them up and says they will be arrested if they fight any more. Liz's employee Harry comes in and tells her that T.C. is beating up Julian outback, so Liz, Sam, and Rebecca head out there.

T.C. beats the snot out of Julian while Eve screams and cries. Julian briefly has a flashback to when he was telling Eve she should run off with him to Paris. They think he's dead when he doesn't get up and T.C. can't feel a pulse. He won't let Eve near Julian. Eve cries and gets more upset when they think Julian is dead. T.C. demands to know why she's so upset and why she was out there with Julian. Sam comes out and puts cufs on T.C. after they explain what happened. Rebecca runs over to Julian and is upset that her Pookie is dead. Liz is upset because she wanted Eve to suffer, not T.C. Then Julian wakes up and they realizes that he's not dead. Eve rushes over to check on him, saying that he must have had a very weak pulse when T.C. checked it before. T.C. accuses Julian of trying to kidnap Eve. Julian says he won't press charges against T.C. and he gallantly protects Eve. He says that he was drunk and Eve was beautiful, implying that he got carried away. He apologizes to Eve. T.C. keeps trying to go after him and Sam holds him back. Eve doesn't say much during the whole time. Rebecca yells at Sam for wanting to arrest Julian. T.C. tells Julian that he'd better not ever see him with his wife again or he'll be dead. Liz taunts Eve as usual about how she is going to suffer. Eve asks her what it feels like to be a vulture. Sam makes T.C. go back inside and warns Julian to let this go. Julian agrees. Rebecca knocks Julian down and steps on him with her stiletto heel. He is in pain. She tells him that if he going to be with Eve, he has to be more careful. Otherwise, forget about T.C. because she will kill him herself.

Sheridan finally says that, while the song did make her remember some good times with Luis, she still loves Antonio and wants to stay married to him. Antonio and Sheridan go back to their table. Luis tells Pilar that he is sure that music is the key to Sheridan's remembering. He asks Whitney to sing a song that Sheridan heard when she was with him, so Whitney agrees. She does her second set and sings the song. Sheridan looks like she is remembering as Luis, from across the room, urges her to remember.

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