Passions Update Monday 3/8/04

Passions Update Monday 3/8/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita   

Whitney sings at the Blue Note as most of her friends and family watch. Fox remembers dancing with her in L.A. as he watches her, then he looks at Theresa, who seems sad. She is looking at Ethan with Gwen. He asks if she's okay; she says it's just the song. Fox asks Theresa if they are really a couple because of the way she's looking at Ethan. She replies that she just misses the way she and Ethan were before things went wrong. She asks him about his lost love. She questions him about who it was, but he won't tell her. She keeps asking him. The talk turns to Ethan again; she says he will always have a corner of her heart but can never go back with him.

The sad song makes Gwen think of the baby she lost, but it makes Ethan think of Theresa. Gwen can tell he is looking over at Theresa. Rebecca takes Gwen outside to chat. Gwen gripes about Ethan looking at Theresa. She doesn't think Theresa will ever be out of Ethan's life. Rebecca says it doesn't matter because she's got Ethan and she is about to destroy Theresa. She talks about her plan and then wonders where Julian is. She gets upset, realizing that he's with Eve. Some of her society friends say hi to Rebecca and ask about her new groom. Rebecca is embarassed.

T.C. tells Sam that he didn't realize how good Whitney was. He has to admit she can sing, even though he didn't want her to give up tennis for it.

Outside, Eve and Julian dance closely together. They are reliving their romantic past. She talks about how she feels safe and unfearful being in his arms. He suggests they run away together on his jet. She doesn't take him seriously at first, but he's sincere. He keeps trying to persuade her. Finally, she agrees. They hug. Julian phones to get his jet prepared Eve is excited about going to Paris. Whitney's song ends and Eve thinks back to a birthday party that the family had for Whitney, past Christmases, and other happy times. Eve comes to her senses and says she can't do it. He keeps trying to convince her again. She says she can't leave her family. Julian gets more insistent.

Luis tells Pilar that he can tell Sheridan is remembering her love for him because of the song. Pilar is doubtful. Sheridan has flashbacks to scenes with Luis where they are kissing, making love, or having a good time. Pilar tells Luis not to go over to Sheridan.

Gwen goes back to her table and tells Ethan she's okay, then leaves. Sheridan can tell she looks upset so she goes to follow her. Luis gets up and calls after her, but Antonio stops him and threatens him. They argue, as usual, about Sheridan. Antonio grabs a knife off the table as he talks about stopping Luis once and for all. PIlar pulls them apart and tells them to behave. Pilar pulls Luis away, far away from Antonio.

Gwen is in the ladies' room, upset, sitting on a couch. She gets up and hides when she hears someone coming. It's Sheridan, who is still getting flashbacks to Luis. Gwen comes out and they hug. Gwen tells her that the song reminded her of her lost baby Sarah. Sheridan understands, since she thinks she lost her firstborn, too. Gwen tells her that she can't have any more children, so Sheridan is very sympathetic and they hug again, both in tears. Gwen blames Theresa, which Sheridan doesn't want to hear. Sheridan figures out that is why Rebecca is out to destroy Theresa and her family. Gwen says she has no sympathy for Theresa, although she does feel sorry for her family. Sheridan tells Gwen that she was thinking about her lost child, too. She says it also made her think about Luis, and their love. Gwen questions Sheridan about what she's feeling. Sheridan keeps declaring that she wants to be with Antonio, not Luis. They talk about Gwen and Ethan adopting. Sheridan suspects there is more to it than what Gwen is letting on.

T.C. wonders where Eve is again, to Sam, as Whitney's song finishes and everyone applauds. Ethan takes Sam aside and asks to speak with him. Ethan pours his heart out to Sam about how the song made him think about Theresa. Sam wonders if he wants to leave Gwen and go back to Theresa. Ethan replies that he doesn't but he still has these feelings for Theresa, and they make him feel very guilty. Sam understands what he's going through and compares it to his own situation with Grace and Ivy. Ethan asks if Sam is getting back together with Ivy. Sam says he doesn't know what is going to happen. Ethan thanks Sam for listening to him.

T.C. and Liz keep wondering where Eve is. T.C. goes to get them drinks. Liz figures out that Eve and Julian must be in the alley. She overhears Julian talking to Eve about his plane and running off with him. Chad tells Whitney how great she was on stage. He says she was singing as if she had a lost love that she was mourning. He asks if she has one in her past, so she flashes back to being in the pool with Fox. After some delay, Whitney tells him that no, he was her first love. She admits him there was someone she was attracted to, but it didn't work out.

Julian continues to try to persuade Eve. She says she wouldn't be happy with him in Paris because she'd feel bad about leaving her family and would miss them. She goes on and on about T.C. and what a good man he is. Julian says she feels differently when she's in his arms. She says she can lust in her heart but can't act on it. Julian says he will kidnap her rather than let her go back to T.C. She gets scared and says she's going back inside. Julian is very insistent and passionate when he talks about how it kills him to see her with T.C. and how he wants her in his bed and to be able to tell the world about her. She says she's scared, but he says he's the one who's scared, that he'll never have her all to himself. She tries to get him to calm down. He says he has everything, money, power, the life of a king, but it means nothing without her. She is clearly intrigued, frightened, and overwhelmed by his passion.

Rebecca gripes to herself about Theresa. Gwen comes up and wonders if she's all right. Rebecca says she just can't find Julian. She notices that Gwen was crying, so Gwen fills her in on what happened. Ethan comes up and kisses Gwen, asking if she's okay.. Gwen asks him to promise that they can adopt a child really soon, so he nods. They sit down and she talks about her chat with Sheridan. Rebecca's friends again ask her about where Julian is. Rebecca suggests she go right to get him and bring him back.

Luis stops Sheridan, saying that she remembered that she still loves him. She gives him the cold shoulder and walks away, saying, "Please..." Antonio finds Sheridan at the bar, upset, and asks her what's wrong. Luis comes up and says she remembers her love for him. Antonio asks if that's true, but she doesn't answer.

Liz chats with Antonio about Sheridan and Luis. He asks about the guy she was after. Liz thinks to herself that T.C. will kill Julian when he finds him with Eve. When T.C. asks again where Eve is, Liz tells him that she thinks she heard her out back. T.C. figures she's on the phone to the hospital, so he heads out to rescue her. T.C. comes out just as Eve is struggling with Julian, who is still trying to get Eve to go with him. T.C. socks Julian, who falls on the ground. Eve tries to stop him. T.C. yells at him to get up so he can kill him.

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