Passions Update Friday 3/5/04

Passions Update Friday  3/5/04

By Suzanne
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Charity finds a picture of Miguel in her room; she says she misses having him in her life, but at least he has Maria. She
doesn't regret her sacrifice. She says she will never love again. Jessica comes in and yells at her about leaving her
clothes in the dryer. Charity mentions that Reese is coming over later. Jessica asks if he's just a body to her. Charity
says she's not in love with him but he'll do until a hotter guy comes along. Jessica wonders what made Charity so cold
hearted. Charity looks at the picture of Miguel again but doesn't answer. Charity says they are just enjoying themselves
because they turn each other on. Kay doesn't know how she can enjoy herself when she stole her boyfriend, her first love.
Charity says maybe first love wasn't meant to last. She suggests that maybe Jessica should thank her for sparing her the
pain of a relationship. Jessica thinks that Charity will get hurt, but Charity says she won't because she's having too
good of a time. She suggests to Jessica that she go out and find a guy, like Charity plans to.

At home, Grace plans to plant forget-me-nots in her garden. David comes in and pressures her again about going to Italy
with him, so she finally agrees to go. He is overjoyed and plans to get the tickets. Then she changes her mind and says
she doesn't think she can leave Harmony. She talks about some upcoming events with her daughters, but he points out gently
that they will not want her there. He urges her to concentrate on the future instead of the past.

Sam comes home. Ivy is all dressed up to go out to the benefit and starts to tell him that she's laid out his tuxedo. She
can tell he's upset so she asks him what's wrong. He tells her that he had to suspend Luis without pay for firing off his
gun in the hospital. She expresses her sympathy. He wonders if they'll ever know the truth about what happened to
Sheridan in the hospital. Ivy says that the Cranes will always get what they want. He talks about how he has blamed the
Cranes for a lot of things in the past, including David showing up. He is glad that she is back in his life; they kiss.
He goes to get dressed. Ivy looks like she feels guilty for her responsibility in ending Sam's marriage.

Ivy meets up with David. She tells David what Sam said. He knows she's worried about Sam figuring out her part in the
destruction of his marriage. He tells her that Grace won't go to Italy. She tells him to work harder on Grace, no matter
what it takes. Sam calls her back into the cottage to help him with his tie.

Pilar is upset about losing her home. Theresa and Luis try to make her feel better. Fox is sitting on the couch with
them. Theresa blames the Cranes, but not Fox. She is thankful that he cashed out his trust fund to bail her out of jail.
He wishes he could do more and then realizes that maybe he can take their minds off their problems. Miguel and Kay come
in; he says he got their message about Sheridan not being able to help. He tells them that Kay is going to work at the
cannery. She says she will be able to help keep Miguel in college. Pilar thanks her sincerely for her help. Kay says
they're a team through good or bad times. Fox suggests they let him take them out to the hospital benefit; he can still
use his credit cards. No one really feels like going out. Fox takes Luis and Theresa aside and says that they should look
at their mom. He thinks getting them all out of the house will make her feel better. Theresa and Luis agree. Luis says
to himself that at least he doesn't have to worry about running into Sheridan and Antonio. They all get dressed up; Pilar
still has second thoughts about going out. She and Luis have a short conversation about Sheridan. She asks him to put all
of their problems aside for one night. Theresa comes in and they talk about funny it is that they're all dressed up like
rich people when they're penniless. Fox comes in and says the limo is there. He tries to get them to cheer up.

Sheridan gripes to Antonio about how Alistair has cut off her funds so she can't help the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Antonio hopes
he can think of something to save his family, even though they supported Luis over him. Then they talk about making some
memories. He suggests they go to the Blue Note's charity benefit. She is not in the mood but gives in to his pressure.
She agrees that she has to forget about Luis and Alistair. They hug. They both get dressed up to go out. She forgot her
earrings so he goes to get them for her. He hands them to her. She says they are ones that Luis gave her, so she decides
not to wear them. They plan to make their own memories.

At her club, Liz tells T.C. that she saved him a good seat. He learned his lesson about not supporting his daughter and
will never do that again. She makes a comment about Eve not being supportive, but Eve comes up behind her, dressed to the
nines, saying that she decided to come after all.

Rebecca lurks at the Blue Note, drinking champagne and smirking to herself about the people attending the event. Being at
the club reminds Julian of when Eve used to sing. Ethan and Gwen chat with Chad and Whitney before her big singing debut.
Gwen asks where Whitney got her talent from and whether it's from her family. Whitney replies that her mother hates music
and singing. Rebecca, listening in, says that maybe Whitney will find out why tonight. They wish Whitney luck. Chad
points out to Whitney that Eve is there and suggests that she go over to say hi. She wishes Eve weren't there; she thinks
maybe she's only there to see Julian. She feels bad for T.C., being clueless. T.C. tells Eve that they have to keep Chad
from luring Whitney to L.A. again. Liz and Eve exchange insults, as usual. Liz taunts Eve about Whitney singing there and
how she'll find out about her past. Eve warns her not to hurt her daughter or she'll be "one dead bitch", which shocks
Liz. Eve chats with Grace about what's going on. Grace is not happy to see Ivy and Sam show up. Eve can tell Grace still
loves Sam. She urges Grace to go over and tell Sam that she loves him. Grace says it's too late, but Eve says it's never
too late for true love. Then she sees Julian and Rebecca, so she rushes off. Ivy is not happy to see Grace there, either.
She gripes to David about it. Grace says an awkward hello to Sam. She asks him if they can talk. The Lopez-Fitzgeralds
arrive and seethe when they see Rebecca. Miguel is not happy to see Charity and Reese dancing together. Key reminds him
about him walking in on them in bed, so he snaps at her not to remind him. Reese and Charity do a sexy dance together.
Jessica is also upset about their dancing. She knows now how Simone felt when she lost Chad to Whitney. Theresa and Fox
say hi to Whitney and Chad. They talk about the songs that Whitney will be singing. Chad says she is starting her set
with very sad songs, which almost makes you think she is singing about a guy she lost. Fox looks a little sad.

Eve and Julian talk outside about "lost love". She strokes his face and they nuzzle. Luis is unhappy to see Sheridan and
Antonio walk in, but he greets them pleasantly anyway. Ivy interrupts Grace and Sam's talk just as Grace is about to tell
him that she still loves him. Ivy tells Sam that he looks handsome, so he returns the compliment. They kiss. Liz gets on
the microphone and welcomes everyone. Then she introduces Whitney, who comes out and sings. Various people exchange
loving or envious looks. Ivy knows that Grace is watching, so she makes out with Sam. T.C. wonders where Eve is, and
Rebecca wonders where Julian is. Eve says to Julian that they should go inside, but he asks her first for a dance first,
to hold her in his arms one last time. They dance closely as they look into each others' eyes. Liz joins T.C.; he guesses
that Eve couldn't stick around to hear Whitney after all. Rebecca swears at the absent Julian and says she will get rid of
Eve once and for all. Meanwhile, Eve and Julian profess their love and kiss. Luis feels saddened by Whitney's sad love
song. He wishes Sheridan could feel what he's feeling. She has a flash of Luis and looks over at him. He whispers to
himself that Sheridan remembers and still loves him.

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