Passions Update Thursday 3/4/04

Passions Update Thursday 3/4/04

By Suzanne
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Gwen and Ethan look at adoption agencies online and talk about how they can't wait to adopt a child. She tells him that she wants him to have a son. He says he will if that's what makes her happy. Rebecca lurks nearby and comments to herself about Little Ethan. Rebecca puts on her act about how she is not interested in looking after Little Ethan. She complains that the Nanny keeps bugging her with questions, like whether she would like to read Little Ethan a bedtime story. She plans to call the agency to get a competent nanny. Ethan, trying to hold on to his temper, tells Rebecca that the nanny is competent, and Little Ethan likes her. He yells at Rebecca about how the nanny is the most important person in Little Ethan's life since he's been taken from his mother. They all argue about it. Rebecca says she is determined to get rid of the nanny. Ethan tries to convince her that it's a bad idea, but he can't. He goes up to get dressed. Gwen asks Rebecca what she's up to. Rebecca explains the plan to her again. When Gwen has doubts about the morality of what they are doing, Rebecca reminds her about all of the terrible things that Theresa has done to her.

Later, Gwen tells a story to Little Ethan about boating, while Ethan watches them. She suggests that they go out on the Crane yacht once spring comes. Little Ethan is excited about that idea. Gwen tucks him into bed. Rebecca comes in and says to herself that Gwen is getting closer to making Little Ethan her own. Gwen comes out of the room. Ethan tells her that he was watching her and could tell how sweet and loving she is with him. He also notes how much Little Ethan loves her. They talk about the situation Little Ethan is in and how he deserves better.

Sheridan looks out the window, deep in thought. Antonio brings her tea and notes that she is still thinking about Luis. She wishes she could have helped Luis and blames herself for everything that's happened, particularly because of the rift between Antonio and her family. He says it's not her fault that the family chose Luis over him. They keep rehashing and she keeps blaming herself. He asks her if she is happy there with him or if she would rather be with Luis. She assures him that she wants to be there with him. They put on romantic music and dance to it. She tells him that she feels guilty for being so happy right now. She is worried that if she looks at his face, it will disappear and become Luis' face (because Luis is so convinced that he is still in her heart). He tells her to look up and asks who she sees. She smiles and says she sees him. He reassures her and she tells him that he is the only man in his heart. He suggests they go out to the wharf and count the stars.

Luis walks on the docks and wonders what else could go wrong. Alistair comes up and greets him, so Luis grabs him and says he'll kill him before he destroys his family. Alistair sneers at him that he would be beating up a man twice his age. Luis says he can't pull that feeble act because he has twice the power and strength of everyone in town. Luis talks about how Alistair is trying to destroy his family, so Alistair calls him paranoid. Luis wonders why Alistair is so hell bent on destroying them. He thinks maybe that they pose some sort of threat to him. He asks Alistair why he is so afraid of him. Alistair laughs at the idea. Luis thinks that somehow this is linked to his father's disappearance. Alistair pretends that he doesn't know what he's talking about, but we can tell Alistair is annoyed by how he crushes his cigar. Alistair says that Martin was a bum that skipped out on his family. Luis gets angry when Alistair insults his father. They argue about Sheridan, with Luis pushing him around a little more. Luis swears that whatever Alistair throws at his family, he will fight him and win. Alistair gets on his cell phone and tells someone that they need to meet immediately.


Theresa looks at a picture of Little Ethan and tells Fox how much she missed him. They talk about how she will get him back. She is worried about Rebecca being out to destroy her. She comments about how sad Pilar looks and what this is doing to her. Fox is supportive. Theresa is determined to stay positive and strong for her mother's sake. She tells Pilar that she should stop packing because there's still hope. She reminds her that there's still Sheridan. Pilar is doubtful and says she doesn't have the energy to pretend that she still has hope. They discuss how they are feeling. Pilar is very depressed about how her life has been so bad, and Theresa keeps urging her to stay positive. Pilar calls her a hopeless romantic, but Theresa says she isn't one any more. She points out that they have their family and the Cranes can't take that away. They hug. Luis comes in and gives them the bad news about not getting the money from Sheridan. they are shocked and disappointed. Pilar thanks him for going to Sheridan because she knows that was hard on him. She sees his bruises and asks who hurt him. He tells him it was Antonio. Pilar moans and groans some more about how bad everything is for them. Luis tells her not to give up hope. Fox and Theresa chime in with their support. Pilar lists some of the bad things that have happened to them and cries in despair. They try to comfort her. Luis kisses her. Fox says to himself that he has to stop his family from destroying them.

Alistair meets with Ackland. Alistair fills Ackland in on what happened with Luis and Sheridan. Ackland assures him that Sheridan was only acting out of kindness for Luis. Alistair wants guarantees that Sheridan won't remember her love for Luis. Ackland says the only way would be if he can complete the shock treatments. He asks if it's possible for Sheridan to go back into the hospital, but Alistair says it would raise too many suspicions. Ackland concludes he can't help the situation without the shock treatment. Alistair slams his fist down in frustration.

Sheridan and Antonio look at the stars on the wharf and talk about their time on the island, when she still thought her name was Diana. Alistair comes up to say hello. Sheridan is still mad at him. She argues with him about freezing her trust fund. Alistair says he thinks that Luis is taking advantage of Sheridan's mental state and trying to confuse her. She doesn't believe him, of course. He says that he is trying to protect her. She tells him that's a lie. Then she says, "Luis is right, I know what you've done". Alistair looks worried (we can tell from his hands). Sheridan says that she knows that Alistair is trying to destroy Luis and his family. She swears she will never forgive him for that and storms off. Alistair urges Antonio not to let Luis win. Antonio says he doesn't want his advice. He knows Sheridan loves him and only him. Antonio leaves, too. Alistair says to himself that it will come down to a battle between him and Luis, and only one will survive.

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