Passions Update Wednesday 3/3/04

Passions Update Wednesday 3/3/04

By Suzanne
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Julian walks Eve back to her house. She stops him, saying he shouldn't get too close, in case T.C.'s home. They discuss
her problems with Whitney. He keeps urging her to tell Whitney the truth. Julian regrets how he helped led Eve into the
life of drugs and booze. Eve is optimistic about finding their son. She thinks having him around will make Whitney
understand about her past. Eve says she doesn't regret her past with Julian. Julian tells her that it makes him very
happy to hear that. She says that in some ways, he's the best thing that ever happened to her. They are interrupted by a
phone call. Rebecca is phoning Julian to find out where he is. He says he's not coming home right now, so she threatens
to phone T.C. and tell him what's going on. Julian says he'll be there and hangs up. Eve is upset that Rebecca is still
threatening him. He says it doesn't matter; he'd do anything for her. They kiss. Then Julian kisses her hands and

At home, T.C. asks Liz where Eve is. She says she's not sure but tells him that Eve was pretty upset to learn that Whitney
was going to be singing at her club tonight. T.C. gets upset but blames Chad. He can't believe that Liz offered her the
job. He asks if Liz is trying to destroy his family. She gapes at him, worrying that he has guessed the truth. She
denies that she is trying to destroy their family; she says she had her reasons. Eve comes home to find the two of them
sitting on the couch. T.C. says that Liz told him everything. Liz smiles at Eve triumphantly. T.C. tells Eve that Liz
just told him about how upset she was about Whitney singing at the club. Eve is not happy that T.C. is going along with
this. T.C. suggests they go down to the club and support Whitney, since she is going to do what she wants regardless of
what they say. Eve thinks he's crazy. She refuses to sanctio what Whitney is doing. They keep arguing. T.C. can't
figure out why Eve is so opposed to Whitney's singing. He says that her hatred for music is irrational and wants to know
what happened in her past to make her feel that way. Liz says she wants to know, too. Eve goes on about how it's not a
healthy environment and there are drugs and other temptations. T.C. says she should have more faith in their daughter and
how she was raised. He adds that it's a fund-raising event for the hospital, which surprises Eve. Liz says innocently
that she was thinking of Eve when she arranged it. Eve replies, "I'll just bet you were". T.C. points out that it will
look bad if Eve doesn't show up. Eve says she didn't go through medical school so that her daughter could work in a bar,
singing to drunks at 2 am. T.C. tells Eve that Whitney needs their support. Eve refuses to go. T.C. says he's going
anyway. As he leaves, Liz taunts Eve that all of her lies are destroying her family.

Whitney and Chad listen to her recorded singing at the music studio. Fox and Theresa visit. Theresa notices that Whitney
looks upset, so Whitney shares that she caught Eve in Julian's arms again. They discuss it, and Rebecca going after
custody of Little Ethan. Theresa apologizes for not being able to see Whitney's singing debut; she has to help her mom
with the packing. They hug. Fox and Theresa wish Whitney luck and then leave. Whitney is a little nervous so Chad
assures her that she will be fine. She wishes she could stop thinking about her mom. She finishes up singing; Chad tells
her how great she is and says they will love her tonight. He wants her to try a song but she says she's not in the mood
for an upbeat one. She picks a sad one instead and sings it. Chad tells her how amazing she is and can't believe she
spent her whole life ignoring her talent. Whitney blames Eve for that and gets angry all over again. Chad wonders if Eve
wouldn't be proud to hear her sing tonight. He suggests calling her to invite her, so Whitney reluctantly nods. She has a
flashback to her argument with Eve and then tells Chad to forget it. They bicker about it; she reminds him that last time
Eve heard her sing, she dragged her off stage.

Sheridan stops Antonio from hitting Luis as Luis gets up from the floor. Antonio accuses Luis of going after his wife
behind his back. Antonio orders him out. Sheridan asks them not to fight, but Antonio grabs Luis, so Luis punches him and
they start fighting as she yells. They tear up the place while Sheridan screams at Antonio to stop. Finally he does when
she tells him about his mother losing the house. She explains what happened and why Luis was there. Antonio apologizes to
Luis. Sheridan says they have to work together to help save the house. The two brothers help clean up the mess they made
at the house. They wonder what they could do to save Pilar's house. They talk about what Rebecca and Alistair have been
doing to their family. Antonio wonders why Julian is going along with all of this; they figure that Rebecca must have
something on him. Sheridan wishes again that she could have helped. Luis starts up again about how Alistair brainwashed
Sheridan into choosing Antonio instead of him. Antonio gets angry and tells Luis he's had it with that talk; he orders him
out of his house. Sheridan tries to stop them again. Antonio says he wants Luis to accept that she chose him. Luis says
he'll never accept them being together. He talks again about Alistair brain-washing her. They keep arguing. Sheridan
tells him that Antonio is right and that he has to accept that she's already with the man that she loves. She and Luis
argue about it again. She finally orders him to leave, so he does. Sheridan and Antonio hug; she feels bad for Luis.
Luis watches them from outside. They discuss it...Antonio talks about how Luis has to accept them being together.
Sheridan also feels bad about the others losing their home. He says that she did all she could.

Outside, Luis asks God why he took Sheridan away from him. He yells at God to answer him as the wind blows around.

Rebecca puts on moisturizer as she finishes getting ready to go out. Julian comes in and asks where they're going. She
says they are going to a benefit for the hospital; she tells him to get dressed. He tries to get out of it, but she
threatens him again, so he goes to get dressed. She talks to herself, saying that he will have a hemorrhage when he finds
out where they're going. She gets dressed and asks him how she looks; he doesn't look at her when she says she looks
"dazzling as usual". He asks where the benefit it, so she shows him the flyer for Liz's club. He gets angry and blames
her, but she swears she had nothing to do with it. She makes catty comments about Eve as she once again blackmails Julian
into going.

At home, Pilar packs up her stuff. Fox and Theresa come in. Theresa blames herself again, but they tell her not to. She
wishes she'd had Julian sign something, but Pilar says it's not Julian's fault, it's Rebecca. Theresa blames herself again
and says she's been acting stupid. Pilar looks at a picture that they took right after the moved into their new home.
Theresa reminds her about Luis

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