Passions Update Tuesday 3/2/04

Passions Update Tuesday 3/2/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Ethan talks to Woody on the phone about his progress. Woody is confident that Ethan's money will make people talk. Rebecca comes up and is suspicious that he's been helping Theresa. She asks him right out if he has and who he was talking to. Ethan calls her obsessed with Theresa. Rebecca says that Theresa is the one who's obsessed, and Gwen has been the victim. She rants and raves about Theresa for a few seconds, then Gwen comes in with Little Ethan. He runs up and gives Ethan a hug, and they go into the other room to play with his toys. Rebecca and Gwen are happy to see them bonding and look forward to the adoption. Rebecca says her latest bomb should be dropping right now. Gwen wonders what it is, but Rebecca says she'll find out later. She asks Gwen to help her out by asking Rebecca to watch Little Ethan for a minute while she talks to Ethan. Gwen does so. Rebecca pretends like it's a big imposition but she agrees. Gwen and Ethan go out into the hallway. She starts to tell him how happy she is about the adoption papers, but he says Little Ethan about to topple a lamp, so he runs back in to stop it from falling. Ethan asks Rebecca to keep a better eye on him. Rebecca wants to get a video, but Ethan suggests something more interactive or educational like a book or puzzle. Rebecca, exasperated, says she will look for a book. Little Ethan goes over to Rebecca and says he's hungry, so she gives him a bowl of candy. Gwen and Ethan are still talking so they don't notice. Rebecca goes to get a DVD and puts it in. Ethan stops the DVD as soon as she puts it on because it's a horror movie. He asks if she's nuts and says it will give him nightmares. Rebecca says that since he lives in Harmony, he might as well get used to that sort of thing. Ethan notices the bowl of candy and takes it away from Little Ethan. Ethan says if she wants to have custody of Little Ethan, she has to take care of him. Rebecca pretends she has the attitude that the nannies or maids should be taking care of Little Ethan, not her. Ethan says he will get Little Ethan a healthy snack and then he suggests that he and Gwen take Little Ethan to the park for an outing. Little Ethan is happy to hear about building a snowman. While Ethan goes to the kitchen, Rebecca tells Gwen that this is her plan to get Ethan to come up with the idea to adopt Little Ethan.

Theresa very excitedly talks to Fox about her hopes that Woody would be able to help her prove that Rebecca is abusing Little Ethan. Fox doesn't think that the servants will blab. Woody drops by so Theresa asks if he has any news. Before he can ask, there is a knock at the door. Theresa is served with papers. Wood reads them; he tells her that Rebecca is suing her for full custody of Little Ethan. Theresa gets upset. She wants to go kill Rebecca. Woody and Fox tell her not to do anything rash. Woody leaves, saying he is going to go do some research and figure out what to do next.

Theresa and Fox walk in the park; she talks about how much she misses Little Ethan and can't bear the thought of losing him forever. He thinks she should try to get her mind off her problems. They see Ethan, Gwen, and Little Ethan building a snowman together, so that upsets Theresa more. She wants to go talk to them, but Fox thinks that's a bad idea. She agrees; she says she can't stand not being with him. They watch the happy scene. Rebecca watches from nearby.

Antonio and Beth meet up at the book cafe; they talk about Luis and Sheridan. Antonio is worried about Luis's attitude and says he needs to back off or he will find a way to get rid of him permanently. Antonio expresses sympathy to Beth about the way Luis has treated her. Beth can't understand why Luis can't move on, either. Antonio plans to make Luis see the truth. He goes to make a phone call. Beth talks to herself, saying she tried everything she can to take Luis' mind off Sheridan, but she doesn't think anything will work.

Luis phones Sheridan on her cell, saying that maybe it was a mistake to ask her for the money for his family. She assures him that it was the right thing to do and she plans to get the money any minute now from the bank president. She tells him how good it will make her feel to help him and his family. He thanks her and then she hangs up. The bank president comes in and welcomes her. He compliments her. She gives him a piece of paper with an amount that she wants to use for withdrawal. He says it's a lot, but not for a Crane. He goes to the computer and pushes some keys. He looks confounded and then he tells her that he's got bad news. He says that all of her accounts are frozen. Sheridan is shocked and asks, "How? Why?" Alistair walks in and says it's to protect her from doing something foolish with her money, like giving it to Luis. The bank president excuses himself so they can be alone. Alistair says he won't let her give a dime to the Lopez-Fitgeralds. Sheridan argues with Alistair about it. Alistair pretends that he thinks Luis is trying to extort money from her. When she objects, he wonders if she is beginning to think she picked the wrong brother. Sheridan speaks passionately about how she doesn't want the Lopez-Fitzgerald family to lose their home. Sheridan yells at him but it doesn't help the situation. He tells her that her accounts will remain frozen until she can prove that she's of sound mind.

Sheridan goes back to Luis to tell him what happened. Luis is upset, asking what else that man will do to his family. He tells her that he appreciates what she tried to do. Luis wants to concentrate on what he's going to do to keep his family's house, rather than on Alistair. But he says "Damn him...Damn him to hell".

Alistair finds Antonio and tells him that he's concerned about what Luis is doing. He says that Luis will not leave Sheridan alone and pretends to be outraged. Antonio replies that he doesn't know what to do. Alistair says that Luis is with Sheridan at her cottage right now. Antonio gets angry and leaves. Alistair is happy with himself for what he just did. Alistair goes to the Coffee place where Beth works. He orders a coffee from Beth and tells her he wants to celebrate over what he just did. Beth worries that Luis or Antonio might die. Alistair is not unhappy at that possibility, but he says that's not what he has planned. He wants Luis and Beth to get together. She is cheered on by that idea. Alistairturns on a device that is allowing him to spy on the cottage.

Sheridan feels bad that she left Luis down. They hug. Antonio watches them through the window and vows to destroy Luis. Antonio goes in and punches Luis.

Chad talks to Liz about how Eve has been acting about music to Whitney. Liz pretends she knows nothing. Liz talks to her herself, hoping that Whitney has caught Eve in the act with Julian outside.

Whitney sees Eve and Julian together, so she calls her a whore again. Liz and Chad run out so Whitney tells them that she found Eve with Julian again. Whitney lets Eve know that it was Liz's idea for her to come out. Meanwhile, Julian and Liz bicker about her revenge against Eve. He suggests that she needs a psychiatrist. Liz goes back and pretends to be the good friend to Whitney. Eve accuses Liz of wanting to hurt her, so Liz puts on an innocent act and asks why she would want to do that. Whitney wants to know, too. Eve says she was just taking her frustration out on Liz. Whitney and Eve keep arguing about Eve's "betrayal". Whitney tells her again that she is going to sing no matter what Eve says. She asks Liz if she will hire her full time to sing at the club. Eve tries to reason with her and tell her how much she loves her, but Whitney doesn't want to hear it. Liz taunts Eve after Whitney and Chad have gone back inside, that she won't be able to change Whitney's mind without telling her the truth. After Liz also goes inside, Julian tells Eve that she should tell Whitney the truth. Eve doesn't agree; she thinks she will lose whitney forever if she tells her what happened.

Eve goes back in and tells Whitney that it's not the singing she objects to, but the bars and all of the sleazy lowlifes that hang out in them. Chad tells her that it doesn't have to be that way. Whitney tells her that she's a strong person and won't succumb to any temptations. Liz turns the knife by pointing out that Whitney is strong, just like Eve, and Eve has never been involved with drug, alcohol, or prostitution. She says only a depraved person would do that and drugs will never be allowed in her club. She says she will be there to help Whitney, in case anything does happen. Whitney tries to reason with Eve and says that Eve should have a little faith in how she raised her. As Whitney says that it's not going to happen, Eve has flashbacks to her terrible past. Eve gets upset and tears up the poster that has a picture of Whitney as the singer in the club. She screams that she will not allow this and she forbids it. Whitney and Chad look at her like she's crazy. Julian looks sad and pitying. Eve tells Whitney she should just go home and get her life back to tennis. Whitney asks her what about what she wants and says that she is a grown woman who can do what she wants. Liz tells Whitney that she will hire Whitney full time. Eve screams, "No!"

Chad and Whitney leave the Blue Note. She is griping about her mother. Chad worries about her relationship with her mother. He suggests that Whitney go back in and try to work it out with Eve. She refuse to do and asks if he will take her back to the recording studio. Reluctantly, he does. Liz talks to herself again, outside the club, saying that Eve's entire life is about to be destroyed. Inside, Julian comforts Eve. He suggests they should go tell Whitney the truth, but she still won't. Eve hopes that everything will work out alright.

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