Passions Update Monday 3/1/04

Passions Update Monday 3/1/04

By Anna & Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Luis goes over to Sheridanís cottage, and she opens the door thinking that he is Antonio and that he had forgotten something. They stand outside awkwardly for a minute, and then she asks him to come inside. Sheridan can tell that something is wrong, so she asks him. Luis is trying hard to come up with the words for what he wants to ask Sheridan. He finally tells her that he has made his way his whole life, that the only thing he ever asked for was for God to bring her back to him, that he did, and then he lost her anyway. Sheridan believes that Luis is still upset over her choosing Antonio over him. Luis tells her as much as he hates the fact that she is with Antonio and not with him, that isnít why he came over. He says that he needs a favor, because his entire family is suddenly out of work. Sheridan tells Luis that she canít believe that Rebecca would hurt his entire family just to get even with Theresa. Luis points out to Sheridan that Rebecca blames Theresa for the loss of Gwenís baby. Sheridan says she will talk to Julian, but Luis stops her, saying he is probably being coerced into doing this. She mentions that it will be difficult for them to survive just on his police salary, and he finally tells Sheridan that he has been suspended from the force. She can't believe Sam would be unfair, so he tells her that he shot off his gun in the hospital. She asks why, very shocked. He doesn't want to tell her but finally admits that it was because she was in the hospital and he thought she was in danger, so he thought off the lock to the cell door. She is overwhelmed that he did this for her. He says he would do it again. He tells her about the eviction notice and the lien on the house, and asks her for the money. She asks how much and says that she will pay it. She says he is family, since she's married to his brother. He is all too aware of that relationship and says that it's not a handout; he intends to pay back every penny. She hugs him and assures him that it's no problem. She says she'll just go to the bank and get the money. She puts on her coat and heads out the door as he watches her.

Pilar tells Theresa that she hopes Sheridan will loan them the money. Ethan tells Pilar and Theresa that he is sure Sheridan will loan them the money because after all, Pilar is a second mother to her, and they are family. Pilar canít believe that they may lose their home. Theresa than tells her that they need for either Julian or Ethan to stand up to Rebecca. After this, Pilar asks Theresa if she is truly over Ethan. Theresa firmly says that she is over him, and that is why she didnít tell him about seeing Rebecca hitting Little Ethan in the nursery; she believes that Ethan would just run back and tell Rebecca to protect her. Pilar tells Theresa that her life has been entwined with the Cranes ever since Ivy married Julian twenty-five years ago. She says that she knows Julian and Allister had something to do with Martinís disappearance and because of that she had to send her daughter Paloma to live with her aunt Maria because she couldnít afford to raise all of her children. She rehashes all of the relationships that their family has had with the Cranes and then swears, "Damn them! Damn them all to hell!" Theresa reminds her that Sheridan is not like the other Cranes, so Pilar quickly agrees. She does admit that Sheridan has been responsible for a lot of pain for Luis and Antonio, even though she knows it's not her fault.

At the Cranes, Rebecca tells Gwen that Little Ethan will be her adopted son very soon. Gwen tells her mother that she thinks it is awful what Theresaís family is through. Gwen then says that she canít wait for Little Ethan to be her son. Fox walks in. Gwen and Rebecca tell Fox that Ethan and Gwen are planning to adopt. They tell him this while Gwen is holding a picture of Little Ethan against her shirt. Fox wants to see the picture of his new niece or nephew, but they tell him that they donít want to jinx it in order to hide the fact that they are planning on adopting Little Ethan.

Ethan meets up with Woody (Theresa's lawyer) and asks how he is coming with Theresaís case. Woody tells Ethan that he is having trouble finding a just cause why Little Ethan should be in the care of Theresa rather than the Cranes. Ethan then tells Woody that Theresa thinks she heard Rebecca abusing Little Ethan while she was staying at the Crane Mansion after her fall. He tells Woody to go ask Theresa and get as much information as he need and hands him some money to persuade the servants to tell him what they know.

As Fox is leaving the Crane Mansion, he runs into Ethan and tells him congratulations on adopting the new baby. Ethan says thanks and that he didnít know that they were already telling people. They chat about the adoption for a few seconds. Fox tells Ethan that he is going to go check on Theresa to see how she is doing after her fall. Ethan tells him it might not be a good idea to go over right away. He reluctantly fills him in that he just gave them an eviction notice on the pretense that Rebecca wanted to build a park in Harmony. Fox wonders aloud to Ethan how someone who is as sweet as Gwen could have such an evil mother.

Gwen thanks Rebecca for everything she has done to destroy Theresa. Rebecca goes to get champagne to celebrate. Ethan comes in and tells them about serving the eviction papers. Rebecca is gleeful as usual. He tells them that the Lopez-Fitzgeralds are not going to give up without a fight, but Rebecca scoffs at that. She says that Theresa's suffering is just beginning. Ethan shows them that he picked up adoption papers. They hug and Gwen says she can't wait to adopt. Gwen and Rebecca are very excited.

At the Blue Note, Eve yells at Whitney to get off of the stage. When Whitney refuses to do so, Eve grabs her arm. Still refusing to leave, Whitney tells her mother she will never tell her what to do. Spying on what is happening between Eve and Whitney, Liz tells Julian that she wants a front row seat for this and that she wonders if Eve will finally fess up to the real reason she doesnít want Whitney to sing. Chad asks Whitney if she is okay. Whitney tells Eve that she has some nerve and asks her mother what is so wrong with singing and why she is against it so much. She asks Eve, why is it ok for her to play tennis in front of an audience, but it isnít ok for her to sing in front of one. Liz continues to wonder if Eve will tell Whitney the truth about her past. Eve tells Whitney that she doesnít have an issue with singing, just what it can lead to drugs. Whitney tells her mother that if she never used drugs to enhance her career as a tennis star, and she never did, why would she get involved with drugs now? Whitney refuses to leave with Eve and calls her mother a lying, two-timing whore. Eve slaps her in the face. Whitney is shocked; Eve starts to apologize, but Whitney tells her to get out of her sight. Eve tells Whitney that she doesnít know what came over her, but Whitney refuses to talk to her and accept her motherís apology. Chad steps in the middle and tells Eve that both she and Whitney need to cool down.

Liz says that Eve's true colors are coming out. Eve begs Whitney's forgiveness but Whitney just tells her to go away. Chad insists that Eve leave. Eve says she loves Whitney so much and leaves, sobbing. Julian consoles Eve and says that she can discuss it with Whitney when she calms down. Eve doesn't think that will be possible. He points out that she can't let Liz win. She cries in his ams. Inside, Chad urges Whitney not to turn her back on her mother. She should sing because she wants to, not out of revenge against her mom. Chad compares her to Simone and suggests she not act that way. He says to go her mother, so Liz comes over and agrees, saying she is right outside. Whitney goes out and sees Eve in Julian's arm.

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