Passions Update Friday 2/27/04

Passions Update Friday  2/27/04

By Suzanne
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Whitney sings at The Blue Note while Chad sits nearby working the sound and watching her (there's no musicians so Chad must be playing karaoke! LOL). Liz watches, smiling, laughing to herself how upset Eve will be to see Whitney singing. Liz has a fantasy about Whitney singing a sexy song while seedy customers yell obscene things at her, and Eve coming in to get upset at everything. A sleazy guy gives Whitney drugs at the end of her song. Liz wishes she could hurt Eve without
hurting Whitney but she knows this will cause her the deepest pain. (Good thing they always over-act during the fantasies so we can always tell the difference between reality and fantasies) Liz praises Whitney's singing and says that it's too
bad it took so long for Whitney to get into singing instead of tennis. They discuss her parents' attitudes. Liz makes a phone call to Eve.

Eve works at the hospital, but all she can think about is Whitney being mad at her. She has a flashback to someone offering her drugs and says she can't let that happen to her daughter. A drugged-up patient comes in, ranting and raving at the
restraints. They remove the restraints so Eve can examine her. The woman is angry as well as high. She screams for them to let her go home, but the nurse says she is homeless. The drugged-out woman yells for the cops. Eve tries to find out
what she took, but the woman won't answer and keeps fighting. The nurse tries to take a blood sample, but the woman overpowers the nurse and knocks her on the floor, then she comes after Eve with the hypo. Julian comes in to grab the
woman and save Eve. The nurse sedates the woman while Julian holds on to her. They put her up on the gurney. (Hey, good idea to sedate a druggie when you don't know what is already in her system....) Eve chats to Julian about being on drugs.
Julian feels guilty for introducing Eve to that world. She says she shouldn't have had anything to do with music. Julian says that there is a big difference between singing and doing drugs. (Yay for Julian!) Eve worries about Whitney falling
into that same world.

Liz phones Eve to ask her to drop by her club for a few minutes. Eve is surprised that the club has been rebuilt so fast. Eve has no interest in coming by but Liz tells her that it'll be a big mistake if she doesn't come, and not to say if she didn't warn her. Eve doesn't want to play games, so Liz tells her that she'll tell Whitney that her mother has no time for her. Liz hangs up. Eve is upset, as usual. She tells Julian about the call. He offers to go with her but she doesn't want Whitney to see him. He refuses to let her go alone. Liz asks Whitney to sing again so she can check the sound. She
thanks Whitney for opening for her tonight. Eve and Julian arrive at the club; Liz gives them a hard time for being together. Eve wants to know why she called her there. Liz informs her that Whitney is her opening act. Eve is shocked to see Whitney singing on the stage.

The Lopez-Fitzgeralds yell at Ethan for serving them with eviction papers. Ethan says this wasn't his idea. Theresa says that someone is out to destroy them. Ethan says it was Rebecca's idea. Rebecca lurks at the door, laughing at Theresa's
pain. Luis keeps blaming Ethan, and Theresa agrees. Ethan says he fought Rebecca on this, but Theresa suggests that he fight harder. Pilar asks what grounds Rebecca has, so Ethan explains that Rebecca says the land belongs to the Cranes and
she wants to build a park there. Luis asks if that is true about the land. Theresa confirms that it is. Luis asks Ethan if he can help, being an attorney. Ethan says all they can do is pay the Cranes. Theresa says the house costs a fortune
so there's no way they can pay for it. Theresa rants and raves about how unfair this all is. She gets to the point where she says that Gwen brought her problems all on herself for attacking her in L.A. Ethan tries to figure out ways they might get the house. He suggests a loan, but they tell him that that they lost their jobs, except for Theresa, who is working for Beth. But of course, Beth phones to say that Theresa is fired, too. Theresa says the Cranes own the Book Cafe so they insisted that she be fired. Theresa blames herself for bringing the Cranes' wrath on her family. Ethan wants to help but doesn't know how he can help, since he's no longer a Crane. Theresa asks him to speak to Gwen, but Ethan can't right now because of the way she feels about Theresa. Theresa tells Ethan the details about her fight with Gwen the other day.
Ethan points out that Theresa made things worse by saying that it was God's will that Gwen lost the baby. Pilar chews her out in Spanish. Ethan knows that Theresa means well, even though she can say hurtful things. Theresa grips about Theresa
and Rebecca. Luis thinks he should ask Sheridan for the money. Pilar thinks that's a bad idea because of Antonio, but he says he's just going to ask for a favor. After he leaves, Theresa hopes to Pilar that things will work out with Sheridan. Pilar and Theresa hug as Ethan stands there feeling helpless.

Antonio and Sheridan talk about how much they love each other, etc. (Gag!) Sheridan hopes that Luis will be happy one day, too. She worries about how much they hurt him. Antonio says Luis did it to himself. He will never forgive Luis for trying to ruin their marriage. Sheridan doesn't want him to be so hard on Luis. She tries hard to convince him to reconcile with his brother. Sheridan reassures Antonio that she loves him and blames herself for hurting him. He doesn't blame her, only Luis. She pledges to make it up to him. They kiss and then there is a knock on the door.

Alistair visits Dr. Ackland. Ackland doesn't want any more to do with Alistair. Alistair wants Ackland to find out if Sheridan has gotten any of her feelings for Luis back. Ackland suggests that Alistair find out himself, but Alistair says they are not close (that's an understatement, LOL!). He threatens Ackland into doing his dirty work. Ackland, annoyed, leaves to visit Sheridan.

Dr. Ackland visits to see how Sheridan is doing. Antonio is not pleased to see him. Ackland asks him some questions about Sheridan's health. Antonio reluctantly lets him in to see Sheridan. Alistair lurks outside. Sheridan jumps up in fright when she sees Dr. Ackland and then apologizes for her reaction. Ackland says he just wanted to make sure that she is getting on okay. He asks her some questions but she is clearly afraid of him. Ackland asks her to set up a follow-up appointment. Antonio reminds him that Dr. Russell is her doctor now, but Ackland would still rather do the follow-up. He leaves. Alistair congratulates him and say that Sheridan will live to see another day. Ackland tells him about the follow-up appointment; he hopes that he can stop Sheridan from remembering her love for Luis.

Rebecca goes back home. Gwen is playing with Little Ethan; they send him to do something in his room. Rebecca praises Gwen for bonding with Little Ethan. Gwen is happy to do it because she loves him so much. They cackle about how well
their plan is working. Gwen tells Rebecca that she had a dream about Little Ethan being her son. They are happy; Rebecca is especially happy to get revenge on Theresa. Gwen is not as into revenge as Rebecca is. Rebecca tells Gwen how Theresa acted when she found out about the eviction. She talks about how she is making Theresa think she is abusing Little Ethan. She is gleeful at the prospect of her next trick. Gwen worries but is happy to hear that Theresa will be punished. Gwen
has a flashback to some of the things Theresa said to her the other day about God punishing her. They talk about how Theresa brought this on all herself. Little Ethan calls "Aunt Gwen" from the other room, which makes her happy.

Antonio and Sheridan go back to their snuggling. He goes out to get them Chinese take out. Right after he leaves, Luis shows up.

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