Passions Update Thursday 2/26/04

Passions Update Thursday 2/26/04

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Whitney continues to lay down the track for the song that Chad wrote. They talk about her demo and Chad asks her if she really wants to give up tennis.

Eve and Liz talk. Liz asks about drugs and Julian and says how Whitney keeps on catching Eve and Julian together and that it is only a matter of time before Whitney tells TC everything.

Gwen tells Rebecca that she talked to Ethan and told him it took a long time to adopt a child then she had Little Ethan brought down so that they could play. Rebecca tells Gwen that she got Miguel and Pilar fired and got Luis suspended without pay.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald family talks about getting fired and they realize that Rebecca or Alister is probably behind it. Miguel is worried that they will lose everything because they wonít be able to get jobs

Back at the studio, Chad wants Whitney to be honest with herself. He doesnít want her to sing to get even with her mother. She says that she always wanted to be a singer that she used to practice with a hair brush in front of the mirror. And how if her father wasnít so adamant about tennis and her mother so against singing, that she would have done that instead.

Back at the Russellís, Eve asks Liz if Whitney is inside telling TC and after some threats from Liz, goes inside to talk to TC. After Eve goes inside, Liz talks to herself about how she has an idea to get revenge on Eve.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald home, Miguel offers to drop out of college to help out the family, but everyone else refuses to let him do that. He is going to be the first Lopez-Fitzgerald to graduate from college. Miguel also feels guilty about adding extra pressure on his family because he had gotten Kay pregnant. Pilar tells him to go see Kay and Maria. Luis talks about getting a job at a friendís security company and goes to call him. Theresa decides to check in on little Ethan via the internet hookup Fox gave her for Christmas. When she tunes in, it looks like Little Ethan is napping and then Theresa sees Rebecca come in and yell and hit Little Ethan, telling him to get up and go get some more fire wood.

At the Crane Mansion, we learn that the person in Little Ethanís room was a circus performer Rebecca had hired to make it look like she was abusing Little Ethan. They talk in the hall for awhile about old times and hit on each other. After he leaves Rebecca goes back into Little Ethanís room and starts to complain about how messy it is in there. She then pretends to see the camera for the first time, and acts confused. She wonders who would put a camera in there Alister, no Theresa. She then tells Theresa that she hopes she saw what happened, because it will only get much worse and that there is nothing that she can do about it.

Miguel goes to see Maria, but Kay just put her down for a nap. He tells her about being fired from the cannery and he feels he has let down her and Maria. Kay tells him he is a wonderful father, and that as long as they stick together everything will be fine.

Back at the Lopez-Fitzgeraldís, Theresa tells Pilar about seeing Rebecca hitting and yelling at Little Ethan. Pilar tells her to call Child Protective Services and have them go over and check on Little Ethan. She also comments that she should have buried Rebecca alive when she had the chance. Pilar asks Luis if his friend had any work, but he told Luis to check back in about a month. Pilar mentions that at least Theresa still has her job at the Book Cafť.

Back at the Crane Mansion, Rebecca asks Gwen to take Little Ethan to the nursery so that she can talk to Ethan. Rebecca tells Ethan she wants to knock down a house on Crane Property in order to put a park up. She says that there are squatters living there and she wants them evicted. Ethan realizes that it is Pilarís house. Rebecca tells him she wants them thrown out immediately.

Back at the recording studio, Whitney is singing once again when Liz comes in. Liz tells Whitney that she is amazing. She also wants Whitney and Chad to help her with something at the Blue Note, so the three of them decide to head over there.

Back at the Russellís TC tells Eve that he saw her and Liz talking outside. He also tells Eve that he has gone online to try to find a reason for Whitney to be acting like she is, if she isnít on drugs. He said he found something that says when a person is betrayed or let down by someone they admire and love it can cause them to lash out. He tells Eve, I think you know who that person is.

Back at the Crane mansion, Rebecca tells Ethan that because Theresa signed the check Mrs. Julian Crane, unless they can pay off the house, they will have to be evicted. Ethan refuses to evict the Lopez-Fitzgerald family. Rebecca then threatens to fire him for being negligent then tell Gwen the reason is because he picked Theresa over her. She then talks about how because of Theresa throwing herself at him in LA, Gwen is barren. Ethan tells her that, that is his fault as well. Gwen walks in with Little Ethan and asks them whatís going on.

At Tabithaís house, Kay brings Miguel some tea. He tells her he doesnít know what to do. Kay offers to get a job at first he says no, that she doesnít have time with Maria. Kay then tells Miguel that he can take care of Maria there while she works. Miguel then tells Kay that he had never thought of her as a person that he could lean on. Tabitha, who has been hiding around the corner, says that Kay is that much closer to becoming Mrs. Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald.

At the Crane mansion, Rebecca tells Gwen that she and Ethan were discussing something. Rebecca then privately tells Gwen that Ethan is going to be evicting the Lopez-Fitzgeraldís and Gwen is shocked.

At the Russell home, TC says he believes that Chad is the one who let Whitney down. He talks about how she had gone to LA, with the man she loved to record music and she got shot by the manís wife because of it. He also thinks that because of this Whitney doesnít believe she measure up to her motherís perfection. Eve asks TC not to think that she is so perfect. Eve also mentions that it is a good thing that Whitney realized that singing is not what she wants. Eve tells TC that they can not let her get back into the music business.

As they arrive at the Blue Note, Whitney tells Liz that the place looks amazing. Liz tells them that because Julian admitted to accidentally starting the fire, he held back nothing in restoring the Blue Note. At the mention of Julianís name, Whitney asked if they could change the subject. Whitney and Chad ask what she needs help with. Liz tells them that she is looking for a full time employee and would love for Whitney to do it. Whitney thinking that it is a job of a waitress says she guesses she could do that. Then Liz tells her she wants to hire her as a singer. Whitney is shocked by this.

Theresa is on the phone with Child Protective Services, but they hang up on her. She says that they sent someone over to the Cranes and no one saw anything wrong. Luis who has been figuring out a budget says that they will have enough money to pay next months mortgage, but everything else will have to wait. They are talking about being thankful for their home, when Ethan comes over. Rebecca has also come over in order to snoop and see their reactions.

At the Blue Note, Chad tells Whitney to go for it. She is unsure of what to sing. Chad tells her she knows plenty of songs, and that he will write more. Liz tells Whitney that Eve will probably be furious and Whitney says she doesnít care and would love to sing there.

Maria wakes up from her nap and Kay goes to feed her, but Miguel says that he will do it, because he had to start taking care of Maria if Kay was going to get a job. Tabitha comes in and she and Kay talk about how Kay and Miguel are getting so close, because Miguel had gone to Kay with his problems.

Back at the Lopez-Fitzgerald home, Luis asks Ethan whatís going on and Theresa wants to know if it has something to do with Little Ethan. Ethan hands them an eviction notice.

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