Passions Update Wednesday 2/25/04

Passions Update Wednesday 2/25/04

By Anna and Suzanne
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Pilar's boss at the cannery, Carlos, compliments her and Miguel on their work (in an oily way) and offers to give some extra cans of fish to Pilar and Miguel.  Pilar is grateful for his generosity, but Miguel is upset over the act of charity.   He complains about their jobs and what has happened to Charity.  He tells his mother that he can't think of anything to be grateful for.

When Luis shows up to work at the police station, he talks to Sam about Sheridan and her visit.  Sam asks him some questions but then says that he has some more bad news for him.  He tells Luis that he has been suspended without pay because of shooting off his gun in the hospital. Luis argues about it but Sam says he had no choice because the hospital complained to the mayor, who called him in personally to insist that Luis be suspended.

Theresa has a flashback to hearing Rebecca yell at little Ethan and slap him.  Miguel and Pilar go home to find her distraught.  She tells them about how she fears that Rebecca is abusing her child.   Luis also comes home and tells them about losing his job.  All of the Lopez-Fitzgerald children are really depressed at the way their lives have been going, and they have a hard time seeing the silver lining that Pilar is telling them to look for. They are hard pressed to figure out a way to pay the bills without Luis's income. Pilar tells them about how lucky they are, and why, to have the cannery jobs, and to have Antonio back.  After awhile, they do see the silver lining a bit because they have each other and their home, and a lot of fish to eat.   They even manage to laugh about it.  Pilar says they can work it out, which reminds Luis of the Beatles song.  Miguel and Theresa tease him about his old-fashioned taste in music, but he takes a Beatles CD out and plays it.  They all dance and laugh.

Gwen and Rebecca continue to plot their revenge on Theresa. Gwen's conscience begins to come into play when she learns her mother wants to hurt the other Lopez-Fitzgeralds as well as Theresa. After much persistence, Rebecca is able to convince Gwen that their plan is necessary because they will side with Theresa.  Gwen realizes that if Ethan ever found out that she was involved in this scheme that he would leave her.   Rebecca tells her she would make sure he would never find out because he will be to busy playing with Little Ethan. When Julian comes in, Rebecca hands him some legal papers to sign. At first he refuses to hurt the Lopez-Fitzgerald family in that way, but Rebecca tells him to sign it or she will tell TC about him and Eve.

 Eve is upset over how things with Whitney are going (she is crying a lot) and tries to compose herself in her car while pulled over at a rest stop. Ethan stops to see what is wrong, and she tells him that she is upset because of a patient.   Meanwhile, Julian wonders if he should phone Eve to see how she's doing, but debates it because he's worried about T.C. answering.  He decides to call Eve's cell phone to see how she is doing and they talk about whether to tell Whitney the entire truth about their son or not. Eve says that she has to much to lose. When Ethan goes home, Gwen wonders why he's late.  He tells them about finding Eve crying at a rest stop, he thinks its because she lost a patient. Julian, nearby with Rebecca, hears that information.  He signs the papers and tells Rebecca she is a despicable bitch and he regrets marrying her.  As Eve is crying in her car, Julian hands her a handkerchief and comes in and sits with her. An upset Eve cries on his shoulder.  He consoles her as best he can about Whitney.  He keeps urging her to tell Whitney the truth.  She suddenly realizes that she Whitney will understand if she tells her the truth.

Meanwhile, Chad and Whitney have a conversation about her singing career and tennis. She says that she is so upset about her mother that she can't even get through a game. She is still dithering about whether she should tell T.C. about Julian or not.  Chad talks Whitney into recording a demo right their in Harmony. Whitney admits that deep down she has always wanted to sing.  He starts the music so she can record a track.  After she sings, he tells her how great voice sounds.  He wonders if all of the pain she's had to endure lately have made her put more feeling into the music.  He apologizes for hurting her, but she assures him that they're past that.  She tells him that she's upset about her parents, not him.  He swears that she will never lie to their kids that way.  Chad is happy to hear her mention them having a future together and tells her how much it means to him.  They kiss and talk about their future children.

Rebecca goes to the cannery. She makes comments about the smell and then finds Carlos.  She wants his help to destroy the Lopez-Fitzgerald family.  Rebecca takes Carlos in her limousine; she spies on the Lopez-Fitzgeralds.  She is surprised to see them dancing but is unfazed, saying that their happiness won't last long.  Carlos is reluctant to do what Rebecca wants him to do, but she threatens to take his job if he doesn't.  She kicks him out of the limo.  Pilar opens the door to Carlos after he rings the doorbell.  Rebecca watches eagerly from the car with her binoculars.  Carlos tells them that he is really sorry, but they are both fired.

Ethan researches adoption on the internet.  He tells Gwen what a difficult process it is and how hard it is to get a newborn.  Gwen suggests that they consider adopting a child who's slightly older.  She worries that they might not bond with an older boy.  He says it would just take time.  Little Ethan comes running in to tell Ethan about his snowman.  Gwen smiles and thinks to herself that Ethan has already bonded with a child.

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