Passions Update Tuesday 2/24/04

Passions Update Tuesday 2/24/04

By Anna
Pictures by Juanita

At the Russell's, TC continues to yell at Whitney for the tone of voice she has been using with her mother and continues to blame everything on her relationship with Chad. Whitney told her mother that she would never tell her how to live her life. During this both Simone and Liz came in. Whitney keeps on insinuating to her father that Eve isn't the woman that he thinks she is, much to Liz's delight. TC realizes that this all started the night that he and Liz had found Eve's car hidden outside of the Crane Mansion, and says that he finally understands what this is all about. Thinking that he has, Whitney tries to comfort her father, but TC has it all wrong and believes that Whitney has been doing drugs, because of the way that she has been acting towards Eve lately. Simone can't believe that Chad would do drugs and is upset to learn that Whitney and Chad are dating again. Whitney tries to explain to her father that she isn't on drugs and that Chad isn't using either, but he continues on his tirade. TC finally asks Whitney to explain why she is so mad at her mother, if it isn't drugs. As Whitney is trying to find the words the telephone rings. There is an emergency at the hospital and Eve has to go. At first Whitney wants to tell her father, but he makes her wait, saying that he wants Eve to be there with them when Whitney accuses her of whatever it is she has to say. Outside, Eve tries to regain her composure as Whitney comes outside. Whitney tells her that it would hurt her to bring TC pain, but it is breaking her heart to have to keep her mothers secrets.

Antonio and Sheridan are both grateful that she is back at home. Antonio tells Sheridan that he has to run a few errands and wants to know if she wants to go with him, but she decides she would rather stay at home and relax. Sheridan tells Antonio that his mother has left several messages for him, and he is forced to tell Sheridan about his mother supporting Luis instead of him, and that he wants nothing to do with any of his family. Thinking that she is to blame for the mess with his family, Sheridan decides to go over to the Lopez-Fitzgerald's to talk to Pilar. When she gets there Luis opens the door wearing only a towel. Which seems to affect her slightly. At first Luis thinks Sheridan came to see him, but she admits she was looking for Pilar. Luis asks her to come in for just a minute and shows her a picture of the two of them together. He tells her he still believes that something happened to her in therapy to make her forget their love. He also admits that he doesn't hate Antonio, that if he were in his brothers shoes he would have fought back just as hard, no matter who it is with. Meanwhile, Antonio and Liz meet briefly on the wharf. He tells her that he and Sheridan are back together, and Liz mentions how at first she was so jealous of Sheridan, but then she realized that there could never be anything between her and Antonio. Antonio asks Liz about the man she had her eyes on a couple of months ago, and she said that it was still complicated, because the man was already involved. He then mentioned that it is a lot worse when it's someone in your own family. Liz tells Antonio that she can only imagine.

Ethan tells Gwen that they can adopt any child that she wants, and that he will call adoption agencies right away if she wishes. Gwen thinks to herself that they won't need to call any agencies, because the boys she wants to adopt is already under the same roof. Meanwhile upstairs, Rebecca begins to yell things such as "shut up you brat" and "where is Julian's belt" while slapping her arm, in order to make it sound like she is hitting little Ethan. Hearing Rebecca yelling, Theresa frantically comes out there, but by the time she gets to little Ethan's room, Rebecca is outside with the door closed. Theresa begins to hurl accusations of abuse at Rebecca. Hearing Theresa screaming Fox, Ethan, and Gwen come upstairs to find out what is going on. Fox says he heard screaming from inside the shower. They ask what happened and Theresa tells everyone that she heard Rebecca yelling at and hitting her son. and that she wants to go into his room to make sure he is ok. When they go in, Little Ethan isn't even in there, he has been outside with his nanny making a snowman. When they come in to get his mittens, Theresa asks the nanny what Rebecca was doing with Little Ethan before they went outside, at first the nanny is confused, but then she remembers that Rebecca had given him a hug. Theresa accuses of her of lying, and checks over little Ethan to make sure he isn't hurt. She then continues to yell at Rebecca, which scares little Ethan making him cry. Rebecca finally orders Theresa out of the mansion.

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