Passions Update Monday 2/23/04

Passions Update Monday 2/23/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

T.C. and Eve are in their bedroom getting dressed. He wants her to talk to Whitney about getting rid of Chad again. She
doesn't think that Whitney will listen to her. He keeps talking about how Whitney respects her. She promises to try to talk
to her. Whitney is in her room being upset about seeing Eve and Julian hugging last night at the Crane mansion. Eve knocks
and at first, Whitney doesn't respond. Eve says that she knows she's awake and if she wants to be treated like an adult, she
needs to act like one. Whitney lets Eve in. Eve wants to talk to Whitney, but Whitney doesn't want to listen to anything
she has to say. She mentions that she saw her last night with Julian. Whitney calls Eve a liar and a whore, making Eve cry.
Eve tries to tell her that it's not what she thinks, so Whitney asks her to tell her why she is always with Julian if she's
not having an affair. Eve can't bring herself to tell Whitney the truth. Whitney says she has to figure out whether to tell
T.C. or not. She tells Eve that she can never again tell her what to do, and she tells her to get out. Later, Eve phones
someone (Julian?) to pour her heart out. She is afraid to tell Whitney the truth about what happened years ago with him and
their missing son. She wonders how she made such a mess of her relationship with her daughter. Still later, Whitney finds
her parents on the couch and tells them she is going out. T.C. wants to talk about her relationship with Chad. Whitney
glares at Eve tells her that she'd better not dare do this. T.C. looks confused.

Theresa, sleeping in the Crane mansion, in Ivy's old bedroom, has a nightmare about Gwen pushing her out the window. She
wakes up and finds Fox there next to her bed to console her. She is touched to learn that he spent the whole night in the
chair so he could watch over her. He feels bad about leaving her alone to go get the car, when she had her accident. They
talk about Gwen. She still wants to help by looking up information on the net. He tells her that he consulted the doctors
at the Crane Medical Research Facility, and they verified what Gwen's doctor said. She can never have children. Theresa
grows sad to think about that, and especially for Ethan. She knows that he has always loved children and wanted to have his
own. FOX says that perhaps one day Ethan will marry someone else and have children. He hints that maybe it will be Theresa.
Theresa says that no, they are through. She can't forgive him for helping Rebecca to take her son away.

Gwen gathers up the things of Sarah's that she was saving, just in case they had another child. Ethan comes in and greets
her and Rebecca. Gwen tells him that she is giving the things to charity. He expresses his sympathy. The maid comes in and
tells him that Little Ethan has been playing on the new computer game Ethan gave him and wants to show him what he can do.
Ethan asks her to tell him to wait a little while, but Gwen urges him to go ahead and visit with Little Ethan. Rebecca is
happy to see that Ethan has already bonded with Little Ethan. She thinks this will make their plan to take Little Ethan away
from Theresa easier. Gwen admonishes her for being so happy when she is so upset about learning that she can't have any more
children. Rebecca keeps reminding Gwen that she needs to blame all of that on Theresa and get her vengeance by taking her
son away. Gwen is happy to blame Theresa for everything but she still is not sure about taking away her son. When Gwen says
that she wishes Theresa had died, Rebecca says that death is too good for her. Theresa has to suffer. Gwen thinks they
should consult another doctor, in case hers was wrong. They talk some more about taking Little Ethan away. Gwen points out
that Julian won't let them do it. Rebecca assures her that he will do whatever Rebecca asks him to do. Gwen comes around to
Rebecca's way of thinking, the more Rebecca works on her.

Fox tells Ethan what he found out from the doctors about Gwen's condition. Ethan is very disappointed but he thanks Fox for
trying. Fox tells Ethan that it was all Theresa's idea; she really wanted to help Gwen out. Gwen overhears them say that
she can't have children and gets upset again. Fox leaves them alone, and then Ethan goes to get Gwen some water (what is
she, a camel?). Rebecca puts more pressure on her about her plot. Gwen agrees that Theresa has to pay.

Rebecca goes to see Little Ethan. He is playing video games with the maid. Rebecca suggests that they go outside to play in
the snow, so they do. Rebecca says things loudly so that Theresa can hear in the next room. She swears at Little Ethan and
pretends she is smacking him by clapping her hands together. Theresa gets upset and jumps up from her bed. Rebecca smiles
and says that Theresa took her bait. Meanwhile, Gwen has a heart-to-heart talk with Ethan. She asks him about adoption and
he assures her that he'll adopt any child that she wants. She is happy that he will agree with her on that.

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