Passions Update Friday 2/20/04

Passions Update Friday  2/20/04

By Suzanne
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Ivy gripes while she irons one of Sam's shirts. She burns his shirt but hides it when Sam comes home. He is tired and trips over a pair of tennis shoes. She says she is trying to keep everything clean but it's hard, so he tells her not to worry. He and the kids will help her clean up this weekend. She wishes she had known how much work the servants at the Crane mansion did or she would have appreciated them more. He is sure she never thought she would be doing the work herself. She hastily says that she would rather be there than at the Crane Mansion any day. He says he just needs one good dress shirt for his meeting tomorrow with the mayor. She has to admit that she ruined all of his shirts trying to iron them. She is very upset but he doesn't do much but nod his head, as if he's trying not to get mad. He tells Ivy that he will just wear this one shirt and not take his jacket off so they can't see the burn mark. Ivy tries to figure out how to solve the problem. First she suggests that he send out his shirts to the laundry. He says that's too expensive, so she suggests they get a maid, and she thinks of Pilar. He says that would be too expensive, too, so she suggests someone less-experienced. He tells her that his money is stretched too thin so he can't take on another obligation. Ivy says, "Oh" like she realizes that she is one of the obligations.

As they walk on the docks, Whitney and Chad discuss Theresa's remark from the other day about how she wished Gwen couldn't have any more children. Whitney is upset that everyone is so messed up. She sits on a bench. Chad follows her and asks if they are okay. She says yes but she is upset about her mother cheating on her father with Julian. He reasons with her about it and whether she is going to tell her father or not. He wonders if Eve is telling the truth about not having an affair, but Simone just knows she's lying. She talks about how she grew up admiring her mother so much. Chad brings Whitney some hot chocolate, but then his cell phone rings. He tells the person on the other end says now is not a good time. He explains to Whitney that the Regency hotel wants him to fill in for a DJ that didn't show. She urges him to go ahead, so he tells them that he can. He rubs her shoulders and wishes he could help her more or make her problems go away. She thanks him. She doesn't know what she's going to do about her parents. Chad suggests she talk to her mother first, but she doesn't know what good that would do.

Again we see Gwen pushing Theresa out of the window after their argument and struggle. Ethan and Fox rush out and check on her. Gwen asks if she's dead, but Ethan says he got a pulse. Gwen walks back from the window, breathing hard, and says, "Too bad". Julian comes out as Fox goes to call for an ambulance. He wonders what's going on, but Ethan doesn't know anything. Rebecca comes in to Gwen's room and asks her what the crash was. Rebecca looks down at Theresa and asks if she's dead. Gwen says no, so Rebecca also says, "Too bad". Fox phones Simone to ask her to come over right away because of Theresa's accident. Chad wants to cancel his gig but Simone tells him to just drop her off on his way. Eve checks Theresa out. Eve says that Theresa has no broken bones. The blood on the ground is just from a small cut on her head. Eve says that she doesn't need to go to the hospital and asks Julian if she can stay there, since Pilar is working. Julian says, "of course". Gwen and Rebecca are not happy to hear that Theresa will be staying there. Theresa awakens, wondering what happened. Rebecca asks Gwen if she pushed Theresa out the window. Gwen tells Rebecca that it was just an accident. Rebecca worries that Theresa will think Gwen tried to kill her and use it against them. Meanwhile, Ethan carries Theresa in and lies her on the bed. Fox says he'll look after Theresa and explains that he phoned Whitney to come over to help him. They want to know what happened, so Theresa confirms that it was an accident. She explains what they were fighting about, so Gwen starts getting upset again that Theresa is blaming her. Gwen, Rebecca, and Ethan leave the room. Ethan tells Gwen that he knows Theresa drives her crazy, but she should be glad that Theresa told the truth about her fall instead of saying that Gwen pushed her. Rebecca agrees, but Gwen won't go along with that. She says that Theresa, whom she calls "that bitch", deserves everything that's coming to her. Ethan tries to console her. Fox comes out and says he's going to get Little Ethan to make Theresa feel better. Rebecca rages on about the restraining order against Theresa. Fox points out that he's dating Theresa so she can come there whenever she likes, then he leaves to go get Little Ethan.

Inside the room, Julian tells Eve that he's leaving to give Theresa privacy. Rebecca comes in just as he's leaving; she ask why he's letting Theresa stay. She looks at Eve and says that she sees now, his girlfriend Eve thinks she should stay. Julian and Rebecca go outside of the room; he points out that Theresa could have died in the fall. Rebecca replies, "Better luck next time!" He says this is his house. She reminds him that he's married to her so he should watch his step. He brushes something off her face and walks away.

Eve tells Theresa to get some rest and she will check in on her. Theresa thanks her. Eve leaves. Theresa looks upset and hopes to herself that Whitney is wrong about her mom having an affair with Julian. She assures herself that Eve wouldn't risk being alone with Julian if she was. As Eve is passing by one of the rooms, Julian pulls her into it and starts kissing her. They stop; Eve tells him that they shouldn't. He says he couldn't help it because she's so beautiful. They talk about Whitney and wonder why she hasn't told T.C. yet. Eve says they have to be very careful so that Whitney doesn't see them together again. She worries that T.C. might kill him, or even her. Julian says that he will never allow anyone to harm a hair on her head. They hug. Of course, that's exactly when Whitney walks by and sees them.

Ethan and Fox are near Theresa's bed. Ethan tells an excited Little Ethan that he has ordered hot chocolate for them both. Gwen and Rebecca are annoyed that everyone is catering to Theresa. Rebecca gets an idea. She wonders if Theresa would do anything for her little boy, including something illegal. Gwen wonders what she's talking about. Rebecca assures her that she will get everything she wants. Gwen shakes her head as if she's thinking, "Here we go again".

Kay puts a blanket over Miguel, who has fallen asleep on the couch. Tabitha makes a joke about his watching Charity and Reese together being so exhausting. Kay maintains that soon he will be over Charity completely and he will run to her. Tabitha says that Kay has her demon baby to thank; she has a flashback to how Reese and Charity got together.

Charity and Reese make out in bed; he has his chirt off and she is wearing a nightgown or underwear. He says he doesn't know what's come over him lately; why he wants her so much. She has a flashback to looking at Miguel across the yard. Jessica bangs on the door to ask her to turn down the music because she's trying to study. Reese turns it down and opens the door, annoyed, saying she is tired of being interrupted. Jessica asks her how she could take Reese away from her when she loved him. Charity says she did her a favor because if it was so easy to take him away, he obviously didn't care much for her. Charity says Reese is a pig and to look at him. Jessica sees Reese in his underwear on the bed and sadly says his name. Reese hurriedly puts on his pants and tries to apologize to Jessica. Charity tells him not to bother because nothing has happened yet. She's sure he will be great in the sack once she gets a chance to find out. Reese keeps trying to talk to Jessica, who walks out and doesn't want to hear him. Finally she turns around and punches him, so he goes down. He gets up and keeps trying, but Jessica refuses to hear it. Charity teases her so Jessica tells her to shut up, too. She wonders what happened to Charity, who used to be a nice girl. Charity says nice girls don't get anything. Reese tries to say that Charity just brings out the animal magnetism in him and he can't help it. Jessica starts screaming "I hate you!" over and over.

Downstairs, Sam and Ivy hear the screaming. Tabitha and Kay also hear next door, and Miguel wakes up. Then David and Grace hear. Everyone goes rushing out to see what's up. Jessica comes downstairs and tells them all what happened. Kay and Tabitha have their babies; they are happy to hear what Jessica said about Charity. Reese and Charity start downstairs, in their underwear. As usual, Grace tries to say there must be some other reason for how Charity has been acting. Jessica and Kay once again yell at her for taking Charity's side. Jessica blames Grace for being a terrible role model for Charity. She lights into her about how she deserted her husband and family. Sam demands that Jessica apologize to Grace, but Jessica won't agree. She says it's the truth and that this family is totally dysfunctional. She laments that theirs used to be the most perfect family in town but now they're the most screwed-up one. Sam tries to calm her down. Jessica yells about how she has all these half-brothers and half-sisters running around that she didn't know about. Kay gleefully talks to Tabitha about how nasty her sister has turned out to be. But then, Jessica lists all of the things Kay has done, too, and how she's an unwed teenage mother who screwed up her life. She talks about how Charity has become a slut. She says her brother is the only one in the family with a brain; he stays away. She says maybe she should go away, too, and she hates them all. She picks up up the porcelain wedding thing from the mantle and smashes it as she cries that she doesn't want anything to do with any of them. Grace looks like she has been stabbed. Grace picks up the pieces, saying it was on the top of hers and Sam's wedding cake. Jessica keeps yelling at Grace about what she's done, asking why she cares about the stupid cake ornament. Charity yawns loudly and says she's going to bed. Jessica tells her not to forget her boy toy Reese. Sam tries to tell her not to speak that way. Jessica says she would like to go away to boarding school. Ivy chimes in that maybe that's a good idea, but Sam says he can't afford it. Jessica whines that her brother Noah gets to go to college but she doesn't get to go to boarding school, so she knows where she stands now. Sam reminds her that her brother is there on a soccer scholarship, which is different. Jessica yells at everyone to get out. Gradually, they all go out. Sam tells Charity that they have to have a talk about curfew and boys in her room. Reese tries again to talk to Jessica, but she says she never wants to see him again, then she storms up to her room. Charity says, "Teenagers, what are you gonna do?" Then she kisses Reese good night and goes up to her room. Reese starts to go upstairs, but Sam stops him. Reese says he's just going to get his stuff, so Sam tells him to hurry it up. Sam is upset about his family falling apart, so Ivy consoles him. To herself, she thinks that boarding school would be great for both Jessica and Charity.

Outside, David tries to make Grace feel better about what happened. She has the pieces of the wedding ornament and says that she doesn't know why she is keeping it. She says the girls hate her and it's all her fault. Kay is happy to see that her mother is crying her eyes out. Tabitha is laughing with her as they carry their babies back home. Kay is disappointed that she couldn't talk Miguel into staying over. They talk about the deal Charity made with Death to save her baby. Tabitha says she had been thinking about moving away because the town was getting boring, but thanks to Endora, things are exciting again.

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