Passions Update Thursday 2/19/04

Passions Update Thursday 2/19/04

By Suzanne
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Kay comforts Miguel, who is tired and upset. Tabitha brings in their baby, Maria. Miguel thanks her for helping out so
much. She says Kay has been a great help to her, too. Miguel holds his baby and smiles down at it; he says moments like
this make juggling work and college worth it. Tabitha takes Kay aside and says she thinks all of her hard work has paid off.
Miguel looks out the window; across the way he sees Charity in her bedroom, kissing some guy. He wonders what she's doing
with her life. Meanwhile, Kay tells Tabitha that Charity is self-destructing all on her own and now Kay can comfort Miguel.
She may be able to talk him into joining her in bed. They have dinner and Miguel thanks Kay for it. She suggests they have
dessert and watch the game, but he says he has a paper to type for school that's due tomorrow. He talks about how important
it is to him to get good grades in college. She tells him that she already typed up the paper for him, as well as proofread
it and spellchecked it. Miguel is surprised and grateful. She says she typed it up when Maria was napping. Tabitha lurks
nearby, approving of Kay's plans. Later, Kay makes Miguel comfortable. Then he falls asleep on the couch just as she is
about to put the moves on him. Kay and Tabitha chat briefly. Kay says one day they will be honeymooning at the Plaza Hotel
in New York. Tabitha wonders to herself how many double shifts the "poor lad" will have to work to afford that. Kay and
Tabitha wonder if Kay is finally going to get Miguel now. Miguel mumbles Charity's name in his sleep.

Ivy tries to talk to Charity about all of the men that have been visiting her in her room, but Charity tells her to butt out;
she reminds Ivy that she's always trying to get into her uncle's pants. Ivy keeps up with it so Charity threatens to fake a
vision that will mess up Ivy's romance with Sam. Jessica comes up and makes a cutting remark about Charity's parade of men.
Ivy tries to comfort her and get close to her. Jessica mentions that Reese said he was dropping by tonight, so Ivy urges her
to take him back. Reese comes in so Jessica is friendly towards him. Then Charity comes in and flirts with him, so Jessica
gets upset again to learn that he's only there to see Charity. Charity takes Reese into her bedroom, further upsetting
Jessica. Ivy tries to console Jessica, but she rejects her help and tells her to leave her alone. Reese and Charity flirt;
he goes over to the window and looks out. He sees Kay and Miguel. Charity goes over, looks down at Miguel, and shuts the
curtain, going back to Reese.

Gwen is about to kill Theresa for intruding in her home after what has happened. Theresa says that she would like to help
her, by looking up information on the internet about fertility treatments. Gwen says she just wants her dead. Theresa,
backing away and stammering, asks where Ethan is. Gwen says he went to get her some sleeping pills, but when he gets back,
he will help her dispose of Theresa's body. Theresa keeps offering to help. Gwen reminds her that she had a child until
Theresa killed it. Theresa suggests that she look to the future, not the past. Gwen tells her that she's either crazy or
very evil. Either way, Gwen plans to kill her. Theresa begs her to let her help her and Ethan have a child. Gwen says that
she's just trying to get back into Ethan's life and reminds her of her wish that Gwen never have children. Theresa says she
was just lashing out when Rebecca said cruel things about Little Ethan. Theresa says that Gwen is just angry because she's
blaming herself for what happened. Gwen says she blames Theresa, not herself. Gwen can't believe that Theresa is saying
it's her fault. Theresa says that she left the hospital when she should have been thinking about the baby. She insisted on
coming after Theresa, who didn't want to fight her, and then when Theresa defended herself, Gwen lost her balance and fell,
having an accident. Gwen shrieks that it wasn't an accident that Theresa was kissing Ethan. Gwen rants and raves, getting
more and more upset, saying it's not fair. Gwen, having fled Theresa, cries on her bed. She rages to her dead baby about
how unfair it all is. Theresa follows her and tries to comfort her. She says that maybe everything that's happened is God's
will. Gwen wonders what she means, so Theresa says that since Ethan only married Gwen because she was pregnant, maybe that
was some sort of sacrilege that made God want to punis her. Gwen can't believe the nerve that Theresa has to say such
things. She again blames Theresa and says she will make her pay. Gwen yells at her to get out, but Theresa refuses. She
fights with Theresa and ends up pushing her out the window. She looks down, astonished, at Theresa's body, which is lying on
the ground, unmoving.

Alistair tells Dr. Ackland that he's a dead man if Sheridan remembers everything. Ackland says it's not his fault because he
didn't have enough time to get rid of the memory of Beth's baby, too. Alistair swears and then tells Ackland that there's
only one more solution (he hints at murder). He says he will do anything to protect his secrets, but then he goes outside and
says to himself that he want to keep Sheridan from being happy, since she robbed him of his happiness and his beloved wife.
Ackland looks at a picture of Sheridan and says sadly that she's a dead woman.

Antonio tells Beth (they are still at Seascape) that he doesn't think that taking Sheridan away is a good idea. Beth still
thinks that maybe seeing her baby will bring up all of the past for Sheridan. Luis comes in with Sheridan and tells them
that he thinks Sheridan should go see Beth's baby because he thinks it's the key to her remembering everything. Beth and
Antonio are against it, but Beth can't say anything without tipping her hand. Antonio and Luis argue again about Sheridan
being brainwashed by Ackland and Alistair. Sheridan tells Antonio that she wants to see the baby to make sure that she's all
cured. Antonio tells Luis that he will find out he's wrong when Sheridan sees the baby and doesn't go running back to him.
Luis says that if that happens, he will have to come to terms with the fact that Sheridan has left him for Antonio. In her
head, Beth wonders where Alistair is when she needs him. They go to Beth's house to see the baby. Sheridan tells Luis she
remembers everything. Everyone, including Alistair, who is lurking behind a door, wonders what she means. She tells them
that holding the baby just made her remember all of the pain she felt at losing her own baby. She knows it's not her baby
and she hasn't changed her mind about staying with Antonio. Antonio yells at Luis for hurting Sheridan, for making her feel
that pain. Luis apologizes. Antonio and Sheridan leaves. Luis is in shock. Beth offers him refreshments, but he turns her
down. Luis says goodbye to the baby and then leaves. Alistair comes out, showing that he has Martin. He tells a confused
Beth that the baby she showed Sheridan was just a look-alike baby that he got from the orphanage. Alistair tells Beth that
she has another chance now with Luis so she'd better use it.

Going home, Sheridan and Antonio talk about how they will have a happy future now. Luis says to himself nearby that he won't
give up on Sheridan. He knows that she was brainwashed. 


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