Passions Update Wednesday 2/18/04

Passions Update Wednesday 2/18/04

By Suzanne
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In his room, Little Ethan has a bad dream, so Ethan comes in to comfort him. Little Ethan goes back to sleep, so Ethan
starts lamenting how he can never have his own children.

In the Crane mansion, Rebecca is going on about how they are going to take Little Ethan away from Theresa. Gwen says she
doesn't think she can do that. Rebecca reminds her of everything that Theresa did to her. Gwen knows all that, but she says
she couldn't take another mother's child away. She does plan to make Theresa pay one day, however.

In the pool house, Theresa still beats herself up to Fox about what she said about Gwen (wishing she could never have
children). She wishes they could do something to help Gwen, such as going on the net to look for new fertility treatments.
Fox suggests she stay away from Ethan and Gwen, like Ethan asked her to. He offers to take her home, but she insists on
seeing little Ethan before she leaves. Fox thinks it's a terrible idea, but she says she will be careful.

At the restaurant, Luis and Sheridan go outside to speak. Meanwhile, Antonio and Beth are inside the restaurant; they wonder
what Luis and Sheridan are talking about. Beth worries that they will get back together. Meanwhile, outside, Sheridan
expresses sympathy to Luis about how she's hurt him, and he hugs her, thinking that she is coming back to him. A sniper
watches them, ready to shoot. He phones Alistair, who tells him to go ahead and shoot if it looks like Sheridan and Luis are
getting back together. Antonio sees Alistair and asks him what he's doing at Seascape. He says he's making sure Sheridan
and Luis don't get back together.

Theresa creeps into Little Ethan's room, so she hears Ethan talk about how he feels about not being a father. He had hoped
that he would have a daughter and that one day, Theresa's son and his daughter would grow up and get married. Theresa tells
him that she's so sorry. He pulls her out of the room so as not to awaken Little Ethan. He tells her to get out of the
house. He is concerned that seeing her will rip Gwen apart. She tells him why she's there, so he tells her to just kiss
Little Ethan good night and then go. She has to first tell him how she feels bad about the news that he and Gwen got. He
tells her that it was as much his fault as hers for what happened. He realizes that he had sent Gwen flowers, and he rushes
off to stop her from reading the card. Theresa goes in to say good night to Little Ethan; she goes on and on about what if's
and promises to bring him home one day. Gwen gets the flowers; Ethan goes in just as she reads the card. He apologizes,
saying he sent it before they got their news. Her face turns white and she drops the card. Rebecca picks it up and reads it
as Ethan comforts Gwen. It says, "To my beautiful wife, the mother of my children". Rebecca cusses about Theresa. Gwen
tells Ethan it's okay because he didn't know when he sent the flowers, what would happen. He goes to get Gwen some water.
Gwen tells Rebecca that if she saw Theresa tonight, she would kill her.

Theresa has snuck out; Fox is glad she didn't get caught. She wants to make sure the picture of her is there under Little
Ethan's pillow, so he will see it when he wakes up. Again Fox thinks it's a bad idea, and again she insists, then goes back in.
Gwen wants to peek in on little Ethan, but Ethan suggests they not risk waking him. Theresa hears them just as she is about
to sneak out. She waits for them to leave and starts to sneak out, but then she is caught by Gwen. Theresa says she's so
sorry about what happened. Gwen says she's that's why she's going to kill Theresa.

Sheridan tells Luis he has it wrong. She tells him again that she loves Antonio, her husband. He insists again that she's
wrong and that she must have been brainwashed. They go over and over again about the whole thing, arguing. Meanwhile, the
gunman calls Alistair to let him know that everything is okay. Alistair assures Beth and Antonio that they have nothing to
worry about as far as Luis and Sheridan getting back together. They are skeptical, so he tells them that he is sure because
the doctor that treated Sheridan is an expert. He made her realize that Antonio is the man that she loves. After Alistair
leaves, Antonio hopes to Beth that Luis was wrong about Alistair and Dr. Ackland being in cahoots to brainwash Sheridan.
Beth assures him that Alistair would never do something like that to his own daughter.

Alistair visits Dr. Ackland to give him a bonus for the work he did. Dr. Ackland wishes he'd had more time with Sheridan.
Alistair can tell he's worried about something, so he demands to know what it is. Ackland says that he didn't have time to
erase Sheridan's memories about Beth's baby. It's possible that she could remember that she thinks Beth's baby is hers, and
it might undo everything else as well. Alistair angrily sweeps everything off Ackland's desk and smashes his fist down on
it, making threats. Ackland looks worried.

Antonio grabs Sheridan and kisses her, but it still doesn't do the trick. Sheridan says that talking to Luis was a bad idea,
so she goes to leave, but he stops her and asks her to remember how they bonded over their baby. He shows her a picture of
Beth's baby and asks her if she still thinks that baby is hers. Sheridan hesitates as she stares at the baby, then she says
"my baby". Luis realizes this is the key to making her remember everything. Inside, Antonio and Beth wonder if Sheridan
will change her mind if she sees Beth's baby. Beth suggests that Antonio take Sheridan and leave town, so that won't happen.

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