Passions Update Tuesday 2/17/04

Passions Update Tuesday 2/17/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

At the Crane pool house, Rebecca is furious at Theresa for saying that she hopes Gwen doesn't have any more children. Whitney and Chad have made a hasty exit. Rebecca grabs Theresa's arm, twisting, but Theresa gets away. Fox keeps Rebecca and Theresa apart. Rebecca calls Theresa a monster and a slut and once again accuses her of murdering Gwen's baby. Theresa tries to say she didn't mean for that to happen, but of course Rebecca won't listen. Rebecca accuses Theresa of wanting to go after Ethan at any cost but assures Theresa that Gwen and Ethan will have plenty of children, despite Theresa's "curse". Theresa denies cursing anyone, but Rebecca ignores her and leaves in a huff. Fox comforts Theresa, who feels bad for what she said in anger. Fox assures her that he understands and she shouldn't worry about it. Theresa explains that she only said those things because of what Rebecca said, and he tells her that he knows that. He reminds her of everything that Rebecca has done to her and suggests she give herself a break. Theresa talks about wanting her son back.

Ethan and Gwen are stunned that she can't have any more children. Dr. Culver assures them that Gwen can't conceive or carry a child to term. In tears, she lashes out, calling the doctor a liar and a fraud. He understands that she is upset. Ethan takes her in his arms and tries to comfort her. Ethan asks the doctor if he couldn't run the tests again, that maybe there was mistake. The doctor says he checked them himself and there was no mistake. Gwen lashes out again, so the doctor says that they can go to another doctor and get a second opinion, but there's no doubt about the results. He leaves them alone to get composed. Gwen sobs in Ethan's arms. Gwen goes on and on about how awful it is and how she feels. She can't understand why this would happen. Ethan thinks to himself that he's to blame. The doctor returns. Gwen, calmer, asks him how this could happen; why can't she have children now when she could before? He tells her that it was because of the fight she had before she gave birth. She realizes it was the fight with Theresa, so she blames her. The doctor leaves to go see another patient. Ethan blames himself, but Gwen says that it's because of "that bitch" Theresa that she can't have any more children.

Ethan and Gwen go home; they look like they are in shock. He offers to get her some tea, but she is too upset still and refuses. Rebecca comes in, babbling, and they try to get her to shut up because they just got bad news, but she doesn't. She tells them what Theresa said, so they are both stunned. Ethan looks grim and determined as he heads out to the pool house to read Theresa the riot act. Rebecca babbles some more about how Gwen needs to get pregnant right away, so Gwen cuts her off and tells her the news they got. Rebecca doesn't know what to say at first; then she blames Theresa. Gwen says they can adopt, but she can't really think about that right now. However, it gives Rebecca an idea. She says that Gwen must adopt Little Ethan and get her revenge on Theresa. Gwen agrees and says she will do that.

Ethan goes to the pool house and asks Theresa if she really said that she hopes Gwen never has any children again. Fox tries to explain the circumstances, but Ethan cuts him off. Theresa reluctantly tells Ethan that she did say that, in anger. He is disgusted that she would say such a thing. He tells them that they just found out it's true. Theresa looks like she's been kicked in the stomach. She asks how this can be, so Ethan tells her that it was because of the fight she and Gwen had out in L.A. Ethan tells Theresa to just stay out of his and Gwen's lives. Ethan leaves. Fox tries to make Theresa feel better, but she is very upset. She can't bear to see Ethan so heart-broken. She says she knows how they must feel. She had her son taken away, but she knows that they will be together someday. She has that hope, but now Gwen and Ethan have no hope. She says it's just so horrible. Fox hugs her, trying to comfort her.

Luis paces outside of Sheridan's room, talking to himself about how Dr. Ackland must have brainwashed Sheridan somehow into forgetting their love. Inside, Antonio and Sheridan prepare to leave; she has been discharged. They prepare to start their lives together. They go outside and see Luis there. Sheridan notices the pain in Luis' eyes and wishes she hadn't hurt him so much. Antonio says she made her choice.

Beth comes up to Luis and tells him that she heard about Sheridan from Pilar. She expresses her sympathy. He says brokenly that they did something to Sheridan to make her forget their love. She suggests they go somewhere else but he says he wants to be alone. She says she has someone that will make him feel better, so he reluctantly leaves with her.

Beth brings Luis back to her place so he can spend time with his son Martin. Having the baby in his arms cheers him up a bit. Edna takes Beth aside and tells her that she thinks she won, but sooner or later Sheridan will get her memory back of her love for Luis. Beth tells her that she is wrong, as usual. Luis says he has to leave, so Beth tries to convince him to stay. He demurs but she says she doesn't think he should be alone right now. She suggests they go for a walk or out to dinner while her mom watches the baby. He agrees and they go to Seascape.

Sheridan and Antonio go home. Looking around, she remembers Luis bringing her breakfast in bed. Antonio comes in so she says she was thinking about the past with Luis and how they did love each other. He says they should go to bed, but she wants to go out. She suggests going out to dinner because she has been cooped up in the hospital so long. He agrees.

Next we see Luis and Beth in the restaurant, looking at their menus. Luis talks about Sheridan and how they must have done something to her. Beth wonders if maybe it was just like Sheridan said, she had time by herself to think things through, and she chose her husband. Luis disagrees and says that she doesn't even love Antonio. Beth looks surprised when Luis mentions that he and Sheridan made love in the hospital. Sheridan and Antonio are dancing in the restaurant. When they go to sit down at their table, they see Luis and Beth. Sheridan tells Antonio that she has to go see Luis for a moment. He's not happy about it but says okay. Sheridan tells Luis that she has something to tell him. Luis looks happy and expectant; Beth looks worried.

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