Passions Update Monday 2/16/04

Passions Update Monday 2/16/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa is very happy that she and Fox are riding in a horse-drawn carriage for their Valentine's Day celebration. They drink champagne and eat strawberries with whipped cream. They run into Whitney and Chad, who are happily having their own celebration. Fox invites them to join them in the carriage, so they do. He takes them to another surprise he has arranged. They go to the Crane estate to swim in the indoor pool, which is heated. Whitney comments that Fox is going to change the Crane legacy; they all agree as Fox looks modest. They have no bathing suits, so Fox says they should go skinny-dipping. Whitney is reluctant but they all agree. Theresa makes the men turn their backs while they get undressed and run into the pool. We don't see them in the pool. Next we see, they are sitting around in towels, drinking champagne and talking about what a great idea it was. Rebecca comes in, picks up a bra and wants to know what they are all doing there. She hassles them, saying they are trespassing, until Chad points out that Fox invited them. Rebecca takes a moment to admire Chad's body and then sighs that she guesses Fox is a Crane, too, but Theresa ("Tacocita") has to go. Fox says she will be seeing a lot more of Theresa now that he's dating her. Rebecca exclaims that Theresa is working her way through the Crane men, and she starts listing them all. Theresa tells her that there is one Crane that she will always be attached to: her son, Little Ethan. Rebecca makes an obnoxious comment about how Little Ethan will be servant to Ethan and Gwen's new child. This gets Theresa steamed. Rebecca keeps goading her until finally Theresa yells that she hopes Gwen never has any other children. They are all shocked, especially Rebecca.

Beth and Edna are still outside Dr. Culver's office in ninja outfits, listening in as he prepares to tell Gwen and Ethan about Beth not being pregnant. Edna says that once they find that out, they will figure out that the baby is Sheridan's. Beth freaks out and they both run off so they can go home to pack and leave town. The doctor is interrupted by his nurse, who says he has a patient with an emergency. He excuses himself. Gwen is happy that Beth is about to get her comeuppance. Ethan is worried that Gwen is a little obsessed about getting Sheridan's baby back, since she lost her own. Gwen assures him that's not true. They end up kissing on the doctor's couch. Dr. Culver is met in his office by Alistair, who introduces himself and tells him that he'd better not tell Gwen the truth about Beth. The doctor doesn't like Alistair and is outraged at his demands. Alistair gives him an envelope and says he will do as he says. Next we see the doctor go back to the office with Gwen and Ethan. He tells them that Beth was indeed pregnant and had her baby. Gwen is shocked. The doctor flashes back to opening the envelope that Alistair gave him, which contain photos of him doing something naughty (something with whips and chains). Alistair threatens to go public with the photos if the doctor doesn't do what he wants. The doctor tells Gwen that he has some other very bad news. He tells Gwen that she can't ever get pregnant. She and Ethan look devastated.

Beth and Edna go home; Beth pays off the babysitter, Cindy. Edna and Beth pack their stuff up in a hurry, and Precious has his bananas. He has a fantasy about being back in the jungle with them. Edna is swatting mosquitoes and Beth sinks into the quicksand. There is a knock on the door, so Beth and Edna think it's the cops. They are headed out the back door when Alistair comes in and stops them. He tells them that they are acting like hysterical women again. Precious has a flashback to when Alistair was Charlie. Alistair assures them that they don't have to leave town because he took care of the doctor. He says that his grandson will never know his true birthright. He tells them that he has arranged for Sheridan to choose Antonio over Luis, so Beth can go comfort Luis now. Beth is overjoyed, realizing she has won. She hugs her mother, who is disgusted.

In the hospital, Luis and Antonio (and Pilar and Eve) await Sheridan's decision as to who she wants to spend her life with. Alistair is outside with Ackland as they watch/listen. She says it's a very hard choice; she loves both of them. Luis tells her it's not fair to give anyone false hope (meaning Antonio). Finally Sheridan says that she chooses her husband, Antonio. Luis is shocked and tries to talk her out of it. He can't believe it. Alistair is happy that Ackland's treatment worked and he leaves. Ackland hopes no one ever finds out what he did. Luis reminds Sheridan that they made love just a few days ago. Antonio hears this and gets annoyed. Sheridan assures him that she did love him once, but she now loves Antonio, her husband. Luis accuses Antonio, Alistair, and Ackland of doing something to Sheridan to make her act this way. Sheridan tells Luis that the only thing Dr. Ackland did was give her some time and space to think about her life and what she was feeling. When Ackland enters the room, Luis grabs him by the throat and demands that he reverse what he did. He tries to get Eve to see that Sheridan is not acting like herself. Eve assures him that it would be impossible to make Sheridan forget her love for Luis. Pilar and Eve suggest to Luis that they leave, but he refuses to leave Sheridan. Again Luis grabs Ackland by the neck. Ackland threatens to have him thrown out by security. Luis yells that he will kill Ackland if he doesn't turn Sheridan back to the way she was.

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