Passions Update Wednesday 2/11/04

Passions Update Wednesday 2/11/04

By Suzanne
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In the Crane garage, Fox and Theresa worry about whether the paramedics will get there in time to save Gwen. Ethan pleads with Gwen not to die as he tries to get a pulse. Gwen is taken to the hospital and the paramedics stabilize her. Fox, Ethan, and Theresa wonder how the shelf could have just fallen on Gwen. Fox and Theresa are supportive to Ethan as he worries about Gwen. Ethan mentions that Gwen could be pregnant, so Fox sympathizes with Theresa. She says it makes sense they would try again to have another baby. He knows that she is just trying to put up a brave front. She draws strength from the fact that he was able to move on from the woman he was in love with, too. Eve tells Ethan that Gwen is going to be okay. When Ethan visits Gwen, she sees Theresa behind him and accuses her of trying to kill her. She only knows that she heard someone in the garage and thinks they hit her on the head. Theresa assures her that she wouldn't do that, but Gwen is still bitter about Theresa killing her baby. Fox swears that he was with Theresa all evening, so she couldn't have attacked Gwen. Theresa points out that even if she had wanted to do such a thing, she would have had no way of knowing that Gwen was in the garage looking for her book. Eve checks Gwen out and says she needs rest, so Ethan and the rest leave. Eve asks Theresa to talk to Antonio about letting her see Sheridan, so Theresa agrees. Gwen tells Ethan that she is planning to call the doctor to ask about them possibly being pregnant, and she also plans to ask him about what Beth's been up to. Ethan says he wishes that she would leave that idea alone. Beth listens through the slightly-open door. Ethan cheerfully tells Gwen that her bad luck is over now. They kiss and tell each other "I love you". Outside, Beth rages that Gwen and Sheridan just won't die. She wishes she could strangle them both with her bare hands.

Grace frets, upset that Sam and Ivy almost slept together. She and David are still outside Ivy's cottage. David comforts her as she moans that this is all her fault for what she did to her family. She also goes on and on about Ivy. He tries to convince her to go to Italy with him as Ivy watches from nearby, hoping Grace will say yes. Grace says she would like to, but she doesn't want to abandon her family right now. He points out that she can let them get on with their lives while she goes away for awhile, and then return later. Kay and Miguel come up; Jessica trails behind. Grace can tell that Miguel is upset by the look on his face. Kay goes on about how much Charity hurt him by acting like a slut, and how she slept with Jessica's boyfriend. Although Grace had heard about Charity's actions, she is still having trouble believing it, so they all explain what they saw, and they even call in John to verify that what they said is true. Kay is disgusted that Grace once again was taking Charity's side over hers. Grace tries to hug Jessica after they talk about Charity sleeping with Reese, but Jessica doesn't want her to touch her. Charity comes along, too, and tells Grace that she has become a bad girl and she doesn't care who gets hurt by her actions. Kay says that Charity is taking after Grace by acting like a bad girl. Grace frets more to David, worrying that Jessica will be the next one in her family to turn bad. David assures her that she's not bad and that he loves her. He urges her again to go with him to Italy.

Luis and Pilar plead with Sam not to arrest Luis, but Antonio and Dr. Ackland try to convince him to arrest Luis. Eve also keeps trying to get Antonio and the doctor to let her in to see Sheridan. The doctor claims that they've made a breakthrough in Sheridan's case, so he doesn't think that Luis' visiting her would be a good idea. Alistair and Julian arrive so there is more fighting. Luis accuses him of controlling Antonio and Ackland. Luis even attacks Alistair, so Sam has to pull him off. Sam reprimands Luis for his actions, first discharging his gun in the hospital and now attacking Alistair. Alistair pretends he would never hurt his own child. Eve gets paged to help with Gwen. Beth also comes by; she happens to remark that Sheridan will be upset to learn that her friend Gwen has died in a tragic accident, but Pilar tells her that Gwen survived. Beth pretends to be glad, then she rushes off to pay Gwen a visit. Luis keeps protesting that Sheridan is in danger and he needs to protect her. Julian gets on Alistair's case for what he's doing to his children, asking why he hates them so much. He points out all of the things he's done, just to please Alistair. Alistair only cares that Julian failed at his attempts to kill Sheridan. He says that's why he has nothing but contempt for Julian. Meanwhile, Sam agrees to let Luis stay until Eve returns. Theresa comes by at Eve's request. She tells them about Gwen's accident. Pilar asks her if she had anything to do with it, but Theresa hurriedly assures her that she didn't. Theresa reminds Antonio that he once told her to do the right thing, so she asks him to let Eve see Sheridan. He finally relents. Eve goes in and exclaims, "oh my God! What have you done to Sheridan?"

Whitney walks on the docks, upset about her mom and Julian. A gloved hand comes up over her mouth. It's Chad, who is looking kind of straggly...he was on a walk when he heard her scream, he explains, so he rushed over to make sure she was okay. He talks about how much he loves her and begs her to take him back. Alistair sees the two and cackles to himself that he is going to teach Eve and Julian a lesson by destroying the two lovebirds. He goes up to them and says hello, urging them to hang on to their love for each other, no matter what. He tells Chad to take charge and marry Whitney.

Eve and Julian discuss Alistair. Julian is sure he's up to something and fears that it involves their lost son. He apologizes to her for what his father has done and says he's glad that he's not out to hurt other people in her family.

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