Passions Update Tuesday 2/10/04

Passions Update Tuesday 2/10/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Outside Ivy's place, Grace keeps watching as Sam and Ivy go to bed.  Ivy sees her and urges Sam to make love to her now.  Grace is very upset, saying, "Oh my God!"  She sobs that she's lost Sam.  David comes up and comforts her.  They start to leave.  The phone rings, so Sam has to answer it.  He tells Ivy that shots have been fired at the hospital by Luis.  She hopes no one is hurt.  Sam gets dressed.  Grace and David see Sam leaving in a hurry.  Grace says she wants to talk to Ivy.  She goes in and calls Ivy a tramp and yells at her to stay away from Sam.  Ivy tells her she has some nerve and that it's none of her business.  They keep arguing, with Ivy pointing out how all of this is Grace's fault for leaving Sam for David.  Grace gets very upset.  David and Ivy argue in whispers about Grace still loving Sam and how he should take her out of the country.  Grace is so upset that she doesn't notice them whispering conspiratorially.

Ethan talks to Little Ethan, who is sleeping in his room.  Ethan says he's going to keep working behind the scenes to help Theresa keep Little Ethan.  He talks about having kids with Gwen and committing to her.  He won't let anyone anyone come between them.  He finds the picture of Theresa under Little Ethan's pillow.  He says he still has feelings for Theresa, but he wishes he didn't.  He wants to be a good husband to Gwen.  Rebecca comes up and eavesdrops.   Ethan talks about loving both women at the same time.  He says he will try to be a good husband to Gwen and let his feelings for Theresa go, but he wonders if he can.  Rebecca looks upset.  He goes on and on about how his love for Theresa and for Little Ethan.  Rebecca shows him that she's there as he goes to leave.  She chews him out outside the room.  They argue.  She wants to protect Gwen.  Ethan says he's worried about Gwen not being back yet, so he goes to check on her.

At the Crane garage, Beth hovers over Gwen's body.  Beth talks out loud to herself.  Gwen grabs her leg as she walks by.  Gwen jumps and grabs Beth by the throat, saying she knows everything that Beth has done.  But this is just Beth's daydream.  Gwen still lies on the floor, so Beth leaves.

Edna and the orangutan play cards.  She doesn't know where Beth went, but she guesses it had to do with Gwen.  Beth returns, so Edna wonders why she looks worried.  They talk about Gwen.  Beth tells her that Gwen is dead.  Edna gets upset, wailing about poor Gwen.  She says Beth is evil and just like the serial killer on Days of Our Lives.  Beth protests, saying that Gwen has been reunited with her dead daughter.  Edna notices an oil stain on Beth's shirt.  She says the police will find it and know that she is Gwen's murderer.  Beth worries but then says she will just get rid of it.  Beth thinks Gwen's death will look like an accident.  She says that Alistair is keeping Sheridan out of her way.  They argue about Beth's childhood.  After talking to Beth, Edna worries that Alistair might kill Sheridan rather than have her be with Luis.

At the cottage, Fox and Theresa chat about their relationship.  She is grateful that he came along to open up her heart.  They kiss.  She asks him what his hopes and dreams are; what drives him.  He jokes that beautiful women are what drive him.  She knows that's just a cover.  He says that truthfully, he has no substance whatsoever.  She persists in asking him, saying she wants to get to know the real Fox.  He wonders why.  She says she doesn't want any secrets between them.  Finally he admits that he wants to be taken seriously by his family.  He wants to be thought of as the legitimate Crane heir to the empire, like Ethan was.  She points out that now that Ethan is out, he is the only heir.  He wants his father and grandfather to approve of him.  She says that it won't work as long as he's with her.  He wonders if that's true.  She says they can't have a relationship.  He objects.  She doesn't want him to give up his dream.  He says it will be years before his father or grandfather die or give up their jobs, so it's pointless to speculate now.  He suggests that they take it one day at a time.  She agrees to stop worrying about it.  He wants to know what her dream is.  She says it's to get Little Ethan back.  He says that she will get her dream.  They kiss again.  Ethan watches them through the window, and they catch him.  They go outside and start accusing him of spying on them.  He says he's just looking for Gwen, who went outside some time ago in her nightgown.  They go to look for her.  Eventually they go to the garage and find her on the floor, not breathing.  Fox calls 911.

Luis calls for Sheridan, who still remembers him.  Antonio runs after Luis.  Dr. Ackland calls for security and then covers Sheridan's mouth so she can't yell for help.  Antonio attacks Luis.  Pilar yells at them to stop.  There are shots fired but no one is hit.  The security guards break them up and try to take Luis' gun away.  Luis breaks away and into the room.  He finds Sheridan and comforts her.  She cries in his arms, saying "Thank God!"  He helps her up, but then we see this is all in Sheridan's head.  Sam arrives and stops Luis from shooting the lock on the door.  The doctor comes out and tells Sam to arrest Luis.  Luis argues that she just wants to see Sheridan.  Sam has to physically restrain Luis from barging by the doctor into the room.  Luis begs Sam to help him.  Sheridan is strapped to the table inside, delirious.  Antonio and Ackland team up to argue against Luis to Sam.  Luis pleads, but Sam has to arrest him.

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