Passions Update Monday 2/9/04

Passions Update Monday 2/9/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

At home, Grace has a flashback to a happy Christmas with Sam.  David comes in, interrupting her reverie.  He has a fantastic idea.  He has a photo assignment in Italy, so he proposes that they go together.  She is reluctant.  He says he wants to show Europe to her.  She says it sounds wonderful, but...they are interrupted by John coming in.  He is home early from the ski lodge.  Grace hugs him and then goes to get some hot chocolate.  David can tell something's bothering John.  John says he doesn't want to be a tattle-tale, so David assures him that this will be between them.  John says he doesn't know how to tell Grace about this, so David thinks it must be about Kay.  John tells him about Charity's dancing around like a slut and her sleeping with Reese.  David can't believe it.  They discuss it, wondering why she is doing all of this.  Grace comes back and hears some of it, but they tell her the rest.  She blames herself for destroying her family.  David says maybe Charity is just sowing her wild oats.  John and David try to convince her that it's not her fault.  John leaves them alone at David's urging.  Grace keeps putting herself down for her children's problems.  David keeps telling her not to blame herself.  They keep arguing until finally she goes out for some air.  David feels bad about it and talks to Ivy in his head, saying this is not what he signed on for.

Ivy tries to cook as Sam comes in.  He is shocked that she is cooking, but she tells him that she found a dinner that was already in the freezer and just reheated it.  They briefly discuss Sheridan, Alistair, and Luis.  He helps her with dinner.  She made a salad but is having trouble with the dressing, so he shows her how to get a bottle of pre-made dressing out of the fridge and pour it.  Their hands touch on the bottle, so they kiss.  They are interrupted by the dinner timer.  They get together and talk about the picnics they used to have, where she burned the hot dogs.  He appreciates her cooking for him and she is happy to do it.  The food is delicious but it reminds Sam of a time with Grace.  Ivy realizes this is a dish that Grace made often.  She doesn't get jealous; she says she didn't know how long it takes to get someone out of your heart.  She says Sam is still in her heart.  Apparently they don't finish dinner because later Sam comes back.   Ivy starts to apologize but he cuts her short with his finger to her lips.  He calls her beautiful and they kiss.  Next they are getting naked and head for the bed.  Graces walks up outside and sees them in bed together.  She gets very upset.

Luis, Eva, Pilar, and Antonio are at the mental hospital.  Lights are going off and on, which makes Luis nervous. Antonio refuses to let Eve or Luis see Sheridan. Luis yells but Eve's hands are tied.  They hear Sheridan screaming.  After Eve walks away, Luis and Antonio get into a fist fight.  Pilar stops them.  Antonio says that Luis brainwashed Sheridan and that she's getting the best medical treatment.  Pilar pleads with him to let Eve check in on her.  Antonio says Pilar has turned against him.  He no long has any family except for Sheridan.  He writes off his mother.  Luis vows to find a way in after Antonio leaves.  Pilar can't believe all of this is happening and that she's lost her son again.  Luis tells her not to listen to Antonio because he's just angry.  They discuss the situation.  He is determined to find his way in.  He takes his gun out and shoots the lock off the bars.  He goes in, calling Sheridan's name.

Alistair is on the floor, and Julian is looking down at him, apologizing.  Eve comes in while Alistair is threatening Julian.  Eve goes to help Alistair with his cut but he won't let her.  He hurls insults at Eve instead. Julian warns him not to talk about her like that, but Alistair just berates him.  They bring up the past and what Alistair did to them.  Eve brings up their long-lost baby.  Alistair already knows all the details.  He continues to insult them and says he's way ahead of them.  Her son didn't die, Alistair says; he's still alive.  He knows where he is and could produce him.  Eve begs him to tell her but Julian knows he won't help them.  Eve tries to convince Alistair, who toys with her.  He asks what she would tell T.C.  She says she would tell him the truth and eventually he would come around.  Alistair says he won't tell her, ever.  She cries and Julian comforts her.  Julian is disgusted.  They all argue and call each other names.  Eve realizes that Luis is right.  Sheridan is in danger from Alistair.  She attacks him but Julian pulls her back.  She says Alistair is evil.  Alistair agrees and laughs at her.  He says she doesn't know how evil he is, but she will find out.

Sheridan is having electroshock again.  Doctor Ackland pleads with God for it to work.  He asks Sheridan who she loves, and she replies, "Luis".  Ackland worries that Alistair is threatening him and his family.  He gives Sheridan more shock and asks her again.  She says she doesn't know who she loves.  He shows her a picture of Luis, but then she remembers who Luis is.  Ackland is frustrated.  He gives her more shock treatments.  Ackland shows her the picture again and asks if she recognizes him.  She shakes her head many times.  He is relieved, saying "Luis is gone forever".  Just then, they hear Luis calling.  She has memories of Luis saying he loves her, so she remembers him.  Sheridan says his name over and over again.

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