Passions Update Friday 2/6/04

Passions Update Friday  2/6/04

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Fox and Theresa hang out. Theresa is still upset that Ethan told Rebecca she was with Little Ethan. She feels bad for going on like this and says that she should be over Ethan. Fox says it's all right and agrees that Ethan betrayed her. Theresa asks Fox if he thinks she still loves Ethan. Fox says he thinks she still at least has some feelings for him. Theresa thinks she is cursed when it comes to men and asks if Fox is sure he wants to be with her. Fox says yes, but they can take it slow. He admits he thought his mystery woman was the one, but he now realizes he was wrong. Theresa agrees that she thought Ethan was the one as well.


Beth finds Mrs. Wallace planning to escape town with Precious. Mrs. Wallace says that they want to leave town so they won't have to testify on Beth when she is caught for her crimes. Beth says she will not be caught; she still has a plan to get rid of Gwen. Mrs. Wallace says that Gwen is on to Beth, but Beth says Luis still believes she was sick during the accident. Mrs. Wallace asks how Beth will keep Gwen from exposing her. Beth says not to worry because Sheridan and Gwen will soon be gone. Beth later calls the hospital to check on Sheridan's condition and learns that Sheridan is isolated, but Gwen has been released. Beth comments that Sarah won't be alone in the cemetery for very much longer. She leaves the house.


Ethan tells Little Ethan that he will be back with his mother soon. He tells Little Ethan that he is helping to get him back to Theresa. He imagines that when Theresa regains custody of Little Ethan, she will share a passionate reunion with him (Ethan). Meanwhile, in Gwen's room, she looks for a book that she realizes she must have left in the car. She decides to go see Ethan first and finds him fantasizing. She asks what he was thinking about, but Ethan says he must be really tired. Gwen says she will come back to bed with him after she gets a book from the car. After she leaves, Ethan tells Little Ethan that Theresa can never know he is helping her.

Meanwhile, Beth arrives and finds Gwen's car and begins to tamper with the engine. All of a sudden, she hears Gwen coming and hides. After Gwen gets her book, she hears a noise and asks who's there. Beth thinks she is trapped. She knocks down some paint cans to fall on Gwen. Gwen lies unconscious, and Beth thinks she is dead.


Liz tries to get Whitney to reveal the truth she knows to TC. However, Simone interrupts when she returns from the ski trip. She tells them all about how bad it was and what happened. She compares Charity and Reese’s romp hurting Jessica to Chad and Whitney hurting her. Simone can’t believe it when Whitney reveals that Chad is back in town. Simone is upset when Whitney says that Chad asked to get back together with her (Whitney). Whitney says she thought Simone was with John now. Simone says she isn’t sure about her relationship with John. Whitney asks Simone to forgive her, but Simone refuses. Whitney says they need each other now more than ever. Simone is curious as to what Whitney means. TC comes in and tries to calm Simone down after she rants about Chad wanting Whitney again. Meanwhile, Liz again tries to manipulate Whitney into revealing the truth about Eve to TC.


Eve, Julian, and Luis hear Sheridan screaming. Meanwhile, Alistair turns up the voltage on the “electroshocker” all the way to high to punish Sheridan for leading her mother to an early death. Eve, Julian, and Luis run into Antonio and Pilar. Antonio tries to assure them that Sheridan is all right, but Eve is still worried about the screams she is hearing. Luis wants Antonio to let Eve see Sheridan, but Antonio refuses, saying that Sheridan is just going through some intense therapy. Alistair comes up and refuses to tell Luis or anyone what is going on with Sheridan. Luis says he just wants the best for Sheridan. Alistair says Dr. Ackland is the best doctor Sheridan could have. Julian takes Alistair aside and asks what is going on with Sheridan. Alistair tries to say he is helping her, but Julian realizes he is lying. He says that he knows, just as much as his mother knew, that Alistair hates Sheridan. He says it is time for him to stand up for Sheridan; Eve helped him to realize this. Alistair calls Eve a whore, and Julian says Eve is a good woman, and he will keep the promise he made to his mother. Alistair is upset that Julian could talk about a saint (Katherine) and a drug addicted slut (Eve) in the same sentence. Julian then punches his father. Alistair promises Julian will pay for this.

Luis and Antonio start one of their many arguments about Sheridan. Luis wants Eve to see Sheridan, but Antonio refuses. Antonio says the only way he will let Eve see Sheridan is if Pilar tells him who she thinks Sheridan should be with. Pilar says Luis. Antonio is very upset and says the only person that believes in him and Sheridan is Alistair. He refuses to let anyone see Sheridan at all.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ackland asks Sheridan who she loves, hoping she has forgotten Luis. Sheridan answers that she loves Luis. Dr. Ackland is forced to continue the therapy.

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