Passions Update Thursday 2/5/04

Passions Update Thursday 2/5/04

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Miguel is upset that Charity is dancing with the guys again. Kay tries to convince him not to confront her, but he does anyway. Charity wants Miguel to leave her alone, but he refuses. He wants to talk with her. Meanwhile, Kay is upset that Miguel just can't let go of Charity. Miguel wants Charity to leave with him, but she wants to continue partying with the boys. Miguel tells her that the guys just probably want her for sex. Charity brings up the fact that Miguel slept with Kay while they were together and blamed it on evil. Meanwhile, Simone tells Kay that she can't believe Charity is acting like this. Back on the dance floor, Miguel tries to take Charity away, only to wind up throwing punches with the other guys who demand she stay. Miguel is taken away by security. He watches Charity continue dancing and remembers some happy moments the two shared together. Meanwhile, Charity performs a striptease for the guys.


Luis is speeding to get to Eve's to get help to save Sheridan. Meanwhile, Julian prays that they get there in enough time for him to help Eve when Whitney reveals the truth about their past.


Whitney plans on telling TC everything. However, Eve says they should discuss this alone again. Liz taunts Eve that this is it, etc. Whitney is about to reveal all to TC. Outside, Julian and Luis arrive. Although Luis tells Julian not to go inside, once Luis gets a call from Ethan, Julian sneaks in. TC can't believe Julian Crane is here. He tells Julian to leave, but Julian says he is here to see Eve. Luis comes in and says that both of them are concerned with Sheridan and need Eve's help. TC refuses to believe that Julian gives a damn about Sheridan and wants him to leave. Julian refuses, and TC goes after him, throwing punches. The fight ends as TC throws Julian out of the house. Later, Julian, Eve and Luis head off to the hospital. After TC leaves the room, Liz tries to convince Whitney that now would be the perfect time for Whitney to tell TC what she needs to tell him.


In her room, Sheridan dreams about all the moments that have occurred since she has been committed. Outside, Alistair demands that Dr. Ackland assure that Sheridan has no memory of Luis or he will be forced to perform more electroshock therapy. Later, Dr. Ackland visits Sheridan and asks her all about her family and friends. She says there is one person who loves her so much and wants to help her out of here, but she can't remember who it is. She finally realizes that it's Luis. After Dr. Ackland leaves the room, Alistair tells him that he is to tell Sheridan that she can see Luis, but he will really take her to the electrotherapy room to rid the rest of her memories. Later, Sheridan is happy to be seeing Luis until she walks in the electrotherapy room and realizes she has been lied to and is trapped. Dr. Ackland straps her to the gurney and begins to perform electrotherapy as Sheridan screams. Meanwhile, Eve, Julian and Luis arrive and can hear Sheridan's screams.

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