Passions Update Wednesday 2/4/04

Passions Update Wednesday 2/4/04

By Suzanne
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At the club in the ski lodge, Kay and Miguel continue to debate whether the slutty Charity they see is the "real" Charity or not. Jessica and John come in; they are amazed to see Charity and also surprised to see Kay and Miguel back. Charity keeps carrying on as her "friends" watch in disgust. Miguel keeps defending her. He wonders if one of those guys put something in her drink. Finally he goes over to Charity and insists that she come with him. She resists, so he throws her over his shoulder and carries her out. Jessica is particularly upset about Charity because of what happened with Reese, so she walks away from the rest. Simone sticks up for Charity to Kay, and John is sympathetic. Kay doesn't appreciate them being on Charity's side. When Kay hears that Miguel and Charity are making up, she rushes out.

Outside, Miguel asks Charity what the hell is wrong with her. She says she was just having fun. He points out that this didn't used to be her idea of fun. She grows quiet as he lists the kinds of things she normally likes doing for fun, and then he says he still loves her, even after seeing her in bed with Reese. He knows this isn't her. He begs her to tell him why she's distancing herself from him. She flashes back again to making the deal with the demon. He wants to help her and says he will do anything. She doesn't say anything. He says he will go get some coffee for them and then when he returns, they can talk it out. She seems willing to try. He leaves. Kay eavesdrops but then rushes in and tells Charity to stop playing with Miguel's feelings. They bicker about Miguel, as usual. Kay puts a big guilt trip on Charity, using Maria to do it. Charity agrees to leave Miguel alone, and then she goes back into the club. Miguel returns, wondering where Charity went. Kay tells him that she went back into the club. He goes back in and sees Charity dancing on the tables with the hunky guys again.  He is shocked.

Julian keeps walking on the docks, talking to himself. Luis comes back to get the gloves he left behind. He asks Julian if he is still thinking about his lost love. He is amazed that he's seen a vulnerable side to Julian and offers him advice: go to his love and be with her because there's nothing more important than the woman you love. Julian says it's impossible; it's too late. Luis disagrees and says that with all wealth, power, etc. no woman would turn him down. Julian says it doesn't matter because she's married and devoted to her husband and family. Luis is glad and also surprised when Julian says he would never try to break that up. Julian agrees that he's never held marriage in high regard, but he respects her and her marriage. Luis isn't sure he believes what Julian is saying. Julian thanks him for his advice but reiterates that it's too late. Luis can't believe it but says he feels sorry for Julian. However, Luis says he's right, he should have stood up to Alistair. Julian advises him again to stand up to Alistair now. Luis tells him not to worry, he won't let Alistair get away with it, and he starts to walk away. Then he stops and says, maybe Julian does have a chance with this woman he loves. Julian says it's impossible. Luis suggests that maybe she could get divorced or maybe be widowed one day. Julian at first laughs at the idea but then realizes maybe Luis is right about there being a chance. He says that while he wouldn't break up their marriage, one of her children does know about them and thinks that they are having an affair. He laments that he has caused the mother to suffer and now he is causing the daughter pain. Luis continues to be amazed at how caring Julian is. He wonders if Julian has talked to the daughter about this situation. Julian says that she is too emotional and won't listen to them when they try to talk to her. Luis feels sorry for him and says it sounds like the situation is out of his hands. Julian wonders if maybe he should go be there for her, to make up for the time when he wasn't there when she needed him. Luis agrees that he should go there and be there for her, if he loves her that much. Luis is about to leave to go see Sheridan, but then he realizes Eve go help him get into the hospital. Julian says he'll go with him. This confuses Luis because he thought Julian was about to go see the woman he loves. Julian says he is. Luis says, "The women you love is at Eve's house?" (Duh, Luis!) Julian covers by saying he's going with Luis because of Sheridan, his sister. Luis agrees and goes to get the car. Julian talks to himself some more about Eve. Julian and Luis drive to Eve's house. Luis talks about getting Sheridan out of the psych ward. Julian thinks to himself that he hopes they get to the Russell house in time so he can be there when Whitney tells T.C. the truth.

T.C. waits for Whitney to tell him all of Eve's secrets. Whitney says it's horrible, but she has to tell him everything. Liz tells Eve that she is about to lose everything she holds dear. Whitney gets all choked up as T.C. talks about how they're her family and they love her. She sees the family picture and flashes back to happier times with them. Whitney says she can't believe this is happening to their family. When she mentions betrayal, T.C. remembers kissing Liz. He apologizes to her, if he hurt her...but she tells him that it's not him. Then he figures it must be Chad that she's talking about. Liz urges her quietly to tell the truth. Eve asks again if she can have a private moment with Whitney, so he leaves them alone again. Liz warns Eve that this is just a stay of execution, then she follows T.C. back into the kitchen. Eve pleads with Whitney to listen to her. Whitney again starts berating Eve, calling her a whore and other names. Eve grabs Whitney to stop her from going back to T.C. They keep arguing. Eve says that she is not cheating on T.C. Julian has just been very supportive lately. She won't answer Whitney as to why she kissed Julian. Whitney says she used to want to be like Eve but now she doesn't want to be anything like her. She'd rather be dead. There are more tears as Whitney tells Eve how horrible she is and how she doesn't want to be like her.

T.C. wonders how you deal with someone that has betrayed you. Liz says something about how he will find out, so he tells her to stop with the innuendo. He sticks up for Eve and tells her that even though he kissed her, he loves his wife. Liz points out how upset Whitney is. She asks him what if he's wrong; Whitney's behavior may be based on something else other than Chad's betrayal. He doesn't want to hear it. She says that she knows first-hand about a sister's betrayal. T.C says, "Your sister" and asks how he can be so blind. Liz seems happy that he finally knows the truth. He says that her sister is Eve, but really what he means is that Liz is just equating her sister with Eve. He says she shouldn't blame Eve for what her sister did. Liz is frustrated that he doesn't understand what's going on. Liz stops T.C. from going back into the other room when he hears more loud arguing. She says that Eve is exactly like her sister. He asks what she means and how they are alike. Liz tells him to go talk to his wife and daughter to find out the answers he needs. T.C. gets distracted because he thought he heard something in Eve and Whitney's yelling. He goes in and asks them what he heard about someone being unfaithful. Whitney starts to talk, but T.C. tells her to calm down. Of course he thinks that Whitney is again talking about Chad's betrayal. Eve tells Whitney about all of the dreams she had for her and how much she loves her. When Eve mentions that she always wanted to be a good role model, T.C. says that she has been a great one. Whitney prepares to set him straight. Eve again talks about Whitney as a child, and how she wanted to have a sister for her (she looks at Liz as she talks about this). They bring up how Chad came between Simone and Whitney, which distracts Whitney. Eve remembers fighting with Liz about their past. Whitney then says she wants to bring out the truth, with her sister as well as everyone else.

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