Passions Update Tuesday 2/3/04

Passions Update Tuesday 2/3/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Miguel and Kay are driving in a car back through the mountains. Kay is chattering on about Maria and how she'll be so glad to get home. Miguel is distracted, still thinking about Charity in bed with Reese. He defends Charity to Kay, saying that she's not like that. Kay points out that people change. Maybe because Miguel has changed (has responsibilities now), she wants to go out and have fun, not stay at home. Kay thinks it will be a long time before she settles down with anyone. Kay says she knows that he's hurting, but she's not surprised about Charity's actions. Miguel isn't sure Kay is right because he did talk to Charity about being tied down, seeing other guys, etc. Kay says that she must not have meant it, or she wouldn't have been in bed with Reese. They come upon a roadblock. A cop tells them that they have to turn around because the snow is causing the roads to be closed. They debate what to do. Kay suggests they go back to the lodge to see if they can get a room (even though they were told there are none), so he agrees.

Simone asks Charity how she is. Charity is standing in front of a fire with a coat on. She says she went for a walk. Simone is concerned, which surprises Charity because she thought everyone was mad at her. Simone says no one is mad at her except for Jessica. She says Jessica will understand that her being with Reese had to be some kind of mistake. Charity asks her why she thinks that. Simone says it's not like her. Charity says that maybe she should be that way. She wants to be bad now because she doesn't think you can get anywhere by being good. Simone looks disconcerted. They sit down and discuss it. Simone tells Charity that people admire her for her goodness. Charity talks about Kay and how she's gotten what she wants. Simone points out that Miguel loves her, not Kay. Charity flashes back to promising the demon that she will give up Miguel in order to save Maria. Charity mentions something about that, so Simone wonders what she means. Charity says it's nothing. She says she has to get out of there. She can't stand things the way they are and says again that she wants to stop being so good. Simone tells her that she's worried about her. Charity tells her to worry about everyone else, not her.

Miguel and Kay return to the lodge; they find Simone there. Miguel wants to get two rooms, but Kay points out they can't afford it. Miguel doesn't want to give her the wrong impression, but he gives in to the logic of not wasting money. As he goes to ask about the rooms, Simone chastises Kay, as usual, for her behavior. Simone asks Kay what she did to Charity. She knows that Charity wouldn't just act so weird; Kay must be behind it. Simone tells her about how Charity wants to start being bad now. Kay is delighted to hear it. She never bought her act anyway, she says. She laughs as Simone glares at her. Miguel returns to say that all of the rooms are filled up. Miguel and Simone are hungry, so they hope that the club serves food (the restaurant is full). They hear music coming from the club, so they go in to see what's up. They see a girl in a skimpy outfit dancing with five guys in a slutty way. Then, they see it's Charity. They can't believe it. She gets up on a table and starts to dance. They stare as Charity kisses the guys and comes on to them. Miguel wants to go help her because something is wrong. Kay stops him and says that Charity is obviously having fun. He says that's not the kind of girl Charity is. Kay says maybe she didn't used to be, but she's not that girl anymore.

Julian walks outside, thinking about Simone yelling at him about how she was going to tell T.C. about Julian and Eve. Julian talks out loud to himself. Luis comes up and grabs Julian, upset about Alistair. He wants to know what Julian and Alistair are doing to Sheridan. Julian has no idea what he's talking about. Luis doesn't believe him. Julian only knows that Antonio had Sheridan committed, and he had nothing to do with putting Sheridan away. Luis tells him that he saw Sheridan today and she looks terrible. Julian says he's sorry but he doesn't know anything about it. Luis confides that he snuck in to see her. Luis is suspicious about why Alistair, who never cared about his daughter, is all of a sudden by her bedside all of the time. She is isolated from all of the other patients. Julian swears again that he has no idea. Luis pledges to get her out of the hell-hole. He is walking away when Julian says, "You really do love my sister, don't you?" Luis says he does, but he doesn't expect Julian to understand that. Luis says he is incapable of feeling that kind of love (Luis puts Julian down a lot during these scenes but Julian never denies it). Julian has a flashback to talking to Eve about their baby and their "great love". Julian says Luis is wrong; he had that kind of love, but he lost it. Luis doesn't believe it. They argue about it. Julian tells him that he's right to suspect Alistair because if he's involved, he's up to no good. He lists how Alistair works when he wants something. Luis already knows how Alistair works. Julian tells him that he should fight for Sheridan with everything he can because he will need to. Luis says that Ivy already told him that; Julian says she was right. Luis is amazed that Julian is telling him to go up against his own father. Luis reminds him that he helped Alistair keep him and Sheridan apart for years. Julian says it's a new day and he could help Luis with Sheridan. Luis, encouraged by Julian's new attitude, says he doesn't understand how Alistair can be so heartless, especially when it comes to his own child. Julian says that he doesn't think his father has any feelings like love or compassion. To him they are weaknesses to be exploited. Luis wonders if Alistair did something to make Julian lose his great love and who she was. Julian says it doesn't matter; the important thing is that he didn't have the courage to stand up to Alistair. He urges Luis again to get Sheridan out of the psych ward. Luis assures him that he will and leaves. Julian talks out loud to Alistair about how he ruined his life and it's too late for him now.

T.C. defends Eve to Whitney. Whitney says she wants to tell him all about Eve's lies and betrayals. Liz lurks nearby, hoping that this is the end for Eve and T.C.   T.C. thinks he knows why Whitney is so angry. He thinks it's because Eve now agrees with him about her not seeing Chad. Whitney tries to say something, but T.C. goes on and on about Chad. Whitney gets so upset that she can't say anything, so Eve asks T.C. to go into the kitchen so she and Whitney can talk. T.C. goes into the kitchen.  Whitney is not in any mood to hear what Eve has to say. Eve tries to explain, but Whitney won't let her. Whitney remembers all of the times Eve preached to her and Simone about being good and honest. Whitney goes on and on about how she felt about her mother, and about her parents' perfect marriage. Eve cries and tries to hug Whitney. Whitney won't have it. Eve sobs that she loves them both so much. Whitney yells that Eve ruined everything that she believed in by having an affair with Julian. Eve says it isn't what she thinks. Whitney is disgusted because Julian said the very same thing. Whitney, also crying, asks Eve what she is getting out of this. She asks if Eve is in love with Julian, or if she's just in it for the money, or if she's just a tramp and a whore. Eve finds her backbone for a moment and tells her not to say those awful things to her. Whitney keeps going on about how she's a common slut. Eve says she never cheated on her father and she goes on about how much she loves T.C.   Whitney wants to know why she was hiding at the mansion if she has nothing to feel guilty about. Eve gives up trying to explain and says Whitney can do what she needs to do. She says she doesn't have the energy any more. She wanted to protect them, but she can see it's useless.

Liz finds T.C. sitting in the kitchen and asks him if he's all right. T.C. is feeling confused about what Whitney was alluding to and why she has such a bad attitude against her mother. Liz pretends to be in the dark, too, as she listens to T.C. talk about what Whitney said. T.C. talks about how honest and good Eve is. He wonders why Whitney is acting so bad because both he and Eve are good people; he declares that it's not in her genes to be anything but good. Liz thinks to herself that he's in for a real shock. Liz says that perhaps everything is not as perfect as he thinks. She points out that maybe he's having trouble accepting where Whitney's behavior might be coming from. He agrees that he's been in denial. He looks upset. T.C. says it's too painful to accept that he's the one responsible for Whitney's behavior. Liz mentions that when a child learns about a parent cheating, so he thinks she means their kiss. He beats himself up for messing up the values that Eve laid out for their children and betraying her. Liz clams up, even though she wants to tell him the truth.

T.C. goes back to the living room and tells Whitney and Eve that they are going to sit down and talk about this.

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