Passions Update Monday 2/2/04

Passions Update Monday 2/2/04

By Suzanne Lanoue
Pictures by Juanita

Gwen, sitting in bed, checks her thermometer before Ethan comes in. She asks him where he was, so he flashes back to Theresa throwing him out. He lies that he was out for a walk. She tells him that it's time to make a baby, so he gets in bed and they start kissing. They make love while funky music plays; there are lots of candles lit in the room. Afterwards, they lie around in bed naked and talk about making another child. Gwen starts getting upset about Theresa and Little Ethan so he suggests they avoid that subject. Gwen talks about missing her baby girl. Ethan says that Sarah is always going to be in their hearts, but they have to look forward, to the future. They hope they just made a new baby. He turns off the light so she can go to sleep (don't forget the candles!). He thinks he hears something so he gets up to investigate. Ethan puts on his pants and goes out. Later, there is a knock on the door. It's Rebecca. She wonders where Ethan went, so Gwen tells her. Rebecca suggests to her that she try to get pregnant as soon as possible. She doesn't think it's a good idea that Ethan bonds so much with "Theresa's little brat". Gwen admonishes her for calling the boy that but lets her know that they are already trying to get pregnant again. Rebecca is delighted to hear it. Gwen laughs; she can't believe that her mom came in her room in the middle of the night to make sure she's having sex. After Rebecca leaves, Gwen remarks that she's got to start locking that door.

Theresa is at a door, looking upset. We're supposed to think she's at Ethan and Gwen's door. She walks in and looks even more upset, but it's Little Ethan's door (not big Ethan's). She turns on the light and comforts him because he is crying. He had a nightmare. Ethan goes in and finds Theresa in bed with Little Ethan, who has fallen back asleep after she read him a story. Theresa gets up to leave, worried that Ethan called the law. She is upset. Ethan agrees that she should visit her child. She wonders why he helped the take away her child if he feels that way. He has no explanation for that. He agrees not to tell anyone she was there. Theresa leaves Little Ethan something under his pillow (looks like a Valentine; it's heart-shaped). She bids goodnight to both Ethan's.

A maid tells Rebecca that Theresa is there, just as Ethan is coming out of her room. Rebecca is annoyed and tells Theresa that she's going to jail. Theresa thinks Ethan told her so she's upset because he just promised he wouldn't. Gwen comes running in, wondering what's going on. Fox does, too. Rebecca tells them all that Theresa is trespassing and will be arrested. Gwen gets annoyed at Ethan, thinking he knew that Theresa was there. So, now, both women are mad at him. Theresa slugs him. Gwen feels sympathy for him then. As Rebecca yells about having her arrested, Fox escorts her out, saying he will make sure she's gone. Rebecca yells at Ethan for letting Theresa be there, so he sets them straight that he just found out. He says he doesn't think it's a big deal that she wants to see her son.

Outside, Fox walks Theresa out. She is very upset and tells Fox about Little Ethan having the nightmare. She can't believe that no one was there to comfort her and that Ethan lied to her and told Rebecca. He tries to comfort her as she says she feels so alone. He promises her that he's right there and not going anywhere. He says she will see her son as often as he can sneak him to her. She talks about how great he is. She wishes she hadn't spent so much time being in love with Ethan when he was there all along.

Gwen and Ethan go back to their room. Gwen gives him a wet cloth for his face. They talk about the situation but of course he takes Theresa's side and she can only see the opposite side. He is looking out the window when he sees Fox and Theresa kissing.

Sam and Ivy worry about Luis and how upset he is about Sheridan. Sam is more worried about Luis losing his job, but Ivy thinks Luis is doing the right thing in trying to get Sheridan out of the psych ward. Sam doesn't know how a father can do that to his own child. Ivy looks upset so Sam suddenly looks concerned about her. In her room, Ivy frets. Sam visits, still concerned. She is feeling empathy because she can't stand when two people are in love and they are kept apart by other people's manipulations. They talk about Sheridan's problems. Sam wonders if Alistair really hates Sheridan so much because of her mother's death. Ivy sincerely believes it. She also thinks that Alistair is using Antonio to keep Luis and Sheridan apart (even though he is also a Lopez-Fitzgerald). She is touched by how much love and devotion Luis has for Sheridan. Sam agrees. She wonders if Sam would have gone to such great lengths for her; he says he would have, absolutely. She is touched. She puts her hand on his face and says she didn't think she could possible feel more for him than she did when they were young and in love, but she was wrong. They kiss but are interrupted by his cell phone. He has to leave; she says she understands and besides, they shouldn't rush into anything. Before he leaves, she says that they have to do something to help Luis and stop Alistair. She goes on and on about it, then she looks faint. He helps her to the bed, worried about her. She hgs him when he promises to do what he can for Luis.

T.C. and Eve prepare for a nice relaxing evening at home, but Eve is on edge, looking out the window, which he notices. She flashes back to her hiding from T.C. when Julian was there. Eve covers and kisses him, thanking him for making dinner. Liz lurks nearby, thinking evil thoughts about Eve.

Whitney talks to Fox about her mom and Julian. She calls her a slut and a hypocrite for fooling around with Julian behind her father's back. Fox points out that she doesn't have any proof, but she ignores it. She intends to tell T.C. right now what's going on. Whitney flashes back to seeing Eve and Julian kissing as Eve greets her at the door. Fox tries to stop Whitney from talking to T.C. until after she's not so upset. Whitney doesn't think it will matter. She doesn't want to hear any explanations from her mother or wait until she's in a better frame of mind. Liz pretends to be upset when Whitney says that Eve is sneaking around behind her father's back. Whitney heads to the kitchen to tell him, but Fox stops her once again. Liz agrees with Whitney, naturally.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, T.C. and Eve are talking about how lucky they are, how happy...jazz music plays on the radio, so they dance. T.C. works on dinner as he tells Eve that they have to put up a united front against Chad when they talk to Whitney. Eve agrees and they kiss. Whitney storms in and pulls them apart. There is a moment of confusion as Whitney thinks that T.C. already knows about Eve and Julian (he is talking about Whitney and Chad). He looks confused as she asks him how he can just stand there and know the truth, and not want to kill someone. The misunderstanding continues.

Liz goes back to the living room; Fox follows. Liz speaks out loud to herself about what a great fall that Eve is going to have. Fox wonders how she can be so cruel. She points out that he's in love with Whitney, even though she is in love with Chad. He says that when you love somebody, you want what will make them happy. She laughs and says he's being noble, but he doesn't buy it. He's a Crane, she says, so he will go after Whitney with a vengeance one day. Fox says that it's not going to happen. Whitney comes back. She says that Fox can leave and thanks him for his help. She says he should probably get back to Theresa. Fox can't argue with that. He tells her to call him if she needs anything; then he leaves. Liz comforts Whitney. Eve and T.C. walk in; Eve yells that she thought Liz went back to her apartment. Liz lies that she is looking for tea, so T.C. suggests she help herself. T.C. tells Whitney that he's glad she wants to talk about this. Whitney is surprised he says that. He says that they were just talking about it and they don't think Chad is the right man for her. Finally she figures out about the confusion. She cries and looks at her mother as Eve and T.C. go on about Chad and how bad he is. When T.C. mentions that Chad is a married man, Whitney asks, "Oh, so you don't think a married man is right for me, Mom? Well, isn't that rich". Liz smiles, eavesdropping in the kitchen. T.C. doesn't know what Whitney meant by that remark. Whitney gets more upset. Eve pleads with Whitney to have a private talk with her. T.C. can't understand why Whitney is being so hostile to her mom. He points out how great Eve is, what a great doctor and mother she is, and how she's a great role model. Whitney scoffs, saying that he doesn't even know his own wife. Whitney says that T.C. needs to hear what she has to say, and right now.

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