Passions Update Thursday 1/29/04

Passions Update Thursday 1/29/04

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Theresa tries to convince Whitney that Eve and Julian cannot be having an affair and that it couldn't have been Eve that Whitney saw at the mansion. Fox comes in and says that it was Eve; he just got back from driving her home. Whitney is upset and Fox and Theresa try to calm her. She says that her mother is guilty as hell and she doesn't even feel like she knows her mother anymore. Later, Whitney decides she needs to think about this and leaves the cottage. Outside, she wonders how long this has been going on and says that it can't last any longer.


Eve pretends to have been at the hospital the whole time. She says she was thankful that she didn't need her medical bag when she went to the hospital because she had told Whitney she could use the car. Eve asks TC about going out to dinner, but TC says he's making pasta primavera. Meanwhile, Liz watches Eve's lies. Julian calls the house and asks Eve how she is because he was worried. Both TC and Liz wonder who it is on the other line. Eve says it's the hospital. TC takes Liz into the kitchen to talk with her. Meanwhile, Eve says that Julian cannot call her here. He said he tried her cell phone but it was turned off. Eve is afraid of what Whitney will say to TC when she gets home. In the kitchen, TC chastises Liz for trying to cast doubts about Eve's fidelity. Liz goes back out and tells Eve that she doubts TC will forgive her. Liz says she wouldn't be surprised if Whitney just came in and told TC everything about Julian. Later, Eve is scared when she thinks Whitney is home, but it's just the neighbors. Liz tells her that Whitney will eventually come home and Eve will have to face the music. TC comes in and wonders what they're talking about. Liz says they were discussing Whitney and TC thinks she meant Whitney and Chad. TC tells Eve that they will have to have a chat with Whitney about getting back with Chad. TC asks Liz to excuse them as he only made dinner for two. Liz makes a comment about nuking a frozen dinner and says that that will be what Eve will do soon. Liz tells Eve that after how Eve raised Whitney, she is sure Whitney will tell TC everything.


Ethan meets with Luis and tells him about a motion he can file which will put Sheridan's case before a board and determine whether or not Dr. Ackland is pursuing the right form of treatment. Luis and Ethan head off to the courthouse to file it.

Meanwhile, after Julian hangs up from Eve, he gets a visit from Whitney. She slaps him for what he has done to her mother and her family. Whitney says she used to always think everyone was wrong about Julian, but now she knows the truth. Julian says he saved Whitney's life that night in the elevator and he deserves the chance to explain, but Whitney refuses to listen. Whitney says that Eve and Julian deserve each other because Eve is a whore and Julian is a bastard. She becomes hysterical and falls into Julian's arms. Julian tries to convince her that she doesn't understand what she walked in on, but Whitney sees it clearly now. She says that she will tell TC everything and next time she will let TC kill Julian.


Luis and Ethan arrive and discuss Sheridan. Luis says he feels her life is in danger and that they have put her in a weird room and when he found Sheridan, she didn't even know who he was. Ethan says he will file the motion right away and Luis says he is going to hospital. Ethan tells Luis to be careful if he runs into Antonio so they don't kill each other. Later, Ethan runs into Woody. Woody thinks that Ethan is at the courthouse about Theresa's custody case, but Ethan tells him that he is here about the love of Theresa's brother's life. Woody thinks that Ethan is trying to indirectly impress Theresa, even though Ethan assures him this is not the case.


After Whitney leaves, Theresa asks Fox to make a promise to be honest with each other. She puts on some jazz and thanks him for not giving up on her when most other guys would for her obsessing over Ethan. Later, Theresa and Fox dance. Theresa comments on Fox's dancing and says she should have known when they won the contest in LA that they were meant for each other. Fox says Theresa is incredibly sexy and any man would be crazy not to want her. Theresa says that Fox is the one who will have her tonight. As Fox and Theresa kiss, Ethan comes to the cottage and sees them together.


Sheridan begs for help as Alistair instructs Dr. Ackland to give Sheridan more electroshock therapy. Dr. Ackland is afraid it will kill her and refuses to obey Alistair. Alistair threatens Dr. Ackland's wife and family if he doesn't obey, so Dr. Ackland has no choice but to go through with it. Meanwhile, Antonio arrives to find Sheridan, but none of the nurses know where she is. Alistair receives a call from one of his girlfriends from the office that informs him Antonio is in the hospital. Alistair leaves to take care of Antonio while Dr. Ackland continues the therapy. Alistair finds Antonio and tries to convince him that Sheridan is in a therapy session now. Antonio knows Alistair is lying and wants to see his wife. Meanwhile, Dr. Ackland continues the therapy as Sheridan screams for him to stop. Antonio hears Sheridan's screams. Alistair tries to convince him it wasn't Sheridan by saying it was some other woman he had passed before who was screaming. Antonio refuses to leave until he sees Sheridan. Meanwhile, Dr. Ackland discovers that Sheridan is unconscious and thinks he has killed her. Alistair returns to the room and is upset to discover that Sheridan does have a pulse. Alistair tells Dr. Ackland to get Sheridan back to her room, but if she continues to remember Luis, they will be having more sessions. Meanwhile, Luis and Antonio run into each other. Antonio is upset that Luis is so suspicious about Sheridan's therapy sessions. Antonio thinks that Luis is afraid Sheridan doesn't love him anymore. He says that Luis is scared to let Sheridan make an honest choice between the two of them. Later, Luis and Antonio continue to bicker over Sheridan. Antonio says that her doctor and her father both agree with him. Luis can't believe Antonio has listened to Alistair because he doesn't care at all for Sheridan. Antonio tries to convince Luis that Alistair cares for Sheridan, but Luis disagrees. Later, the two see Sheridan wheeled out and continue to argue. Dr. Ackland says that Luis is on to Alistair, but Alistair isn't worried because Sheridan's memory has been wiped clean of Luis. Meanwhile, Luis begs Antonio to do something to save Sheridan.

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