Passions Update Wednesday 1/28/04

Passions Update Wednesday 1/28/04

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Whitney remembers overhearing Fox talking to Little Ethan about sacrifices and tells Chad she needs to sort things out between them. Inside, Fox and Theresa agree that they'd be good together. Whitney comes back in and tells Theresa and Fox that she isn't sure she and Chad will get back together. Fox decides to go outside. Theresa tries to convince Whitney to forgive Chad, but she is unsure since he lied to her. Theresa says this isn't just about Whitney and Chad, and Whitney says it's also about her mom and Julian. She can't shake the feeling they're together. Outside, Chad says to Fox that he doesn't know what he has to do to get Whitney back. Inside, Theresa tries to convince Whitney that the only reason Eve and Julian were hugging was because he had donated that money for the new wing, but Whitney is still skeptical. Phyllis comes in to get Little Ethan and tells Theresa and Whitney all about the fight between TC and Julian up at the mansion. Fox, Theresa and Whitney head up to the mansion while Phyllis stays with Little Ethan.


Eve is trapped in the other room as Liz spots her. TC demands Julian tell him where she is, but Julian continues saying she's not there. TC goes after Julian, and Liz taunts Eve that this is it, TC will find out everything. Later, as Julian keeps denying that Eve is at the mansion and he and TC fight, Liz tells Eve that it will be all her fault if TC kills Julian. Whitney, Theresa, and Fox all arrive at the mansion. Whitney tries to stop the fight but is unsuccessful. TC says that he knows Eve is here and he is going to find her. Later, Whitney spots Eve around the corner. To protect her, she tells TC she drove the car up to the mansion. Theresa and Fox wonder why Whitney is saying this; they are unaware that Eve is at the mansion. Whitney says that she came here to see Chad. TC's mind wanders from Eve to Chad and he is upset Whitney has decided to give him another chance. Chad bursts in and TC goes after him. Fox and Theresa are confused about why Whitney is lying. Meanwhile, Eve can't believe that Whitney is lying for her. Julian asks Fox to get Eve out of here. Fox and Eve sneak out of the mansion as he takes her home. TC finally decides to leave and go home. He and Liz leave while Whitney stays.


TC and Liz return home to find Eve waiting for them. Eve is now in a dress and ready to go out to dinner. She says she's been at the hospital the whole time. Liz thinks that Eve's nine lives are almost up.


Fox returns and congratulates Chad for getting back with Whitney. Chad says they're not back together; he doesn't know why Whitney said that. Fox tells Chad to be good to Whitney because she needs him the most right now.


Hank returns from his trip to the drugstore with the guard. Luis says that he needs to find Sheridan because he heard her scream. Meanwhile, Alistair wants to make sure that Dr. Ackland has erased all of Sheridan's memories and orders that he continue the therapy now. Later, Luis tries to get into the psych ward to see Sheridan, but the door is locked. Hank tries to convince him the screams may have been someone else's, but Luis knows it was Sheridan's. In the therapy room, Alistair is upset that Sheridan is still alive. Dr. Ackland goes to return Sheridan to her room, but Alistair demands that he continue the therapy. Alistair says that he wants Sheridan isolated from everyone until her memories are all erased. Meanwhile, Luis and Hank are on their way to finding Sheridan. Later, Alistair and Dr. Ackland head back to Dr. Ackland's office. After they leave, Luis and Hank find Sheridan unconscious. Meanwhile, Alistair says that Dr. Ackland likes being named chief of psychiatry, and he knew what would come with the title. Ackland never thought it would go this far. He says he made an oath to heal people, but Alistair says he owns Ackland and Ackland will do whatever he tells him. In the therapy room, Sheridan finally awakes to Luis, but she doesn't remember who he is. Meanwhile, Dr. Ackland continues to drink whiskey and fear what everyone else will think about Sheridan not being in her room. Alistair says Ackland will come up with an explanation. Ackland says the only upside to Sheridan being isolated will be that she can't see Luis or it would trigger her memories. Alistair calls for security around Sheridan's room. Meanwhile, Sheridan finally begins to remember Luis and says he was gone from her heart. Later, Hank sees the security coming and he and Luis have to leave. Luis promises he will get Sheridan out of here as soon as he can. Dr. Ackland arrives and Alistair says that he should give Sheridan another treatment. As Luis and Hank leave, they hear some guards talking about "the big man" (Alistair, I think) and Luis is afraid of what will happen to Sheridan. Luis wants to go back, but Hank says Alistair could have him arrested. Meanwhile, Alistair forces Dr. Ackland to continue giving Sheridan therapy as Sheridan screams.

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