Passions Update Tuesday 1/27/04

Passions Update Tuesday 1/27/04

By Mike
Pictures by Juanita


Tabitha watches Charity and Miguel's argument. She later has a fantasy that she is royalty, having servants like Kay. She has Miguel and Charity in chains and plans to throws to Fluffy. In real life, she and Endora again watch Charity and Miguel. Later, Tabitha says she and Endora will never have to worry about Charity and Miguel again.


Kay leaves as Miguel and Charity talk. Kay hopes Charity leaves Miguel alone. Later, Miguel asks why Charity was with Reese. She says she doesn't have an explanation for him and wants him to leave her alone. Miguel asks if she's in love with Reese. Charity says of course not, something just came over her that made her get in bed with Reese. Miguel says that if she could make love to Reese, she could make love to him, so why don't they do it now? Charity says no, Miguel has to worry about Kay and Maria. Miguel says he doesn't love Kay, but Charity says it doesn't matter. Miguel promises he will make Charity top priority, but she tells him to stop making promises he can't keep. Meanwhile, Reese tells Jessica that he can't explain how this happened. Jessica says she's caught Reese with two women now (Kay at the movies and now Charity). Kay comes in the room and goes on about Charity being a slut. Jessica says she believes Kay now. Later, Kay and Miguel decide to return to Maria. Kay vows Miguel will be hers. Meanwhile, Charity can't believe how terrible it feels to be good. She decides she will be bad. Tabitha watches delightfully.


TC wonders why Eve would be at the Crane Mansion. He decides he's going to the mansion to see what's up.


Eve can't believe Julian found a picture of their son. Julian says the hospital took it the day he was born. Eve says thank you. Later, TC and Liz arrive on the grounds, but can't find signs of Eve's car. Liz later finds Eve's car hidden. TC wonders why Eve would hide her car. Meanwhile, Julian promises to find their son by the end of this year. Eve says she is grateful and always thinks of her son. Julian says he feels closer to his and Eve's son than his own kids. Eve says she thinks she remembers seeing a little bit of Julian in her son when he was born. Later, TC wonders why Eve is here and tells Liz there is no way he would believe she was here to have a fling with Julian. He thinks maybe she has to take care of a sick servant. Liz maintains that Eve is here to see Julian and suggests she and TC go find her. Meanwhile, Julian and Eve discuss how Eve will be with her son soon and how her family will react. They hear footsteps and Eve says she can't let anyone see her here. TC and Liz burst in and ask Julian where Eve is. He says Eve isn't here. TC goes after Julian as Liz sees Eve hiding around the corner.


Inside, Theresa begs Whitney to give Chad another chance. Outside, Fox calls Chad to come to the cottage to see Whitney. Fox mourns to himself that he's lost Whitney for good. Later, Fox tells Little Ethan how he has to do the right thing for the woman he loves. Inside, Whitney tells Theresa that she will take some time to think about getting back with Chad. Whitney says she is going to leave and Theresa asks why she looks so upset. As they walk outside, Fox tells Little Ethan all about how he has to sacrifice Whitney. Later, Theresa asks how Fox could lead her on like this. Fox tries to deny it, but Theresa says both she and Whitney heard him. Whitney secretly hopes she is the one Fox is in love with. Chad shows up and mentions that Fox called him. Theresa realizes she has been mistaken and asks Fox to forgive her. Theresa and Fox go inside and agree to try and have a committed relationship. Meanwhile, Chad and Whitney talk. Chad wants forgiveness, but Whitney says she isn't sure. She watches Theresa and Fox inside.


Dr. Ackland tells Alistair that Sheridan is in a deep sleep. Alistair says he wants Dr. Ackland to erase Sheridan's memories of Luis. Dr. Ackland says even if he did agree to do this, it could take months. Alistair says he will have Dr. Ackland's medical license taken away if he doesn't do this. Dr. Ackland finally agrees. Meanwhile, Luis tries to see Sheridan, but a guard stops him and refuses to let him in. Luis asks if the guard wants Luis to open the door the easy way or the rough way. The guard thinks Luis is gay and tries to flirt with him, but Luis sets him straight (no pun intended). Meanwhile, Dr. Ackland says the only way to erase Sheridan's memories is through electroshock therapy. Alistair tells him to do it now, even though Dr. Ackland objects. Luis watches as Alistair wheels Sheridan off somewhere and tries to get into her room again with no success. Luis convinces the guard that Hank is having some hair troubles while he figures out what is wrong with Sheridan. He sees Mrs. Rich, another psych patient, and asks her where Sheridan is. She will only tell him if he kisses her like he kissed Sheridan in the hot tub. Meanwhile, Dr. Ackland prepares and finally executes the procedure to erase Sheridan's memory as Alistair turns the voltage to high. Outside, Luis hears Sheridan as she screams and runs to her.

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