Passions Update Monday 1/26/04

Passions Update Monday 1/26/04

By Dani
Pictures by Juanita

At the ski lodge, John got Miguel to quit fighting with Reese. Simone told everybody that normally Charity wouldn’t do this and she might be Zombie Charity or under an evil spell. She went and got a Bible from the bed side table and told Charity to hold it. If it burnt her hands then she was under an evil spell if it didn’t then she knew what she was doing. Kay stopped them right before Charity took it and said that Charity would most likely fake the fact that it burnt her so she would get off the hook. Simone said with seven people in the room they could tell if she was faking. When Charity took the Bible nothing happened. Miguel was upset and before he left he asked Charity how her and Reese could have done this to him and Jessica. Miguel left to be alone and Charity went back to her room.

When Reese tried to apologize to Jessica she told him that she hated him. Fox and Whitney were at Sheridan’s cottage talking. Fox told Whitney he wasn’t as great as she though he was. (The kiss they showed at the end of Friday’s episode was Fox’s dream.) Theresa came out from Sheridan’s bedroom and asked Fox if he would take little Ethan outside to ‘look for dinosaurs’ because they only come out at night. When they were outside Theresa asked Whitney if she was in love with Fox. Whitney promised her that she wasn’t. While little Ethan was playing outside Fox called Chad and told him to come to the cottage because he needed to talk to Whitney.

Julian called Eve because he said he had news that would change her life. She promised she would come and meet him but she had to be home soon because she had a date with TC. Unbeknownst to Eve, Liz was listening to their conversation on the phone downstairs. Liz was disappointed because she didn’t hear where they were meeting. When Eve left she left a note to TC saying she was at the hospital and she would be back soon. By the time TC got home Eve had left. Liz kept dropping hints to him that maybe Eve was having an affair with Julian Crane. TC was disagreeing with her when there was a knock on the door. It was Hank and he said that he saw Eve turn into the Crane estate.

When Eve met Julian she told him that she couldn’t stay long. Julian said that was fine and promised Eve that Whitney wasn’t on the grounds to see them. When Eve asked him what he had he pulled a picture out of an envelope and gave it to her. It was there son, the picture was taken right after he was born. Julian’s investigators had found it in the old files at the hospital.

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