Passions Update Friday 1/23/04

Passions Update Friday  1/23/04

By Dani
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Beth’s visit to Gwen in the hospital was not well received by Gwen. Gwen told Beth that she knew she kidnapped Sheridan’s baby and then tried to run her over. Beth denied everything but Gwen promised her that she would be found out. Gwen told Beth she was going to talk to Dr. Culver and when she found out the truth she was going to tell the world.

Kay told Miguel how much she loved him and that she always had, unlike Charity who had been sending him mixed messages recently. Miguel told Kay that the only way he would give up on a future with Charity was if he found her in bed with another man. Upset, Kay went back to her room. While she was there Tabitha called and told her to go back to Miguel and Reese’s room. Just as Kay got there Miguel walked in on Charity and Reese in bed together. A few seconds later Jessica, Simone, and John showed up too. Jessica told Reese and Charity she never wanted to see either one of them ever again. Miguel was equally mad at both of them and attacked Reese.

Theresa told Whitney how much she loved Fox and how she knew that they would get married. Whitney seemed upset when Theresa said this. Theresa turned on the two way camera that Fox had set up and asked him to bring little Ethan down to Sheridan’s cottage so her and Whitney could see him. Fox agreed and said he’d be down there in a few minutes.

Julian came in to talk to Fox and told his son that if he really loved Whitney he would let her go so she could reconcile with Chad. Fox remained silent and then went to the cottage to meet Theresa and Whitney. Meanwhile Julian got a mysterious package and as soon as he read the contents he called Eve and said he had to talk to her right away.

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