Passions Update Thursday 1/22/04

Passions Update Thursday 1/22/04

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Tabitha thanks Endora for keeping Miguel and Charity apart. Tabitha realizes that Endora has Charity poised to do the deed with Reese. Later, Tabitha and Endora watch as Kay arrives at the ski lodge. She says that it will probably be too much for Kay to handle and asks Endora what she has cooked up for Charity. Tabitha watches Charity kiss Reese and says that Endora will have to work on her timing, but congratulates her on a wonderful job.


In the hot tub, Reese wonders why Charity kissed him. Charity apologizes. Reese meets up with the rest of the gang. Miguel says he looks like he just got the shock of his life. Reese said he did, but not from the hot tub. Later, Jessica wonders why Reese is acting stranger than normal and blames it on the hot tub. Meanwhile, Miguel wonders why Charity is acting weird. He wants to talk about their future, but Charity runs off. Just then Kay arrives. In another room, Charity meets up with Reese again and wants to get sweaty with him. She wants to head back to the hot tub. She kisses him. Meanwhile, Jessica and Simone discover Kay is at the lodge and ask why she is there. They tell her that the lodge is booked, but she plans on sharing a room with Miguel. The girls make Kay share a room with them. Later, Kay calls Tabitha and asks her for help in getting Miguel. Tabitha tells her that Endora has cast a spell to make Charity lose her virginity. She also informs Kay that Charity can sleep with any man and her powers won't come out unless she loves him. Kay wonders who Charity will sleep with, but Tabitha refuses to tell. Meanwhile, in Reese's room, he prepares to go to sleep as Charity bursts in. She jumps into bed with him and arouses him. He says that he is with Jessica, but Charity says not technically if they haven't done it yet. Charity tells Reese that she's seen his body, now he can see hers as she gets naked. Meanwhile, Miguel wonders where Charity is. He and Kay discuss that it's best for them not to spend too much money on this trip for Maria's sake. Kay hopes whatever Tabitha and Endora do works.


In the ER, Ethan returns to Gwen's cubicle and says he couldn't find Dr. Culver. Gwen says she can't believe she just talked to Beth's doctor and calls Beth a homicidal maniac. She says she needs to talk to Dr. Culver because he might know things about Beth's pregnancy that Luis would like to know. Gwen says that Dr. Culver talked about a woman who faked her pregnancy, but Ethan convinces her not to get carried away. Gwen says she won’t rest until she learns the truth about Beth.

Meanwhile, Beth and Luis arrive at the ER. Beth tries to assure Luis she is fine, but he insists she is checked out. He smells smoke and Beth remembers the fire from the heating pad. She says that it's probably a burn victim. The nurse takes Beth to a cubicle and then tells Dr. Culver that there is a patient with a high fever. He decides he will check her out after he sees another patient. In the cubicle, Beth tries to convince Luis to take her home, but he says she should see the doctor. He decides to go check on Sheridan. On his way to the psych ward, Luis visits Ethan and Gwen and tells them that he checked on Beth and she had a fever. Meanwhile, back in Beth’s room, Dr. Culver walks in and discovers it’s Beth Wallace. He asks why she was so mean to his nurse. Beth apologizes for being so cranky because she has a fever. Dr. Culver checks Beth’s temperature and says it is normal. He wonders what kind of insurance scam she’s trying to pull. He says that if he ever sees her again, he will go to the police. Meanwhile, Gwen says that Beth has to be the one who faked her pregnancy. Ethan says they would have heard about it, but Gwen says maybe not because of doctor/patient confidentiality. Ethan says that Gwen just needs to let it go. Gwen tells Ethan she won’t say another word, but to herself says that she will prove Beth had something to do with the hit and run. Back in Beth’s room, a nurse comes in. Beth convinces her that a doctor hasn’t seen her yet and that her temperature is sky high. The nurse says that she will get Dr. Culver. After the nurse leaves, Beth says she needs to get out of here. Later, Beth overhears Gwen making another appointment with Dr. Culver and says that Luis will find out everything.

In the psych ward, Alistair is upset that Sheridan is waking up and orders Dr. Ackland to give Sheridan another dose. Ackland says it is too soon and it could kill her. Alistair says he will inject Sheridan himself then. Alistair enters Sheridan’s room. A groggy Sheridan is happy her father has come to see her. She begs Alistair to help her out of here, but Alistair convinces her to rest. Sheridan makes Alistair unhappy when she begins talking about Luis. He injects the drug in her. Dr. Ackland tells Alistair he very well could have just killed his daughter. Dr. Ackland is scared of what Alistair may have just done. Luis comes up and sees Alistair. He wonders what Alistair is doing here. Alistair says he is here to help his daughter, but Luis doesn’t buy it. Alistair says that he tried to find Sheridan when she was kidnapped, but Luis said he had a funny way of showing it. Alistair tries to convince Luis that Antonio is the right man for Sheridan, but Luis says that the only reason Alistair is trying to get him away from Sheridan is because of the family secrets. Luis goes to see Sheridan, but Dr. Ackland tries to convince him that Sheridan said she doesn’t love him anymore. Luis begs Dr. Ackland to open the door, but Dr. Ackland says he doesn’t have the key. Luis sees Sheridan through the small window and wonders why she’s not moving. Dr. Ackland tries to convince Luis to leave, but he says he won’t until he finds out Sheridan’s ok.


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