Passions Update Wednesday 1/21/04

Passions Update Wednesday 1/20/04

By Dani
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Kay and Tabitha watched the reunion of Charity and Miguel through Tabitha’s magical bowl. Tabitha tried to use her powers to let Kay reach through the bowl and strangle Charity but her powers weren’t strong enough. So, Kay decided to fix the problem her own way. Kay explained to Tabitha that since Charity was a amateur skier an ‘accident’ wouldn’t be that uncommon. With murder on her mind Kay left to the go visit the ski lodge. After Kay left Tabitha told Endora she was worried about Kay’s approach to getting rid of Charity.

At the ski lodge, Charity told Miguel that they couldn’t be together. Miguel asked if she loved him and she said yes but sometimes love wasn’t enough. Jessica and Simone asked to talk to Charity alone. Charity told them that it wasn’t just Kay that was keeping her and Miguel apart, it was Maria too. When they asked Charity what she meant by that she told them that they didn’t understand.

When Dr. Culver went to hospital the nurse asked him to check on a patient that was hit by a car and was worried it might have hurt her chances at getting pregnant. Dr. Culver agreed and when he got the file he saw the patient was none other than Gwen Winthrop. When he went into the room Gwen didn’t know who he was. He checked her over and said she would still be able to have children. He proceeded to tell her about a patient he had who faked her entire pregnancy. He left before he said anymore and just after that Ethan came in and asked Gwen how her meeting with Dr. Culver went. When Gwen realized that it was Dr. Culver she told Ethan to go and get him.

Luis went over to Beth’s to question her about Gwen’s hit and run. Mrs. Wallace told Luis that Beth couldn’t talk because she was in bed. Luis told her he wouldn’t take no for an answer and let himself in and went upstairs to Beth’s bedroom. Beth was coughing and told Luis that she had been in bed since this afternoon with the flu. Luis felt her forehead and said she had a fever. In reality she was laying on an electric blanket and Precious was under the bed controlling the temperature. Luis told Beth of Gwen’s suspicions. When Precious turned the heat on high Luis noticed Beth’s ‘fever’ was getting worse and said he was going to take her to the hospital. Beth refused knowing that Dr. Culver and Gwen were there. Luis said he was going to take her no matter what and went outside to pull his car around. When he left Beth jumped out of the bed because Precious turned the heat up so high only to find that she was on fire!

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