Passions Update Tuesday 1/20/04

Passions Update Tuesday 1/20/04

By Mike
Pictures by Juanita


Miguel holds Maria as he remembers Kay showing him the picture of Charity and Reese. Kay and Tabitha discuss Miguel being sad over Charity, and Tabitha says it was all Kay's idea, showing Miguel the picture, but Kay thanks Endora for her spell to make Reese attractive. Pilar stops by and asks Miguel if he'd like to go to the mountains and she could watch Maria. Kay tries to stop Miguel from going, but he finally decides to go. After Pilar, Miguel and Maria leave, Kay complains to Tabitha that her plan is ruined. Kay asks Tabitha to perform a spell, but Tabitha says her powers aren't what they used to be. She is also scared that Charity will reveal she's a witch when she and Miguel make love and her full powers come out. Later, Kay and Tabitha watch Charity and Miguel reunite at the ski lodge. Kay begs Tabitha to do something again, but Tabitha says she can't. Kay thinks she's lost Miguel forever.


The kids gather in the hot tub with Charity and Reese. Simone can't believe how buff Reese has gotten. They joke with John because he's not as buff as Reese. Simone says she thinks John looks great. (They look awfully close. When are they gonna get together?) Charity still wishes Miguel was at the lodge. Later, all the kids decide to get changed except Reese. He wants to make a call to Miguel, but Miguel arrives and confronts him for being with Charity. Reese says he would never put the moves on Charity. The kids come back down and see Miguel there. Charity runs over and reunites with Miguel. The kids can’t believe that Miguel would think Reese was trying to make the moves on Charity. Miguel apologizes for acting so crazy lately. Later, he tells Charity that he loves her so much.


Theresa tries to convince Whitney that her mother would never get involved with Julian. Whitney says she saw them together twice, so it can’t be a mistake. She calls Eve a whore. Theresa says Whitney shouldn’t talk like that because it has to be a mistake. Pilar arrives with Maria and notices Whitney is upset. She says that it must have been a shock for Whitney to find out about Eve and Julian. Pilar says that Julian donated a new wing in the hospital in Eve’s name. After she and Maria leave the room, Theresa says that that must have been why Julian and Eve were hugging. Theresa goes over and checks on Little Ethan on her computer. She says that she hates Julian, but she’ll have to be nice to him because he’ll be her father-in-law some day soon when she marries Fox. Whitney is surprised.


Outside Culver’s office, Gwen decides to call Ethan. She says that she wishes the nurse would have talked to her about Beth. Meanwhile, Beth prepares to run Gwen over with her car. Gwen tries to talk to Ethan, but they have a bad connection, so they have to hang up. In the car, Beth realizes the emergency break is on and has to fix it. Gwen hears the noise and looks over at Beth’s car. She realizes it’s someone familiar, but can’t tell through Beth’s disguise. When Gwen comes out into the road, Beth puts the car in drive and runs straight into Gwen. Gwen lies unconscious. A group of people gather around and Culver’s nurse comes out to check on Gwen. She says they need to get Gwen to the emergency room.


Alistair is upset Ackland let Luis sneak into Sheridan’s room and wants something done now. Meanwhile, Luis and Sheridan talk about fun it was making love in the hydrotherapy pool. Luis says he will sneak here as often as he can until Sheridan is released. Sheridan says Luis could be caught, but he says he won’t be. Ethan comes in and scares Luis and Sheridan. Ethan can’t believe Luis is in an orderly’s uniform. Sheridan asks where Gwen is. Ethan says she went to see Dr. Culver and Luis wonders why. Ethan tells them that Gwen is planning on having another baby soon. Gwen calls Ethan and tries to tell him about seeing Dr. Culver, but there’s a bad connection, so he hangs up. Meanwhile, Alistair wants Dr. Ackland to give Sheridan a drug that will leave her unable to communicate. In the psych ward, Luis and Sheridan say goodbye as Luis leaves. Ethan helps him sneak into the orderly’s changing room to change. Luis wonders why Gwen is really seeing Culver; if it has to do with Beth. He says maybe since she and Sheridan are so close, she’s starting to believe Sheridan that Beth’s baby is hers. A nurse comes by and tells Ethan that Gwen was hit by a car, so he and Luis rush to the emergency room.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ackland asks a nurse to get a heavy dose of some medicine. The nurse objects, but Dr. Ackland yells at her to do it. After the nurse leaves, he mutters to himself that Sheridan doesn’t stand a chance of getting out of here. Later, Dr. Ackland administers the drug to a hysterical Sheridan.

In the ER, Ethan and Luis burst into Gwen’s room. She only has a scrape on her head. Gwen says Luis can arrest Beth for attempted murder. She says she knows it was Beth who tried to run her over. Luis decides to go talk to Beth. Ethan thinks Gwen’s claims are ridiculous and says that maybe she needs rest. Gwen says that she’s not resting until Beth is caught.


Beth returns home and takes off her blonde wig and glasses. She celebrates killing Gwen. Mrs. Wallace can’t believe that Beth actually killed Gwen. Mrs. Wallace asks Beth if she honestly thinks she’ll get away with this. Beth says she stole a car and wore a disguise and gloves, so there’s no way they can prove it was her. Later, Beth wants to celebrate and turns on the radio for music. An announcer says that Gwen was hit by a car, but she’s still alive and fine. Beth becomes hysterical and asks why “they” made her kidnap Sheridan and her baby and try to kill Gwen. Mrs. Wallace says that Beth is the one who’s crazy and needs to be in the psych ward. Later, Beth says that she could go to the hospital and smother Gwen with a pillow. Luis arrives and knocks on the door. Beth tells Mrs. Wallace to get rid of him. She runs upstairs to hide. Luis tells Mrs. Wallace that he needs to speak to Beth about Gwen. Beth overhears from upstairs and realizes she’s going to jail.

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