Passions Update Monday 1/19/04

Passions Update Monday 1/19/04

By Dani
Pictures by Juanita

A nurse almost walked in on Luis and Sheridan together in her room but Luis hid behind the door. The nurse asked why she hadn’t gone to her hydrotherapy and Sheridan said the orderly said they were running late. When the nurse left Luis got dressed and they snuck down to the hydrotherapy room and made love in the whirlpool.

When Tabitha told Kay about her plan to make Charity the perfect man Kay thought she was crazy because Reese would never make Charity forget about Miguel. Tabitha urged Kay to take a look at Reese’s new body but Kay declined saying she never wanted to see Reese shirtless. Miguel came into the kitchen and asked them what they were talking about. Kay said they were just discussing when to start their daughters on solid food. Miguel told them just to call and ask the pediatrician and then he went back upstairs with Maria. Simone called Kay and said she missed out on a good thing by giving up Reese. When Kay asked what she was talking about Simone sent her a picture of him over the phone. Kay couldn’t believe how ripped Reese’s new body was. When she hung up the phone she told Tabitha her plan may be working after all. Miguel came back downstairs and Kay showed him the picture of Charity and Reese in the hot tub together.

Miguel got upset and said it looked like Charity had moved on. Beth told her mother that she would get away free and clear because Dr. Culver’s office would stop calling since she threatened to sue them. When she got another e-mail from them she called the nurse. The nurse told Beth that Gwen Winthrop was there and if Beth didn’t come down to the office she would tell Gwen everything. Beth said that if the nurse said a word she would sue her for violating doctor/patient confidentiality. When the nurse hung up on Beth, Mrs. Wallace said that Gwen would be the one to expose Beth’s evil plan. Beth picked up a letter opener and promised that Gwen wouldn’t say a word. Mrs. Wallace said the only way to keep Gwen quiet was to kill her and then realized that was exactly Beth’s plan. Beth grabbed her coat and left the house ready to carry out her next murder plot.

After Beth threatened to sue the nurse she told Gwen that she was very busy and couldn’t tell her about Beth. Gwen asked if she talk to Dr. Culver and the nurse said he had to leave right away for an emergency and wouldn’t be back for hours. Gwen was upset but vowed she would find out what Beth was up to. When Gwen left the office she stopped at the curb to call Ethan and unknown to her Beth was disguised in a blonde wig and had just hot-wired a car and was ready to run Gwen down as soon as she stepped into the street.

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