Passions Update Friday 1/16/04

Passions Update Friday  1/16/04

By Dani
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While Gwen was getting ready for her appointment at Dr. Culver’s office Ethan talked her into staying at the mansion and they made love. Ethan told Gwen that for her suspicions about Beth to be correct Beth would of had to kidnap Sheridan, hold her in the pit for months, fake her pregnancy, and deliver Sheridan’s baby.

Gwen told Ethan that she wouldn’t put anything past Beth. Ethan told her that he wouldn’t stop her from going but she won’t find anything out because of doctor/patient confidentiality. Gwen was undeterred and she said she was going anyway.

At the doctor’s office, the nurse told Gwen that Beth was no longer a patient of Dr. Culver’s. When Gwen asked why the nurse said that Beth wasn’t a saint like everybody thinks. Gwen was elated as the nurse prepared to spill the beans about Beth.

At the psych ward, Sheridan and Luis made love. Luis told her that when she gets out of there that just the two of them are going to go away somewhere. Sheridan got upset and said that weren’t going anywhere with out Martin going with them. When Sheridan asked Luis if he thought she was crazy, Luis said no, that she was only confused about the baby.

Kay had a night of seduction planned for Miguel but all he could think about was Charity. Kay had put and aphrodisiac in Miguel’s food but was upset when, instead of eating it he went upstairs to get Maria.

Meanwhile in the kitchen Tabitha and Endora were cooking up another spell to separate Charity and Miguel. Tabitha had cut pictures out of a magazine to make the perfect man for Charity. She put a spell on it to have lust overcome Charity’s love for Miguel but much to Tabitha’s dismay Endora put the spell on a picture of Reese before Tabitha could stop her.

When everybody arrived at the ski lodge Jessica and Simone went upstairs to their rooms. When guys started hitting on Charity, John and Reese called Miguel and told him to come to the lodge. Miguel said no, Charity had moved on. Charity told them she was going to go soak in the hot tub. Unbeknownst to all them Endora had cast the spell on Reese and he went to join Charity in the hot tub.

Beth was annoyed at the fact that she had gotten another letter from Dr. Culver’s office saying that they wanted her to come in and explain what happened when her sugar broke. Beth called the nurse and said that she no longer was a patient of Dr. Culver’s and that if they didn’t stop sending her e-mails she would sue them for harassment.

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