Passions Update Thursday 1/15/04

Passions Update Thursday 1/15/04

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Tabitha walks in and can't believe Kay is dusting. Kay is happy and says she will finally have time alone with Miguel now that Charity has finally given him up to go on the ski trip. She tells Tabitha about her plans to have a fancy dinner for Miguel when he stops by to see Maria. She also plans on romancing him. Tabitha tells her about a potion she has that would help Kay out. Kay decides to put it into the dinner. Tabitha tells Kay all about how it turned Al Capone on. Kay decides to go home and get the things she needs for dinner.


Charity is packing for the ski trip as Jessica tells her about how fun it will be. Charity is still unsure about going. She picks up a picture of her and Miguel and gets upset over it. Kay arrives and sees the picture. She tells Charity that she needs to get a life and stop moping over losing Miguel. Charity finally decides she will go on the ski trip.


Pilar and Miguel are at work. Pilar feels bad that Miguel has to work. She sees how sad he is and he tells her how Charity hasn't called him and that she wanted to end things. Jessica calls Miguel and asks if he wants to come on the ski trip. Miguel says he would, but he has to work. After work, Miguel leaves to go see Kay and the baby.


Kay returns with everything she needs for the dinner. She opens up the window and overhears Charity and Jessica leaving for the ski trip. She is glad Charity listened to her and that she will have Miguel all to herself now.


Luis begs Ethan to try and find out some legal way to free Sheridan, but Ethan doesn't think it's possible. Luis asks what if it was the love of his life. Meanwhile, Gwen searches on her computer about info. on Dr. Culver. She learns that Culver is a specialist and decides to visit him. She says that she and Ethan will start having another child soon. Ethan wonders if this is her idea or if she just wants to find out about Beth's delivery. Meanwhile, Luis leaves to see how Sheridan is at the hospital and says he will find a way to get to her. Later, Gwen schedules an appointment with Dr. Culver.


Sheridan screams for Antonio as he and Beth leave. Beth tries to convince Antonio that he is doing the right thing, but Antonio tells Dr. Ackland he wants to see Sheridan again. However, when he returns to Sheridan, he only tells her that she needs to get help here. Sheridan says that she needs to be with her baby and sees Beth with Martin. Beth argues that Sheridan is crazy and can't even realize Martin isn't hers. After Antonio and Beth leave, Sheridan cries in her room. Later, Beth continues to convince Antonio he is doing the right thing, although he wonders about it.


Antonio arrives to pick up Pilar from work. She is upset to learn he didn't have Sheridan released. He tells her that he knows Sheridan well because he is her husband. Pilar says that she watched Sheridan grow up and knows she's not crazy. Antonio says he has loved her since the island and knows what's best for her. He says that he knows Pilar loves Luis more.


Beth returns home and tells Mrs. Wallace about seeing Sheridan. Mrs. Wallace says that soon Sheridan will realize Martin is hers the way he only drinks her breastmilk. Beth says she will keep him far from Sheridan after he stops nursing. Mrs. Wallace says obviously Beth doesn't watch the soaps because as soon as the villianess thinks everything is all right, everything blows up in her face. Beth says that will never happen to her (a sure sign it will).


An orderly arrives to give food to Sheridan, but she doesn't want it. All of a sudden, she looks up to see Luis, dressed as the orderly. They share a passionate reunion as he promises to get her out of here.

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