Passions Update Wednesday 1/14/04

Passions Update Wednesday 1/14/04

By Dani
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Sam stopped over at TC’s after leaving the psych ward. TC asked Sam what it was like with Ivy living in the garage apartment. With Kay living at Tabitha’s, Jessica with Reese, and Grace with David, Sam said he was really glad that Ivy was there. When Sam said how the past can throw you curve balls TC told him he was glad that Eve didn’t have a past love to come back after her. Sam asked TC what he would do if Eve had an old boyfriend and he came back to lay claim of her. TC’s anger got the best of him and he told Sam he would kill any man who came after Eve.

At the psyhc ward, Beth brought Martin so Sheridan could nurse him.  When Beth, Martin, Antonio, and Dr. Ackland came in Sheridan thought it was because Antonio signed her release papers. He said he was only here because Beth brought Martin to nurse. While she was with the baby Beth, Antonio and the doctor left her room to talk. Dr. Ackland convinced Antonio it was in her best interests to keep her locked up.

Meanwhile, Luis went to see Ethan and Gwen about Sheridan. Ethan said everything he had tried didn’t work because Antonio had signed the papers, but he was still waiting for one last phone call. Gwen’s suspicions were raised again when she thought about how Martin always calmed down and stopped fussing in Sheridan’s arms. When Luis asked what she meant she said that maybe Sheridan knew something they didn’t and Martin really was hers. Luis explained that wasn’t possible because he got there right after Beth gave birth. Gwen thought it was extremely odd how no one was there to witness Martin’s birth. Luis told her that Dr. Culver and Mrs. Wallace were there. Gwen still wasn’t deterred so she looked up Dr. Culver on the internet. All she found out was that he was the top OB/GYN in the country. After Ethan got off the phone he told Luis the bad news, there was nothing they could do to help Sheridan.

Eve and Julian’s computer search for their son’s adoption records was blocked because Alistair had put ‘walls’ around the files they needed. Julian told Eve not to worry because he wouldn’t stop looking. He dreamed of their life together and Eve said it could never be because she loved TC and her daughters. Julian understood and Eve said she had to leave to go do rounds.

At the Book Café, Theresa told Chad and Whitney that her and Fox were dating. Whitney seemed upset by the news and told them all to grow up because love wasn’t real. Theresa talked to her and tried to get her to give Chad a second chance. Whitney wanted time to think because she didn’t know what she was feeling. When Theresa asked what made her change her views on love Whitney said it was because her mother was having an affair with Julian Crane.

On the other side of the café Chad asked Fox if he would help him win back Whitney. Fox said he wouldn’t help him.

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