Passions Update Tuesday 1/13/04

Passions Update Tuesday 1/13/04

By Mike
Pictures by Juanita


Fox tries to tell Theresa that he doesn't love her, but she interrupts him by going on about how clear it is to her now that he does. She tells him that now they can hang out with their two favorite friends again and says that Chad's back in town. Fox is upset about this, but he doesn't show Theresa. Fox says he thought they saw the last of Chad in LA. Theresa says no, but Fox needs to keep it a secret from Whitney. Fox wonders why Whitney should even forgive Chad after what he did. Theresa says that now Chad is divorced and he's committed to proving himself to Whit. Theresa says that Chad's devotion to Whitney makes her (Theresa) even more curious about a relationship with Fox. After Theresa leaves to take care of a customer, Fox mumbles to himself that he's lost Whitney. Later, Theresa decides to plan her and Fox's first real date. While Theresa drags on about seeing a movie, Fox tries to explain to her that he has feelings for Whitney. However, Theresa thinks he's talking about Chad and Whitney. Fox says no, that's not what he means, and Theresa asks what he means then. Fox tries to explain, but Theresa has to deal with a customer.


Whitney runs into Chad after seeing Eve and Julian. Chad asks her to forgive him and take him back. He says he loves her. Whitney says that there is no such thing as real love. Chad wonders what's wrong with her. He tries to explain that he and Latoya are divorced. However, Whitney continues to complain about how love is just a stupid four-letter word, and uses their relationship as an example. She says that you don't lie or cheat on people you love. Chad tries to remind her of how they met and fell in love while he was looking for his parents. Whitney says that parents can let you down. Chad talks about how good Eve is, but Whitney says he knows nothing about her mother. Later, Whitney runs away from Chad and into Fox's arms at the Book Cafe. Chad thinks she's with Fox now and wants to know what's going on.

Meanwhile, Eve and Julian discuss their son. Eve says they need to be more discreet about their meetings. When she is about to leave, Julian says he has a surprise. Julian's phone rings and he says to send someone to the far end of the wharf. Eve asks who Julian was talking about. She thinks he found their son. Later, Julian tells Eve that he didn't find their son, but someone is coming with information about the investigation. He says that their son could be anywhere, even in Harmony. Eve asks if Julian thinks his father took their son away. Julian says he wouldn't put it past him. Eve says it's terrible, but Julian says not as terrible as what Alistair has done to keep Sheridan and Luis apart. He even tells her Alistair has tried to have Sheridan killed. Julian says that's why they need to be quiet about the search, so Alistair doesn't find out. Eve asks if Julian is more like Alistair than she thought and wonders if he left her bacause she was black? Julian says no, he's just scared that Alistair could ruin their chances at finding their son if he found out. A man comes by and gives Julian some information that can help him hack into adoption agency files. He and Eve decide to go try it out at the hospital on her computer.

Also, Antonio makes a call to Alistair and agrees to meet him.


Eve and Julian wait for the file to load when a nurse enters. Eve is scared because she thought it would be Alistair. Julian says she can't let him frighten her. They agree that when they find their son, they will love him and give him support. Julian says that once they find their son, there will be hurdles to face. All of a sudden information comes up on the computer and Eve is excited.

Meanwhile, Sheridan begs for the guards not to take Luis away. Luis runs into Sam and Hank. Luis tries to explain to Dr. Ackland that he loves Sheridan, but Dr. Ackland doesn't care. He wants Luis out, but Sam agrees to take care of him. Luis says even if it means having a shrink sent to the hosue five days a week, he wants Sheridan out of the psych ward. Sam says that is not his decision. Luis tells Sam that he can't just sit around and do nothing. Meanwhile, Sheridan screams for Luis to save her. Sam and Hank try to convince Luis that Antonio did this for Sheridan's good and that she's not been acting like herself lately.


Alistair watches Sheridan at the hospital. Antonio arrives and says that Alistair will not talk him out of having Sheridan released. Alistair thinks Luis has been putting thoughts into Antonio's head. He says that the only way Antonio and Sheridan will be able to stay married is if she stays in the psych ward. Antonio asks why Alistair's so concerned with Luis staying away from Sheridan. Alistair says he thinks Luis is using Sheridan to get revenge on the Cranes. He knows that Antonio loves Sheridan, plus he doesn't allow divorce in the family. Antonio asks about Julian and Ivy, but Alistair says that was a different story. Later, Antonio agrees he will think about the choice and leaves. Alistair tells his girl that he knows what Antonio will decide.


Antonio arrives and says that he thinks Sheridan should be in the psych ward. He says she is his wife and he's put a lot of thought into it. Luis doesn't buy any of it. Antonio says he knows Luis has brainwashed Sheridan. Luis wonders where he came up with this at. Later, Antonio and Luis get into another fight as Luis vows to get Sheridan out of here. Meanwhile, Alistair watches the fight and wonders who will be the first victim.


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