Passions Update Monday 1/12/04

Passions Update Monday 1/12/04

By Dani
Pictures by Juanita

While Fox and Whitney were at her house Fox asked her what was on her mind. She told him that Chad had called her last night but she deleted the message as soon as she heard his voice so she didn’t know what he said. Whitney explained that she now knows her parents were right about Chad. They have completely different backgrounds and things could never work out between them. Fox brought up the subject of marriages and Whitney once again said how it couldn’t have been her mother kissing Julian because Eve was completely committed to TC. Fox agreed with her and said that her eyes were just playing a trick on her. When he asked if she would ever reconcile with Chad if he ever came back she reassured him that she wouldn’t. She remembered how absurd it was of her to think that she was the woman that Fox loved and her mind must have been playing the same trick on her that it was when she saw Eve and Julian kiss.

Theresa was waiting tables at the Book Café when an unexpected friend showed up, Chad! When Theresa asked him what he was doing back in Harmony he said that the divorce with Latoya was finalized and he was here hoping to smooth things over with Whitney. Theresa told him she wasn’t sure if it was work because of how deeply he had hurt her. When Chad asked if Whitney had a new boyfriend Theresa assured him that she didn’t. Chad asked Theresa why she was working there and she said that she was waiting tables to pay for a new attorney in the custody case and told Chad that she never wanted to see Ethan again. When he got up to leave he made her promise not to tell Whitney or anyone that he was back.

Sheridan was trying to figure out a way to escape from the hospital when Luis came and said he had an idea. Luis said that all she had to do was convince the doctor’s that she had come to terms with the fact that her baby was dead and that Beth was Martin’s mother. Sheridan was reluctant and kept arguing that she was the baby’s mother. Luis said they would talk about that later and made her promise to lie about the baby. Since that was her only ticket out she agreed. Luis said that once she got out that they and Martin would go on a trip together.

Back at the mansion, Alistair watched everything play out on his TV via the camera in Sheridan’s room. He made a vow to keep Luis away from Sheridan and called Dr. Ackland to inform him of Luis’s plan.

When Eve meet Julian at the wharf she said that they could never see each other alone because Whitney thought she saw them together. Julian agreed it would better if they stayed away from each other but said that he something important to tell her. The investigators had found out that their son was alive and had been living in foster homes. Unbeknownst to both of them Whitney had gone out to the wharf and overheard their entire conversation! An upset Whitney ran off only to run right into Chad.

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