Passions Update Friday 1/9/04

Passions Update Friday  1/9/04

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Gwen wakes up and says good morning to Ethan. She talks about missing Sarah, and then she and Ethan decide to start trying to conceive another child. Later, Ethan sees on TV the news of Theresa's release. Gwen thinks Ethan posted Theresa's bail. Rebecca comes in and says she can't believe Theresa is out of jail. Rebecca says they are going to have to keep a close eye on Little Ethan so Theresa doesn't try to kidnap him again. Rebecca also tells them it was Fox who bailed Theresa out using the money from his trust fund. Rebecca goes on about how Theresa has another Crane man wrapped around her finger. After Rebecca leaves, Gwen apologizes for jumping to conclusions. When Ethan tries to explain that Theresa should be with Little Ethan, Gwen sees on the news that Sheridan has been committed (Great thing to put on the news). They decide to go to the hospital.


Theresa comes by to meet with Beth for the job. Beth says of course the job is Theresa's because she's Luis's sister and Martin's aunt. She tells Theresa that she will only make minimum wage and tips, but Theresa doesn't care, as long as she has a job to help her get Little Ethan back. Later, Theresa waits on a woman and her son. She sees that the boy is sad and reads him a book about the alphabet, which cheers him up. The woman says she must be a good mother, and Theresa says she is. Meanwhile, Mrs. Wallace calls Beth and tells Beth that she needs to do something about Martin because he is hungry and the formula isn't working. Mrs. Wallace says that they need to get the baby to Sheridan, but Beth refuses. Mrs. Wallace asks her if she wants the baby to die, and Beth finally decides she will go to the psych ward and meet Mrs. Wallace there with Martin. When Beth leaves, Rebecca shows up and gets a kick out of Theresa waitressing. She calls Clarice Robbins to inform her on how Little Ethan is doing at the mansion. Miguel also shows up and asks Theresa if she's seen Charity. They were supposed to meet here (see below). Outside, Charity watches Miguel as she struggles to keep her promise to Death. She decides to leave. Gwen and Ethan show up and discuss their visit with Sheridan (see below). Theresa is talking to Clarice and learns that Little Ethan has started calling Ethan and Gwen mommy and daddy. Theresa sees Ethan and blames him for trying to steal her son. She pours water all over him.


Miguel is working another job. His boss can't believe he's able to juggle so many jobs and school. Kay and Maria spy on Miguel. Kay tells Maria about how he's working so hard to take care of them. Kay wants to go see Miguel, but Charity shows up. She sees Miguel and wants to go, but Miguel stops her. He wants to talk to her. Kay says she has to stop this so Maria doesn't die. Miguel asks Charity why she's been avoiding him. She says he has a baby and needs to spend time with her. Kay damns Charity for always making her and Maria Miguel's second priority. Meanwhile, Ivy and Sam are also on the wharf taking a walk. Sam still can't get over the fact she can walk again. They see Charity, Miguel, and Kay all looking sad and know that something must be wrong. Ivy talks about how bad Kay must feel seeing the father of her baby with someone else. Sam says she really needs Grace now, but he doubts she'd even talk to Grace after what Grace did. Ivy says maybe she can talk to Kay. Sam says that might not be a good idea, but Ivy says she'll give it a try. Later, Miguel tells Charity that they can still be together and they plan to meet at the Book Cafe. When Charity goes to leave, Kay asks why she isn't staying away from Miguel. Charity says she is trying, but Kay doesn't think she's trying too hard. Kay tells Charity to just not meet Miguel at the Book Cafe (see above).

Ivy comes up and wants to talk to Kay. She says maybe she could give Kay some advice, like a surrogate mother. Kay says Ivy's just trying to score with Sam, but Ivy says she really would like to help Kay. Kay says Ivy can really help her by giving her a bitch's advice on getting the man she loves. Ivy thinks Kay is being rude. Kay says she kept Ivy's secrets, so now Ivy will keep hers. Ivy asks how she is supposed to help Kay get Miguel. Kay says Ivy can talk with Charity all about how hard it was as a mother to see Sam with Grace. Ivy says she isn't sure if she'll do a good job, but Kay says she wrote the book on manipulating people. She says if Ivy doesn't do this, she will tell Sam the truth about Ivy and David. Ivy finally agrees and goes off to talk to Charity. Ivy tells Charity about how she hurt not being able to have Sam as Ethan's father. She says that it will be hard for Miguel to balance his loyalties between Charity and Maria. Charity asks what she can do. Ivy says she will just have to show Miguel she is serious about moving on. She offers Charity money to go on the ski trip with the other kids. Charity finally agrees to go. After she leaves, Kay compliments Ivy's performance. Ivy says she feels bad doing that, and Kay asks her what the difference is between breaking up Sam and Grace and Charity and Miguel. Ivy says Sam still loves her, but Miguel doesn't love Kay. She asks how Kay got Miguel into bed. Kay says she used her feminine wiles. She says she will make Miguel all hers now. Later, Ivy is still feeling guilty, but Kay couldn't care less. Ivy says even though she feels bad, she does think a child should be raised by both parents. Kay talks about how she'll be with Miguel now, and Ivy says poor Miguel. Kay tells her to go to hell. Sam comes up and is glad to see Ivy and Kay having a nice conversation. Kay says she can't tell Sam how helpful Ivy's been. Ivy tells Sam that Kay is quite a girl.


Alistair thanks Dr. Ackland for locking Sheridan up, but Ackland says he knows Sheridan doesn't belong there. Alistair says this is exactly where she belongs so she can't be near Luis so he can't find out the Crane secrets. Meanwhile, Sheridan cries that she needs to feed her baby. Dr. Ackland tells Alistair that he can't keep Sheridan locked up here forever, but Alistair says Ackland will do exactly as he says. Later, Sheridan continues to cry for her baby and Alistair orders Dr. Ackland to shoot her up again. Dr. Ackland says he just gave her a dose, but Alistair says to give her another. Dr. Ackland comes in and Sheridan wants her baby. He tells her to calm down so he can give her some medication, but she doesn't want anymore. She begs him to leave her alone. Gwen and Ethan arrive and hear Sheridan's screams. Ethan sees Alistair and questions why he is here. Alistair says that he's visiting his daughter. Gwen asks why she was committed and Alistair says she needs psychiatric help. Ethan says of course, but she doesn't need to be in the psych ward. Gwen agrees with Ethan. Meanwhile, Sheridan begs Dr. Ackland for her baby, but he tells her it's Beth's baby. Sheridan says no, it's her baby and she wants him now. Later, Ethan and Gwen go to talk to Sheridan. Sheridan begs them to get her out of this place. Gwen and Ethan tell her she needs to calm down and face the reality that her baby is gone, just like they have with Sarah. Sheridan says she doesn't care what anyone else thinks, she knows Beth's baby is hers. Sheridan asks why else Martin would only get nourishment from her. Gwen begins to wonder if maybe Sheridan is right. Ethan disagrees. He says that Sheridan has deluded herself into believing Beth's baby is hers. Sheridan says Ethan is wrong. Meanwhile, Beth meets Mrs. Wallace and Precious to take Martin to Sheridan. Dr. Ackland says that no animals are allowed in the hospital, but Beth says Precious is a trained caregiver. Dr. Ackland takes Beth's baby to Sheridan so she can nurse him. Sheridan is happy to be with her baby. Beth is upset that Sheridan had to have a baby that doesn't like regular formula. Mrs. Wallace says that Martin's life depends on Sheridan, so Beth better be careful. Beth says as soon as Martin gets better, she's going to make sure Sheridan doesn't see him again.

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