Passions Update Thursday 1/8/04

Passions Update Thursday 1/8/04

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Outside, Fix and Theresa arrive. Theresa is happy to be surprising Whitney. She also thanks Fox again for setting her bail.

Inside, Eve freaks as TC asks Whitney what's wrong. She says it has to do with trust. Eve thinks it has to do with her and Julian. However, Whitney says it has to do with Chad and how he hurt her. Theresa and Fox come in and Whitney is surprised Theresa is out of jail. Eve, TC, and Whitney are also surprised that Fox paid her bail. TC asks Fox if he's sure he's a Crane. Later, Whitney is alone with Fox and Theresa and Theresa can tell something is wrong with her. Whitney tells them about thinking she saw her mom kissing Julian. Both Fox and Theresa finally convince her she was wrong. After Fox and Theresa leave, Whitney hugs her mother, and even though she remembers seeing the kiss, she decides it must not have been Eve, so she doesn't say anything.


Miguel is working and takes a break to call Charity, but only gets her machine. The boss comes up and says that Miguel better get back to work. Later, the boss tells Miguel that he had to write him up, and next time Miguel uses his cell phone during work he will be fired. After work, Miguel heads to Tabitha's to see Maria and Kay.


Charity is holding Maria as Kay complains to Tabitha that she can't stand this. Tabitha takes her aside and tells her all about how Charity sacrificed her relationship with Miguel to save Maria. Kay wants to tell Charity thank you, but Tabitha tells her not to because Charity may not be worthy of it. She tells Kay about how Charity made the mistake of returning to Miguel last time Death visited her. Later, John, Reese, Jessica and Simone stop by to get Kay's snowboard for a ski trip. They ask Charity and Kay to come along, but both say no. Jessica and Charity talk and Charity agrees to help Jessica with some classwork. Meanwhile, Kay complains to Simone how she can't have any fun anymore. Simone says it's her fault for having sex and getting pregnant to keep Miguel for herself. Simone says Maria's the only good thing Kay got out of this. Meanwhile, Charity is about to leave when Miguel arrives. He wants to talk with her, but Kay interrupts and asks him to hold Maria. When Charity goes to leave, Miguel asks if they can do something together, but she says she needs to study. Meanwhile, Simone reminds Kay of how selfish she's being when Miguel has to juggle different jobs and school to take care of Maria. Later, Miguel follows Charity outside when she leaves. Tabitha tells Kay she better keep them apart for Maria's sake.


Alistair and his girlfriend (or whatever she is) watch on his TVs as Luis and Antonio fight at the hospital and they compare it to Cain and Abel. Alistair wonders who will kill whom first. Meanwhile, Beth screams for help as Luis and Antonio punch each other. Dr. Ackland and some guards finally break them up. He tells them that this is not good for Sheridan. Luis asks why Antonio has done this to Sheridan. Alistair hopes Antonio doesn't rat everything. Antonio only says he did this for Sheridan's health. Antonio and Luis are about to go at it again, but Dr. Ackland says if they do, neither one will be able to see Sheridan. Alistair is upset and calls Ackland. He tells him that Antonio can still see Sheridan, but not Luis. When Dr. Ackland tells the guys this, Luis becomes upset. He tells Antonio that he's the one Sheridan loves and as soon as she gets out of the Psych Ward, she will divorce Antonio. Alistair says that Sheridan will be in the Psych Ward forever. After the guards let Luis go, he goes off to check on Sheridan. Meanwhile, Beth tries to convince Antonio that he's doing the right thing while Luis checks on Sheridan through her small window.

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