Passions Update Wednesday 1/7/04

Passions Update Wednesday 1/7/04

By Dani
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Woody tries to convince Theresa to take the offer but when she still refuses Woody says he can no longer take her case and tells her to find a new attorney. After talking to Antonio at the wharf Pilar goes to the station to see Woody leaving and asks why he’s not with Theresa. He explains that he is longer going to be representing her case. Pilar said she understands and goes to see her daughter. A few minutes later Ethan shows up and goes to the front desk. The cop asks him what he needs and he says he’s here to post bail for Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Theresa is crying and tells Pilar she has no where to turn now that Woody has left her. Her mood brightens when a guard comes in and tells Theresa she’s free because somebody posted bail. Theresa asks who it was but the guard said the man only identified himself as a ‘special friend’. Theresa tells Pilar it had to be Ethan and thinks he still loves her. After leaving the Russell house Fox shows up at the jail and tells Theresa it was him who paid her bail. Theresa was disappointed that it wasn’t Ethan but she was grateful she was free. Pilar is worried that Fox used the money from his trust fund and that Alistair will punish him for it. Fox told her not to worry and he would get by if Alistair banned him from the family like he did to Ethan. Pilar leaves because she has an interview at the Crane Cannery.

At the hospital Luis goes to the front desk and asks to see Sheridan. Dr. Ackland’s security guards say that Luis isn’t allowed to see Sheridan. Luis pushes past them and finds the room Sheridan is in. He tries to get it open but it won’t open and guards pull him away again. Once again he breaks free and this time gets into the room. Sheridan has previously been sedated so she was out of it when Luis got her. Dr. Ackland said that he has a court order and Luis will be arrested if he doesn’t leave now. Beth tries to talk him into leaving but he said Sheridan is more important that loosing his job. Dr. Ackland shows Luis the court order and said that her husband had her committed. After much convincing Luis finally leaves Sheridan. At the front desk he sees Antonio and they get into a fight.

Fox and Whitney are at her house and she told him she saw her mother kissing Julian. He told her that wasn’t possible because she had just been saying what a wonderful marriage her parents have and she must have seen someone else. Eve and TC come in the living room and invite Fox to stay and have lunch with them. Fox declines because he said he had something to take of and he leaves. When Whitney joins her parents she learns Eve had been at the mansion. She asks if her mother had seen Julian. TC said that’s absurd because Eve hates Julian. Whitney is now more sure than ever at what she saw and after yelling at Eve about keeping secrets gets up and leaves. TC goes to talk to her. TC said that whatever Eve did couldn’t be that big of a deal. Whitney disagreed and said she had to tell him what she saw.

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