Passions Update Tuesday 1/6/04

Passions Update Tuesday 1/6/04

By Dani
Pictures by Juanita

Fox comes in and sees that Whitney is upset and asks her what is wrong. She says it was something awful but won't tell him what. Fox says he is going to get her a drink and leaves the room. When he comes back, Whitney tells him she saw Julian kissing another woman and it wasn't Rebecca. Fox says not to worry because that isn't that big of a deal. After Eve leaves, Julian comes in and asks Whitney what's wrong because she looks upset. Whitney said it is all his fault. Then Julian realizes that Whitney saw the kiss but he doesn't tell her about it. Fox comes back with a sandwich for Whitney. He says the reason she is upset is because Theresa is her best friend and it's Julian's fault that she's in jail and not with her son. Julian defends his actions and Fox asks to talk to him alone. Julian warns Fox not to tell Whitney about him and Eve. Fox says he never will because he loves her and doesn't want to hurt her.

Liz pours a glass of champagne for her and TC to ring in the New Year. TC reminds her that nothing will happen between them. When Eve gets home, she listens to TC and Liz's conversation while she is outside. She hears TC tell Liz that he loves Eve and their past kiss meant nothing because he was drunk. TC leaves the kitchen and Eve comes in the house. Eve says TC will never leave her; Liz threatens to expose her past. Eve says TC will never find out. TC comes back and asks what he'll never find out. Eve covers up by saying she has a surprise for him. TC is excited and says she can give it to him as soon as he gets back from the school. After TC leaves, Eve says she won and TC will never leave her for Liz.

At the station, Luis stands up for his sister's decision not to take Julian's offer. Luis says Sheridan is getting better and that he knows that they will be together soon. Pilar is happy for them but worries about how it will affect Beth and Antonio. Luis tells Pilar that Antonio will move on and Beth understands the situation with Sheridan. When they leave Luis says he's going to the cottage and tells Pilar to go home and rest.

At the cottage, Dr. Ackland takes the baby from Sheridan and tells her that her husband signed the papers to have her committed. Nurse Andrews comes and takes Martin. Dr. Ackland tells Sheridan her baby is dead, but she won't believe and tries to get Martin back. The men try to put Sheridan in a straight jacket when she won't cooperate, but she says she will if they won't put the jacket on her. They take it off and Sheridan runs inside and locks herself in the cottage. She tries to call Luis, but she only gets his voice mail. Dr. Ackland and his men come in the cottage a back way and finally get Sheridan in the straight jacket and take her to the hospital.

When Luis gets to the cottage and sees that no one is there, he's worried something has happened to Sheridan and Martin, and so he goes to Beth's house. Mrs. Wallace said that Sheridan wasn't there but that Beth got a call to go to the hospital to get Martin. Luis leaves and goes to the hospital. He gets there right after Sheridan is put in the padded room and the nurse gave Martin to Beth. Beth tells Luis that nothing is wrong with Martin but that Sheridan has been committed again.

Pilar runs into Antonio at the wharf and she tells him that Theresa is in jail. He asks where Luis is and Pilar says he went to the cottage. Antonio is silent and Pilar says that all her children will work their problems out and she's proud of all of them. Antonio says she may not be proud after she hears what he did. He explains to Pilar that he had Sheridan committed for her own good. Pilar disagrees and says he did it just to punish Sheridan for choosing Luis. Antonio says that Beth agreed that it was the right thing to do. Pilar asks why he would do such a thing and he doesn't answer.

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