Passions Update Tuesday 1/6/04

Passions Update Tuesday 1/6/04

By Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Fox notices that Whitney is terribly upset, but she can't tell him what she saw, that Eve and Julian were in the garden sharing passionate kisses. Julian and Eve discuss their feelings for one another, but Eve can't bring herself to give in to her feelings and tells Julian that she loves T.C. and her family, and she leaves. Julian goes upstairs to the nursery where Whitney and Fox are, and asks Whitney why she seems so upset. Whitney just glares at Julian! Fox and Julian have a private conversation and Julian tells Fox to protect Whitney, and that she must not find out about the love that exists between Julian and Eve.

Luis talks to Pilar and tells her that he and Sheridan are finally together and happy. He suggests that Sheridan might be able to help Theresa post bail and pay for legal expenses. Pilar goes to Antonio and starts to talk to him about the relationship between Luis and Sheridan, but he abruptly changes the subject and so Pilar tells him about Theresa being in jail, and that Luis has gone to ask Sheridan for help. Antonio confesses to Pilar that he signed the papers to have Sheridan committed. Pilar is stunned to learn what Antonio did, and begs him to release Sheridan, but he refuses. He believes that Sheridan needs psychiatric help.

Liz tries to seduce T.C. but he refuses her advances, telling her that he loves Eve and won't leave her for any other woman. When Eve arrives back at her house, she sees Liz in her negligee. Eve tells Liz that she overheard T.C. turn her down, and that he will never leave her. As Eve and Liz are discussing the secret past of Julian and Eve, T.C. walks in the room and asks what it is that he can never find out about, so Eve tells him she is planning a surprise for him.

Sheridan is alone with baby Martin and hears a knock on the door. Dr. Ackland informs her that Antonio signed the papers to have her committed. Sheridan runs off after the baby when Dr. Ackland's nurse takes him away. Dr. Ackland puts Sheridan in a straight-jacket to take her back to the psych ward, because she insists that baby Martin is hers. Luis arrives back at the cottage to find Sheridan and the baby are missing. He goes to Beth's house, but Edna tells him that Beth went to the hospital to get baby Martin.

Edna asks Beth when she is going to stop causing Sheridan so much pain. Beth tells Edna that she was the first to suffer, because Luis played her like a yo-yo. He would bounce back and forth between her and Sheridan, and it drove her crazy. Edna tells Beth she was already insane to plan Sheridan's kidnapping and stealing the baby. Beth gets a call from the hospital and rushes off to get baby Martin. Beth sees Sheridan brought into the psych ward, and tells herself that Luis will now be hers forever. When Luis arrives, Beth tells him that Sheridan is now committed again to the psych ward.

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