Passions Update Monday 1/5/04

Passions Update Monday 1/5/04

By Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa is taken to jail, after being caught by the security guards on the Crane mansion, when she was trying to sneak away with little Ethan. Pilar goes to the jail and calls Luis. Woody Stumper shows up at the jail, with an offer he has received from Julian. Woody tells Theresa that Julian will drop the charges of kidnapping if she agrees not to seek custody of her son. Theresa refuses and Pilar and Luis agree with her. As a family, they will stick together and find a way to get little Ethan back.

Sheridan is breast-feeding baby Martin when Luis gets the call to come down to the jail. Luis leaves and Sheridan enjoys spending time with the baby, and the bond between them grows stronger. Meanwhile, Alistair forces Dr. Ackland to bring Sheridan back to the psych ward, because Antonio has signed the necessary papers to have her committed.

Antonio goes to see Beth and says he is giving up on Sheridan. Beth encourages Antonio to fight for Sheridan and she thinks that putting Sheridan in the mental ward is the right thing to do. Antonio tells Beth about Alistair's involvement, and that Luis will not be able to see Sheridan. Beth tells Antonio that Sheridan will forget Luis and that she will remember the love that she and Antonio shared while on the island. Edna knows that trouble is ahead for Sheridan and Luis, because Alistair is now working with Antonio to keep them apart.

Fox and Whitney (at the Crane mansion) bring little Ethan down for a glass of juice. Rebecca wants to know why little E isn't upstairs in the nursery, and she tells Fox and Whitney that the child better not touch or break any of her things. Fox replies to Rebecca "You should be milked for venom". Rebecca understands Fox's comment, but just smirks as though she likes that thought.

Whitney is upstairs at the Crane mansion when she looks out the window, and sees Eve and Julian in the garden below. She is totally stunned as her mother and Julian share passionate kisses.

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