Passions Update Friday 1/2/04

Passions Update Friday  1/2/04

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Luis and Sheridan are happy to be together on New Year's Eve with Martin, but they worry about Antonio. Sheridan blames herself for hurting Antonio, but Luis says it's not her fault. A little while later, Luis and Sheridan put Martin to sleep and Luis surprises her by asking her to dance. Luis and Sheridan celebrate the coming of the new year of them being together.


Beth (who's actually working) is talking with Antonio about how it's wrong that they're spending New Year's alone. Beth tells Antonio that he should do everything he can to protect Sheridan from Luis, but Antonio says he has his reasons not to. When Antonio goes off to get some coffee, Liz stops by. It seems Beth called her. (How did Beth even know her number? They're not even close.) Beth tells her how Antonio walked in on Sheridan and Luis in bed together. She asks Liz to talk with Antonio and try and convince him to get Sheridan back. Liz knows what Beth is up to, wanting Luis all for herself. Beth says yes, she would benefit too, but she wants Antonio to be happy. Later, Liz talks with Antonio. She reminds him of the love he and Sheridan had on St. Lisa's and that Sheridan isn't herself after losing the baby. She urges him to fight and not break his promise to Sheridan.


Theresa is sleeping while Fox and Whitney prepare to go to Rebecca and Julian's wedding. Whitney says she doesn't want to leave Theresa all alone, but finally decides to go to the wedding. All of a sudden, Theresa has a bad nightmare of Julian and Rebecca taking Little Ethan away permanently. Whitney and Fox try and convince her that what she's dreaming isn't true, but Theresa fears it is. Fox says that there's no way that Judge Reilly would let Julian and Rebecca take L. Ethan away somewhere else. Theresa says that she will take back her son and take him somewhere out of state, but Fox reminds her that Alistair's got influence everywhere. Whitney begs Theresa to promise her that she won't try to take her son back. Later, Woody calls and tells Fox that he's filing a motion to give Theresa visitation rights. Theresa says that she can't stand all these delays and it's a sign the new year won't be off to a good start. Fox and Whitney leave for the wedding. Theresa tells herself that she can't stand around and do nothing. She says she will get her son back, no matter what.


Rebecca is greeting all the guests before she's even in her wedding gown. She tells Julian she wants to make sure all the people they invited show up, especially Eve. Meanwhile, TC and Eve are arriving. TC can't believe Rebecca blackmailed them into coming to this wedding. Sam and Ivy also arrive. Sam asks if Ivy will be ok seeing Julian marry someone else, and she says yes, as long as she has him by her side. Grace and David are also showing up. Grace says how she hates being in this house since losing her baby, but she'll be ok. Tabitha shows up with Endora. She tells Endora that when the clock strikes twelve, lives will change forever. Upstairs, Ethan promises a sleeping Little Ethan that he will help reunite him with his mother.

Julian spots Tabitha and can't believe she brought Endora. He and Rebecca see Mrs. Wallace and Precious show up as well. Rebecca complains that this is a wedding, not a circus, referring to Precious. Rebecca says this is a farce, and Julian says so is marrying her. When TC goes to say hi to Sam, Julian visits with Eve. Eve says she can't believe he's actually going through with this. He says he is doing it for Eve to make sure she remains happy. Judge Reilly arrives to marry Rebecca and Julian. Ethan, who's downstairs now, tells Gwen he can't believe Reilly's here. Gwen is upset that Ethan is lamenting over the custody case and reminds him of the promise he made to her about staying away from Theresa, so he agrees to stop talking about it.

Julian comes over and wants to see Endora. Tabitha says she doesn't want anyone to know he is Endora's father. Julian says he will have a trust fund for Endora and will help Tabitha if she needs anything. Tabitha can't believe she's seeing this side of Julian. She says that Timmy always told her Julian had a heart, but she didn't believe him. Julian says he wishes he would have met Timmy sooner so he could have a different life. Meanwhile, Eve tells Ivy she is so disgusting for what she's done. Ivy says it's not her fault Grace chose to walk out on Sam. Eve says that one day Ivy's secrets will come out. Ivy says so will Eve's secrets.

Finally, the wedding begins to get underway. As Rebecca walks down the aisle, Endora hears Mrs. Wallace and Tabitha making comments about her and forces her to trip and fall. Rebecca picks herself up and continues down the aisle. Judge Reilly begins the ceremony. Meanwhile, the Crane maid Phyllis is telling someone dressed in all black (reminded me of the Salem Serial Killer) who's just entered that they need to be very quiet or she will be fired. All of a sudden we see it's Theresa.

The wedding continues. As Rebecca and Julian exchange vows, Eve begins to cry. TC thinks it's because of the mockery Julian and Rebecca are making of the sacrament of marriage. Julian and Rebecca are pronounced man and wife. Upstairs, Theresa dresses L. Ethan and tells him that they have to be really quiet. Phyllis helps her to leave the room and go back downstairs.

After the wedding, Grace asks Eve how Maria is. Eve says she is doing fine. Grace says she feels so isolated from her family. Eve finally convinces Grace that she made a mistake choosing David and that she should go find Sam. Meanwhile, Rebecca taunts Ivy about how hard it has to be to sit in the Crane mansion when she doesn't live there anymore. Sam overhears Ivy tell Rebecca that she loves Sam so much, she would live on the streets with him if she had to. After Rebecca leaves, Sam comes over and he and Ivy agree to start over. Grace walks by and hears this. Meanwhile, Rebecca throws her bouquet and Precious catches it. Fox tells Whitney he was sure she would have caught it.

Outside, a guard finds Theresa escaping with Little Ethan. (How was she able to get in in the first place?) He brings her inside and shows her to Rebecca. Rebecca introduces Theresa to Judge Reilly. Theresa tries to explain to him, but he says he's seen all that he needs to see and now he knows Theresa's a bad mother. As the New Year rings in, Rebecca orders Theresa off to jail on charges of kidnapping.


Antonio visits with Alistair. Alistair says he knows Antonio loves Sheridan and that he wants what's best for her. Antonio asks how Alistair can make Sheridan love him (Antonio) more than Luis. Alistair gives Antonio a form to sign to have Sheridan committed. Antonio says he won't do this, but Alistair tells him this is the only way he can keep Luis away from Sheridan but still see her himself. Later, Alistair begs Antonio to sign the form as Antonio laments the decision.


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